Tom Brady has been the most decorated quarterback in NFL history. However, if you are a fan of Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers, this article is for you! Learn about 20 reasons why he’ll always be inferior to Tom Brady.

The “Aaron Rodgers number” is a list of 20 reasons why Tom Brady will always outclass Aaron Rodgers. The list includes his age, the amount of Super Bowl rings he has, and how many NFL MVPs he has won. Read more in detail here: aaron rodgers number.

20 Reasons Tom Brady Will Always Outclass Aaron Rodgers

Tom Brady is perhaps the best quarterback in the history of the NFL. Some supporters, though, believe Aaron Rodgers is a superior quarterback. Because of his physical abilities, they are right in certain measurements. Brady’s résumé, on the other hand, is unarguable. On the field and in life, he’ll always be better than Rodgers.

Brady, who has won the Super Bowl with two different clubs, is a more consistent player. On an individual basis, he’s had more success than any NFL team in history. Meanwhile, Rodgers has had to deal with a variety of situations in Green Bay. Brady, on the other hand, will always be a step ahead of him. Check out the Sporting News piece below.

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Double Glory is number 20.

Brady’s long-term coach was one of the biggest reasons against his brilliance. Some critics suggested that without Bill Belichick, Brady would be unable to win. They predicted a significant fall when he came to Tampa. It was one final opportunity to be paid before sailing away into the sunset. Brady, on the other hand, had a different plan.

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In unusual circumstances, he earned his sixth Super Bowl ring with the team. Tampa Bay became the first team in their stadium to receive the prized award. Brady, a rising Chiefs superstar, was overshadowed in the process. Brady calmed down after a rocky start to the season and guided his side to victory. He also became a member of a select club that won two franchises (via CBC News).

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MVP King (19.)

Both of these players have clearly had a number of successful seasons. They’ve also won three NFL MVP titles between them. This, however, comes with a stipulation. It is maybe more difficult for a great player to win it with a great team. In 2020, Patrick Mahomes probably earned the award as much as Aaron Rodgers. Brady, on the other hand, outperforms Rodgers in one area.

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The veteran has won the Super Bowl MVP honor four times in a row. This is great because it demonstrates his power in major games. He doesn’t simply come up and hand the game over to the defense. Brady is unstoppable in crunch time and always gets the job done. Rodgers, on the other hand, hasn’t got the same opportunity as Brady. However, Brady’s record favors him, and he’ll always outclass the Packers’ great.

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Work Ethic Number 18

Brady has an incredible work ethic. In 2020, a video of the quarterback yelling at his teammate surfaced. They infuriated him since they didn’t meet his lofty expectations. It was amazing to display such devotion at the age of 43. Rodgers’ devotion to the NFL was called into doubt a few months later. This happened just after he was named MVP.

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Jermichael Finley, a former teammate, questioned Rodgers’ work ethic. After a loss, he told ESPN, “Actually, you can see it straight through his helmet” (via Fansided). “As a personality, the eyes and face reveal everything. And I simply don’t see that NFL zeal, that want to win another title.” This happened after one of Rodgers’ most tumultuous moments in his career.

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Better Myth #17

There’s a case to be made that Brady is always surrounded by superior guys. Because it’s a question of perception, this isn’t totally accurate. Sure, he’s had access to better weaponry throughout time. Over the last several years, Rodgers has had Davante Adams at his disposal. Despite this, he still put up fantastic statistics. There is a popular belief that Rodgers’ defense is always inferior against Brady’s.

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This isn’t always the case, however. From 2008 through 2012, the Patriots’ defense was statistically inferior. They gave up 344.4 yards per game, compared to 322.2 for the Packers. Brady, on the other hand, had a 76.2 percent winning rate and threw more touchdown passes than Rodgers. During this time, the Green Bay star had a 65.6 percent winning percentage. This demonstrates that Brady was more valuable to his team at this time (via Bleacher Report).

