The Bears have a GM in place, and a head coach, but they have yet to make a flurry of headlines that would make any Bears fan drool with excitement.  The reason is because the team is preoccupied with two major issues created by one man: the Bears recent free-agent signing of Khalil Mack and the hiring of Matt Nagy.

It was only a matter of time before the Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy was going to be asked about the “magic words”. This is a universal question Bears fans have been dying to hear the answer to since the organization gave Nagy the head coaching job in January.

During the Chicago Bears’ recent training camp walkthrough, head coach Matt Nagy repeated the same instructions to both quarterbacks. It was a simple, yet unmistakably important message. Nagy told the quarterbacks to keep their eyes up while running the drill.. Read more about matt nagy and let us know what you think.

Everyone who supports the Chicago Bears seems to want Justin Fields to start the season as quarterback instead of Andy Dalton.

Everyone except Matt Nagy, that is.

Despite seeing Fields outperform Dalton during the summer and again in two preseason games, Nagy hasn’t changed his mind about the veteran quarterback starting in Week 1. Bears supporters are baffled as to why Nagy made that choice, but a blunder in the offseason may explain everything.

Matt Nagy is refusing to utter the magic words that Bears supporters have been waiting to hear.

Fans of the Chicago Bears have been waiting…

And I’m still waiting…

And then there’s the wait for Nagy to eventually name Fields the Week 1 starter. Chicago moved up in the draft to get a game-changer they thought would solve their long-standing quarterback issue. Fans have every right to expect to see him on the pitch as soon as possible.

But Nagy is the only one who can make that choice, and he also happens to be one of the few individuals in Chicago who believes Dalton should start. The head coach has said that the ‘Red Rifle’ will start the season as quarterback, and nothing short of an unexpected injury will alter that.

Nagy didn’t alter his tone after Dalton threw an interception and led the Bears to only six points in the first half against the Buffalo Bills this weekend.

After the game, the head coach told reporters, “We need to see him in the regular season.”

That decision, it seems, was taken before Fields ever joined the team.

The Bears are debating whether or not to sign Justin Fields due to a blunder.

After the 2020 NFL season ended, the Bears were once again on the lookout for a new quarterback. After four years, Chicago chose to let Mitchell Trubisky go free, and the club didn’t have much confidence in Nick Foles to take over as the starter.

So, with the NFL draft still more than a month away, the Bears reached out to Dalton in March and signed him to a one-year contract. Surprisingly, the quick agreement included a key pledge.

You’ll be the starting quarterback in Week 1 if you sign with us. Guaranteed.

In June, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio verified the report.

“According to a person familiar with the issue, the Bears have already guaranteed quarterback Andy Dalton that he would open the season as the starter,” Florio reported.

If that wasn’t enough, Dalton’s remark from the same week certainly was.

“I understood what I was getting myself into, regardless of whether they picked someone or not,” Dalton remarked at the time. “It was a one-year contract, and I was supposed to be the starting quarterback.”

Since then, Dalton has kept the same confident attitude toward the starting position, and that promise is obviously the basis for it.

Andy Dalton will not be saved by any promise.

Andy Dalton is still scheduled to start in Week 1 for the Chicago Bears.

Andy Dalton is still scheduled to start in Week 1 for the Chicago Bears. Head coach Matt Nagy of the Chicago Bears speaks with quarterbacks Justin Fields and Andy Dalton | Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire

Dalton is relying heavily on the promise he received five months ago, but even if the Bears follow their word and start him in Week 1, there is nothing he can do to prevent the inevitable.

Nick Foles was the only other startable quarterback on the roster when the commitment was made. Fields was probably not even on the Bears’ radar at the time, since they still had the 20th overall selection in the NFL draft. However, in the NFL, anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

Things like Chicago moving up to 11th overall and selecting a long-term franchise quarterback. Things like seeing that quarterback for a whole offseason completely outperform the expected starter.

Fields fever has already infected the city of Chicago. Bears supporters will not be satisfied until he takes the field in a game that counts. When Dalton begins to struggle (and he will), Nagy will have no choice but to pull the plug and send in the youngster to provide a spark. By making the transfer, he will also not be breaking any commitments.

Fields will start for the Bears at some point this season, but Nagy has been forced to postpone that decision due to a blunder, angering the whole fan base in the process.

Justin Fields, the Next Great Dual-Threat Quarterback, Already Looks Like a $18 Million Bargain

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