Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was not a fan of NFL insider Adam Schefter’s attempt to make a Lambeau Leap.

Aaron Rodgers savagely mocked NFL insider Adam Schefter’s Lambeau Leap. Read more in detail here: aaron rodgers news.

Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers’ great quarterback, has been in the news a lot recently.

Having a regular slot on the hugely famous The Pat McAfee Show helps, but even if he wasn’t a regular, his fairly harsh comments about NFL insider Adam Schefter were sure to make headlines.

To be fair to Rodgers, his calling card in 2021 has been honesty. Nothing has been off the table, from openly considering retirement to being brutally honest about his relationship with the Packers’ executive management.

That now includes perhaps the NFL’s most well-known reporter’s athletic form, or lack thereof.

In Green Bay, the Lambeau Leap is famous, but Adam Schefer’s version isn’t.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers surveys the field in October of 2021

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers surveys the field in October of 2021 Green Bay Packers #12 Aaron Rodgers watches a preseason game against the New York Jets at Lambeau Field | Quinn Harris/Getty Images

To really comprehend Rodgers’ remarks on Schefter, one must first comprehend the situation in which the reigning MVP phoned back.

Green Bay is a unique football town steeped in tradition and history. Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, is located in the heart of a residential area. Because the stadium is often just a few blocks away, many tailgate in their driveways and on their streets. Green Bay’s citizens and the team are so interwoven that the Packers are the only NFL club without a formal owner. Rather, supporters may own a portion of the club as a publicly traded stock.

It’s unlike anything else in sports.

The Lambeau Leap is a celebration of the team’s ties to the community in this setting. Legendary Packers safety LeRoy Butler began it when he leapt over the retaining wall into the first row following a defensive score he and Hall of Fame defensive end Reggie White had produced.

Hundreds of Packers have celebrated touchdowns with Lambeau Leaps since that time. Many opposition players, on the other hand, have ventured to approach the front row, only to be shoved back by the Green Bay fans and perhaps drenched with a stray beer or two.

Rodgers’ remark about Schefter was prompted by the reporter’s own attempt at the Lambeau Leap during a pregame show in October of this year. Schefter made an ungainly rush for the end zone wall and leapt, making it just a quarter of the way up before being pulled up by the crowd.

There have been plenty of lowlight Lambeau Leaps throughout the years, and Schefter’s failed effort is definitely among them.

When interpreting Rodgers’ apparent jab at Schefter, context is crucial.

Rodgers is a frequent guest on The Pat McAfee Show, and his “Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays” portions have become renowned for their frank discussions regarding football and Rodgers’ personal life.

Rodgers discussed everything from his developing “bromance” with Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin to his views on the league’s poor refereeing this season. Rodgers spoke about a play against the Steelers in which he was tripped by star defensive end T.J. Watt, only for the call to be reversed.

Rodgers complained that he was concerned for a minute that he wasn’t tripped (he was), but rather that he was getting unathletic enough to believe he was tripped while really falling over himself in his latter years.

He went on to talk about a touchdown run he made in the second quarter of the game, which put him in the Green Bay end zone, and a possible Lambeau Leap in his future. Rodgers’ teammate Randall Cobb beckoned for him to leap into the stands, like he has done many times before, but the MVP had other plans.

“I replied, ‘Uh uh, that’s much too high,’” says the author. Rodgers described the situation to McAfee. “That’s a little too high.” “I’m sorry, but I’m not up to it.”

Rodgers apologized to the audience and joked that he wasn’t quite ready to make the transition. McAfee then shouted that he was sick of hearing Rodgers count himself out and wonder whether he had fallen or was unable to complete the Lambeau Leap.

The presenter then inserted some hypothetical ideas into Rodgers’ brain, revealing the quarterback’s real feelings against Schefter.

“I didn’t say anything about looking like an unathletic, weak-chinned, jerk.”

Adam Schefter on Aaron Rodgers

Fantastic. Rodgers has never shied away from criticizing NFL “experts,” so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The next great rivalry in the NFL might be Schefter vs. Rodgers.

Remember, it was Schefter who broke the news to ESPN on the night of the NFL draft that the quarterback wanted out of Green Bay. Schefter also told Dan Patrick that he didn’t have a specific source on the draft-night report that threw Green Bay’s offseason into disarray.

Rather, Schefter acknowledged that he reported Rodgers’ desire to leave Green Bay as a result of a “collection of information” throughout the summer. On draft night, he just so happened to submit the report.

It’s essential to keep in mind that Rodgers has a reputation for being a joker and a jokester. His Pat McAfee Show segment is also renowned for being a little raunchy at times. It’s not your usual public relations visit for a quarterback, which has made Rodgers’ performances a big success with Packers and NFL fans alike.

Most likely, this was all a prank, and the NFL’s best reporter and its most gifted quarterback have no feud.

With that said, it’s impossible not to draw a link between Rodgers’ turbulent summer and the Green Bay front office.

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