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On Wednesday night, the Rangers and Astros were playing a game at AT&T. Rangers’ starting pitcher, Alex Rodriguez and Astros’ starting pitcher, Dan Patrick had a couple of words for each other.

Sports media personalities have a difficult job at times. They must sometimes criticize athletes or get them to say something controversial, and then they must observe these often-amped-up physical specimens thereafter. This is what occurred in the early 2000s with presenter Dan Patrick and famous baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Patrick gave Ryen Russillo a riveting tale about why Rodriguez dislikes him to this day. It includes a jab at Jeter, a trip to the locker room with a de facto bodyguard, the potential of a physical altercation, and three MLB All-Stars from the 1990s sitting on a sofa, waiting to see what would happen next.

In the early 2000s, Alex Rodriguez was enraged by Dan Patrick.

Alex Rodrguez signed a ten-year contract with the Rangers for $252 million on this day in 2000, the largest contract in sports history at the time.

12/12/2020 — Baseball Reference (@baseball ref)

Alex Rodriguez became a free agent in 2000 after seven years with the Seattle Mariners. The Miami native turned down his first club in favor of a 10-year, $252 million deal with the Texas Rangers.   

It was during a time when Rodriguez, Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees, and Nomar Garciaparra of the Boston Red Sox were all vying for the title of greatest shortstop of the generation. 

Dan Patrick told a tale about an interview he had with Rodriguez for The Ryen Russillo Podcast that nearly resulted in a severe physical altercation between the broadcaster and the Major Leaguer.

Rodriguez was on Patrick’s then-ESPN radio program at this time, and as Patrick says, “I start talking to you straight away.” As soon as Patrick connected with Rodriguez, he said, “So what did you think of Jeter’s contract?” The host’s interview approach includes asking questions right away with little small chat, so Patrick asked, “So what did you think of Jeter’s contract?”

“There isn’t a single thing he can do better than me,” Rodriguez said. “Are we recording?” he asked Patrick a little while later.

Patrick said affirmatively, and the interview went on without a hitch. According to DP, the shortstop’s response was huge news, particularly in Jeter’s hometown.

Patrick followed up with a request for an interview with Rodriguez. Initially, a Rangers publicist said that it would not be a problem. “Ummm, Alex has a problem,” he remarked when he phoned the broadcaster back.

Patrick determined that the best approach to resolve the issue was to meet Rodriguez in the locker room. He decided to bring along his co-host at the time, former Cincinnati Reds “Nasty Boy” Rob Dibble, just in case.

Patrick entered the Rangers locker room to see a bizarre sight.

José Canseco said in his book that McGwire, Giambi, Palmeiro, Igor González, and Iván Rodrguez might be the only one in the Hall of Fame

January 18, 2017 — Broderick Zerpa | Sportscaster/Analyst (@Beisbologo)

To Russillo, Patrick described the bizarre incident he had witnessed:

When I go in, it’s just like Animal House: ‘Otis, my guy.’ Where everything comes to a halt, I have [Rafael] Palmeiro, [Ivan] “Pudge” Rodriguez, [Jose] Canseco, and I have A.Rod over here by his locker, talking to, I believe, Mike Lamb. Mike Lamb sounded like Deep Throat at Watergate, as if he was listening intently to every word and making me wait.

Alex Rodriguez, according to Dan Patrick

With a delegation of Rangers All-Stars “on the back of a sofa” who “knew something was going down” and A.Rod making Patrick sweat, Patrick went to the 6-foot-4, 230-pound Dibble. “Look, if he strikes me,” Patrick began, but Dibble cut him off, saying, “I got your back.”

When A.Rod eventually arrived, Patrick inquired whether he had any issues with him. A.Rod said that he was enraged at “the Jeter garbage.” In the aftermath of the interview, Patrick claimed he defended his journalistic ethics. The following stressful situations were recounted by him as follows:

He came so near to me that I thought to myself, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ I’m going to get decked in front of his teammates in his locker room by this guy? And then I have Dibble, who is going to pound A.Rod?’

Alex Rodriguez, according to Dan Patrick

“TV Talking Hairdo Gets Decked in Rangers Locker Room” and “A.Rod on DL after Rob Dibble – “Nasty Boy” – Breaks His Jaw” were among the headlines Patrick was considering for the following day.

The big-name Rangers stars waiting in anticipation was the most amusing aspect of the whole affair. Patrick said, “I can see the Rangers over here – these cowards over here – and they’re watching, and they’re waiting.” “Then I said, ‘I’ll be damned.’ Let’s go if this is how it ends.’

Patrick and A.Rod are still on bad terms.


(L-R) Alex Rodriguez of the Texas Rangers looks on during batting practice prior to the start of an Major League Baseball game circa 2001. Rodriguez played for the Rangers from 2001-03; Radio personality Dan Patrick attends the DIRECTV Old School Challenge Presented by ESPN at the 69th Regiment Armory on August 25, 2011 in New York City. Alex Rodriguez with Dan Patrick (L-R) | Focus on Sport/Getty Images; DIRECTV photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Patrick ratcheted up the tension as the meeting progressed:

I was furious at A.Rod. I assumed he was threatening me, and I responded with a few choice words. ‘Hey, f— you, dude,’ it was basically saying. These things were stated by you. This was not how I felt.’ And I was about to reach back to check if I could feel Dibble because I was thinking, “God, if he leaves, I’m in big danger!”

Alex Rodriguez, according to Dan Patrick

The host never need Dibble’s might, and in the end, calmer heads triumphed. Patrick and Rodriguez, on the other hand, are still at odds after almost two decades.

Patrick confessed, “We don’t have a healthy relationship right now.” “I saw him and said, ‘Hey, Alex, how are you doing?’ That’s all there is to it.”

Patrick said that he was going to see A. Rod was a relic from his early days as a reporter. “If you say anything, show up in the locker room,” he claimed he was always instructed. That’s it.”

That is an admirable sentiment from which any new journalist may benefit. Patrick is fortunate that he did not become another cautionary story by instigating a fight with the highest-paid player in the game while Canseco and his crew were watching with their popcorn ready.

Spotrac provided the contract statistics.

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