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16. Steal in the Draft

Many people consider Brady to be the best draft pick ever. Rodgers, on the other hand, was a legitimate candidate for the first choice. When the 49ers picked Alex Smith instead in 2005, it was a surprise. Despite this, Rodgers was selected late in the first round. Because of his collegiate reputation, this was always going to be the case. Brady was selected 199th overall in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.

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Nobody had any hopes for him, so this was absurd. He began his career as a fourth-stringer but soon rose through the ranks to become Drew Bledsoe’s backup. Then he became the starting quarterback, and the rest is history. It’s incredible because it seemed so implausible. As a result, his career will always be superior than Rodgers’. This is a tale right out of a storybook. Brady, on the other hand, has shown that it is possible (via CBS Sports).

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15. Physical Constraints

Rodgers is unquestionably a superior athlete than Rodgers. However, this does not imply that he is a superior quarterback. For starters, Rodgers is highly fluid and can be a legitimate touchdown threat on the ground. Brady, on the other hand, has the footwork of a paralyzed snake. Rodgers, on the other hand, has a better arm. Brady is still undoubtedly the greatest, despite his flaws.

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Brady, on the other hand, refused to let his athletic shortcomings hold him back. Rather, he focused on other parts of his game. In the pocket and as a short passer, he’s excellent. There’s a decent probability the squad will win with merciless efficiency if they play to his strengths. Rodgers is good in these areas as well, but not nearly as good as Brady. Rodgers may outshine Brady in terms of aesthetics, but he doesn’t win more games (via USA Today).

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14. Montana’s Favorite

Joe Montana understands what it takes to be a legend. The San Francisco legend has a strong case for being the greatest. He’s a three-time Super Bowl MVP and a four-time Super Bowl champion. In 2021, he said that Brady’s resume speaks for itself. He didn’t even bring up Rodgers since he isn’t in the discussion. Brady, in a nutshell, is on another level.

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Montana told ESPN, “I believe Tom has taken his spot on the top up there a long time ago” (via CBS Sports). “He’s had a fantastic career and is entertaining to watch.” Everyone usually has a debate about it, but I believe that if you look at what Tom has been able to do in his time as a player, it puts him at the top of the list.” Montana, a legendary figure, can openly say this.

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13. Complete Commitment

Brady’s popularity began to dwindle in 2019. Brady departed after the Patriots were knocked out of the playoffs early. Many anticipated him to go to San Francisco, but he selected Tampa instead. Some predicted that his health would quickly deteriorate. They also thought he’d have trouble adapting to Bruce Arians’ style of play. Perhaps Rodgers will finally be able to outperform Brady in the NFL (via Daily Mail).

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Brady never looked back after a rocky start in Florida. His success and winning spirit catapulted the franchise to new heights. He was dubbed “the most coachable athlete” by Bill Belichick. Arians now profited from the same characteristics. Meanwhile, Brady’s commitment to his health and fitness is admirable. He often competes against players half his age and consistently outperforms them.

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Master of the Playoffs

Brady is undisputedly the best quarterback in the playoffs. Rodgers can’t beat him until he wins the Super Bowl every year for the next five years. Brady has almost as many playoff victories against NFC opponents as Rodgers. Despite spending 20 seasons in the AFC, this is the case. Rodgers has 11 victories against his conference foes (via Sportscasting). Brady, on the other hand, has a 9-0 record versus NFC opponents.

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Brady has beaten 18 of the 32 NFL teams in the playoffs. Brady has a 33-11 postseason record, while Rodgers is 11-8 as a starter. Brady’s portfolio is substantially more extensive. His success rate, on the other hand, is significantly higher. He’s a fantastic clutch player who consistently motivates his teammates to achieve greatness. Rodgers has underachieved and has a poor postseason record at home.

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11. Excellent Teammate

Aaron Rodgers is disliked by his teammates. According to a former NFL general manager, this is the case (via Bleacher Report) “He’s a jerk,” the general manager remarked. “His teammates aren’t fond of him.” He is disliked by his coaches. Aaron is the center of attention. Because he’s a celebrity, they all deal with him.” This is a stunning assessment of the Green Bay quarterback’s locker-room clout. Brady looks to be a step ahead of him in this department.

