Natural Plains is a city-building game set in an alternate history world where animals evolved to be able to talk. You play as one of these talking animals, tasked with restoring the balance between humans and their animal kin. In order to do this, you must guide your community through some tricky situations while also building up your own kingdom.

All Hidden Missions in Natural Plains

In Natural Plains, Kirby’s first planet, and the Forgotten Land, there are 16 Hidden Missions to accomplish. Each one gives you a Waddle Dee, which you’ll need to proceed through the game and unlock boss doors, as well as construct more in Waddle Dee Town.

We have a step-by-step guide on how to finish all of the Hidden Missions in Natural Plains, broken down level by level, if you’re missing a couple or simply can’t seem to figure out that tough one. 

All Hidden Missions in Grassland’s Downtown


  • 5 tulips should blossom.
    • The first tulip may be found to your left at the start of the level. A crimson blossom blooms on a tree stump. 
    • A blue switch is located a little distance ahead. It must be pressed in order to gain access to a guarded cave containing a cake. Enter the cave on the left and look for a concealed route to the opposite side, where the second tulip is hiding.
    • The third tulip will be to the left of the canons blasting over a region of unstable ground when you first gain Traffic Cone Mouth.
    • The fourth tulip is concealed behind a tree to the right of the enemy in the area with the Tortorner and traffic cone hung in mid-air by a vine. 
    • When you climb the stairs, you’ll find the final tulip lurking in the next section. Wait for the bull adversary to charge out, then turn left and go back to where it came from. In this debris-filled passageway, you’ll locate the last tulip.
  • Break the shutters on the building.

Without Mouthful Mode, you won’t be able to break that shutter. Fortunately, this is placed just after you get the Vending Machine Mouth. The shutter may be damaged by firing cans at it just to the right of where you first inhale the machine. 

  • Take a ride up to the balcony on the gushing water.

Kirby may use the Traffic Cone Mouth to shatter pipes that seem to be ready to explode, generating a water spew that propels you upward. You’ll pass under a pair of guns as the traffic cone.

Hidden You must pound a pipe with your Cone Mouth right beyond here, hidden behind a tree, in order to accomplish this Hidden Mission. 

Through the Tunnel: All Hidden Missions


  • 4 lantern switches should be lit.
    • The first Lantern Switch is located in the area’s first large chamber. Before climbing the ladder, it’s on the right hand side, behind the barrier and in front of a hence. 
    • A Lantern Switch may be found to the left of a scaffolding in the next section. 
    • Near the golden door with the capsule is the third Lantern Switch. The switch is hidden behind a barrier to the right. 
    • With a bomb block atop silver crates, the last Lantern Switch is dead center in the chamber. It’s impossible to miss. 

You’ll find a dome towards the start of the level, right before the first lamp, that you may take over using Mouthful Mode. Wiggle it open to reveal a switch that will demolish the steel crates to your left, allowing access to the hidden area. 

  • Remove the wanted poster from the room.

A wanted poster may be found high up on the backdrop wall during the segment of the level while you have the Stairs Copy Ability.

You must carefully put the steps such that you may spit them out, climb, and strike the poster to knock it off the wall. 

Rocky Rollin’ Road’s Hidden Missions


  • 3 tree trunks are used for snacking.
    • You’ll find a baguette on a tree stump at the start of the level. To begin this Hidden Mission, eat it. 
    • A banana is the next food, which may be discovered after ascending a ladder in the same portion of the level. 
    • Following the Ranger foes, you will come upon a stump that is devoid of food. This is a deception! Instead of falling for it, seek for the gleaming place next to the stump, which will disclose a milk carton, which will serve as the last snack to wash it all down. 
  • While ascending the slope, look for the side road.

When you first gain the Ranger Copy Ability, you must climb a ladder to an uphill gauntlet where you must avoid massive rocks that are threatening to crush Kirby.

Find the gap on the right between the natural rock formation and the structure at the peak of the upward ascent throughout this portion. This chasm will convert into a side road, leading to a ladder and the completion of the task. Inside a Dome, up the ladder, you’ll locate a capsule. 

  • Drive carefully so as not to tumble over the cliff.

You’ll be maneuvering the automobile across a small platform full of adversaries when you initially receive it at the end of Rocky Rollin’ Road. It’s possible to tumble off, but keep in mind that the car’s Turbo Dash is very strong and will destroy anything in your way. This Hidden Mission will be a breeze if you take it carefully and strategically employ the dash. 

Trip to Alivel Mall: All Hidden Missions


It’ll be tough to miss this one. You’ll start scrolling at the beginning of the level and continue until you reach a barrier and a set of steps heading upwards. A striped candy to the right of the barrier offers Kirby a short burst of invincibility. Make good use of it. 

  • Make your way around the mall without getting lost.

To accomplish this Hidden Mission and discover all the Waddle Dees in Natural Plains, you must solve two puzzle parts in Trip to Alivel Mall. You can inhale a locker to reveal a secret map with an arrow below a burger when you see one.

A conveyor line lies ahead, with three alternative exits hidden under food signage. If you exit by the burger route, you’ll be rewarded with a Waddle Dee and a slew of healing goods. 

The second one follows a similar pattern, but with a difference. The first map you uncover under a locker is incomplete, indicating that you should turn left at the cake, however there are two cake signs ahead of you.

Go to the right and inhale another secret locker to complete the puzzle. It will take you to a room with a section of the map indicating that the right cake sign is across from the ice cream sign.

  • Consume four doughnuts.
    • The first doughnut may be found at the top of the first escalator in the level. It’s on the table, along with a few of star coins. 
    • The area with the square conveyor with the spikey hole in the middle is where you’ll find doughnut number two. To make the doughnut appear, go to the glittering location in the bottom right corner of the screen. 
    • By completing the second map problem in the previous part, you may find the third donut. It is on a table in the room to which you have gained entry. 
    • On the very last screen, you’ll find the last donut. Instead of going to the last Waddle Dee cage, turn right and you’ll find a secret staircase. Climb up and you’ll uncover a charming rooftop café where you’ll locate the final doughnut. 

The Brawl at the Mall’s Hidden Missions


There are no Hidden Waddle Dees on this level, but instead of the usual three, there are four Hidden Missions. All of these tasks are done by overcoming the boss in various ways. They are as follows, and they are very self-explanatory: 

  • Gorimondo’s Legs may be slid through.
  • Use the Sword ability to defeat Gorimondo.
  • Within 2:00, finish The Mall Brawl.
  • Remove yourself from The Mall Brawl without suffering any damage.

The first is as simple as approaching Gorimondo and pushing the guard button, then the A button to slide. 

We suggest returning to the other three Hidden Missions after your Copy Abilities have been enhanced.

Gorimondo will be easy to defeat with the Meta Knight Sword, allowing you to quickly complete the second and third quests. Later enhancements to the bomb ability make it a great weapon for finishing the battle without having to approach close enough to absorb damage. 

Check out our other Kirby and the Forgotten Land tutorials if you need additional assistance unlocking Hidden Missions or simply want to see if you’ve missed anything so far.

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