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When James Harrison joined the Patriots, he said that he wanted to despise Brady. Harrison told Pat McAfee, “The first person I met was Tom, and he simply presented himself as if I didn’t know who the heck he was” (via Sportscasting). “However, he does it to everyone.” He’s basically an all-around nice guy. When I went there, I wanted to detest him, so I was like, ‘He’s feeding me some BS.’ In front of me, he’s simply being a nice man.’

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10. Face-to-Face

Brady and Rodgers have both played in the NFL for a long time. Despite this, they’ve only played each other four times. Because they play in separate conferences, their chances are limited. When it comes to their head-to-head record, Brady has the upper hand. Rodgers has been defeated three times by his teams, with just one loss. Of course, basing their performances on the outcomes isn’t exactly fair.

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Although football is a team sport, the quarterback has the ability to alter the game. The Bucs eliminated the Packers from the 2020 playoffs in their most recent meeting. In the end, Brady maintained his winning streak by outclassing Rodgers. Because this was a game about leaving a legacy, the Packers quarterback was fired up. Brady and his crew, on the other hand, were unwavering in their quest of win (via Forbes).

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King of the Comeback

Brady’s teams have a significantly better track record than Rodgers’ when it comes to comebacks. When his team takes the lead, the latter is fantastic. However, his ability to lead a team to win from a losing situation is questionable. Brady has a 109-64 record from a losing position last season. Rodgers, on the other hand, had a 48.55 record. In the playoffs, Brady continued to outperform Rodgers from the identical stance.

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With a 63 percent winning percentage, the Patriots went 15-9 from a losing position. With a 6-7 record, Rodgers had a 46 percent success rate. A thorough examination of the fourth quarter reveals Brady’s remarkable ability to succeed. While behind at the start of the fourth quarter, his teams went 30-47. Rodgers, on the other hand, only went 12-55. Brady’s success percentage was 39 percent, compared to just 18 percent for the rest of the field (via Fox Sports).

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8. Belichick’s Selection

Bill Belichick is the most successful coach in the history of the National Football League. Rival supporters dislike him, yet he must be recognized for his understanding of the sport. He also had a unique perspective on the finest quarterback he had ever faced as a coach. Rodgers, on the other hand, was absent from the discussion. He chose Peyton Manning instead. The Patriots don’t face the Packers too frequently, to be sure. However, it was fascinating to see Belichick’s point of view.

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Manning’s ability to call his own plays was lauded by Belichick. He told the Boston Globe that he “essentially called every play by altering and/or amending the play whenever he observed what the defense was doing.” He was a master at manipulating the cadence and identifying blitzes, and he drove us to adjust and adapt our defensive game plans more than any other offensive player.” The coach relished the opportunity to attempt to outshine Manning.

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7. NFL Pro Bowler

Super Bowl victories aren’t always a true indication of a player’s abilities. Because Miami never had a great defense, Dan Marino never won a championship. However, he is widely regarded as one of the finest signal-callers of all time. Brady has a one-of-a-kind record, with seven rings and success with two organizations. Their Pro Bowl selection rate, on the other hand, is a fascinating contrast (via Sportskeeda).

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Brady has 14 Pro Bowl appearances, while Rodgers has had nine. Brady has played for a longer period of time than Rodgers, although he was out for a whole season due to injury. After the DeflateGate controversy, he also missed the first four games of the 2016 season. Despite this, he was selected for the Pro Bowl and was named MVP. It’s arguable that it’s easier for a superstar to stand out when he or she is paired with lesser colleagues. Brady, on the other hand, is unbeatable.

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6. A New Game Plan

Brady’s relocation to Tampa has already been discussed. This, however, comes with a one-of-a-kind problem. For 20 years, he had been used to Bill Belichick’s style of play. He had to memorize Bruce Arians’ playbook all of a sudden. Without a doubt, this was a huge test for an older quarterback. Nobody knows whether Rodgers would be successful in such an environment. Brady shown his talent, so it’s possible he’ll develop.

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The Buccaneers’ addition of Rob Gronkowski helped. Brady’s perseverance, on the other hand, is a tribute to his passion (via Bleacher Report). Many younger quarterbacks struggle to adapt to new systems, but Brady seemed unfazed. He kept outclassing and outperforming his opponents. In 2022, Rodgers will most likely depart Green Bay. Then he’ll have to demonstrate that he’s capable of doing the same.

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5. Total Completions

Tom Brady topped the NFL in passing yards in 2021 at the age of 44. Because of his age and the level of competitiveness in the league, this was ridiculous. Rodgers, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes were all outclassed by him. Because he was so constant, it was mind-boggling. In addition, he was breaking records in every game he participated in. In December 2021, the Bucs met the Buffalo Bills (via Bleacher Report).

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There were a few memorable moments throughout this game. Brady set a new mark for most touchdown passes in a single season. He did, however, break Drew Brees’ record for most completed passes in NFL history. Before this game, Brady needed 18 passes to break Brees’ record. In the second quarter, he went on a tear and threw for 7143 yards. Rodgers still has a long way to go before he approaches this mark.

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4. Age is nothing more than a number

In 2021, Tom Brady will be 44 years old. Because of his talent on the field, that number is mind-boggling. Despite his advanced age, his stats continued to improve. Physically, most athletes begin to deteriorate around their late forties. Brady, on the other hand, is an oddity. He’s performed better than he did in his twenties. Incredibly, in December of that year, he was widely considered as the best active quarterback in the league.

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In 2020, he became the oldest starting quarterback in Super Bowl history. Rodgers was named MVP for the third time in his career. At 38, the Green Bay Packers’ star was also a seasoned pro. Brady’s consistency so late in his career was incredible. It helps that he was never the quickest or strongest player on the team. He continually played to his strengths and paid attention to the details (via

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3. The Unblemished Legacy

For the bulk of his career, Rodgers was an uncontroversial figure, but everything changed in an instant. He abruptly asked to be removed from Green Bay in order to return to California. Furthermore, he was soiled in the eyes of neutrals due to a vaccination issue (via Brady was able to get out of the Patriots without destroying any bridges. Bill Belichick had a chilly relationship with him, but they were outwardly courteous.

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Fans in New England were disappointed, but there was no feeling of betrayal. He’ll undoubtedly retire as a Patriots star in the future. In this circumstance, the disparity between Rodgers and Brady is mind-boggling. When he advocated for the trade, Rodgers didn’t think about his legacy. Because he was no longer with the despised Patriots, Brady gained greater fan respect following his relocation. He continues to outclass Rodgers in this area as well.

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2. Touchdowns: 700

Tampa Bay beat the Buffalo Bills in 2021, continuing their Super Bowl defense. Brady garnered a lot of plaudits after the game since he set some fantastic records. To begin with, he set a new all-time completions record. Then he threw his 700th touchdown throw in his career. Because it was the first time in NFL history, this was a wonderful personal honor (via Sportskeeda).

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It helps that Brady has excellent receivers, but he still maintains a high level of consistency. It also required an extraordinary amount of endurance. Rodgers, on the other hand, had 484 yards in a shorter amount of time. It’s possible that he’ll throw 700 touchdown passes in his career. Brady, on the other hand, was the first to establish the record. He continues to pioneer the path and outperform everyone else.

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1. Super Bowl Champion

Some commentators believe that comparing Brady’s Super Bowl record against Rodgers’ is unfair. After defeating the Steelers in 2010, the latter had just one ring. Mike McCarthy, on the other hand, may have squandered some of Rodgers’ greatest years. They were unable to capitalize on their achievement. Bill Belichick, on the other hand, developed a vicious winning machine. Brady has won six of the team’s eight Super Bowl appearances.

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With the Buccaneers, he went on to win his eighth ring. This was a huge accomplishment since it meant he had the most rings of any franchise. Both team has six. The Patriots and Steelers each have six. Brady also shattered his own record as a result of this. In this area, he’ll always outperform Rodgers. With five rings, Charles Hayley is the person with the second-most. During the 1990s, he played for the Niners and Cowboys (via AS Sports).

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