Every aspect of our modern life is cluttered with distractions that take us away from the things that can truly make us happy. From the moment we wake up, we are busy doing tasks that are meaningless and unfulfilling. We can choose to pick up a book and learn new skills that can help us grow, but most of us don’t. We can choose to clean inside our homes, but most of us don’t. Instead, we turn the TV on, which can lead to spending less time doing chores, and this is where the real problem lies.

When people think of sports they expect to see athletes out on the track or field performing exercises or drills, but not for video games. However, many of us gamers are actually out on the track or field performing exercises or drills. It’s not uncommon to see gamers out on the track going for running or sprinting records or games. So, are we all just crazy gamblers out for a big-ass cash prize from the world of sports betting?

Joel Embiid is a big part of the current NBA landscape. The star of the Philadelphia 76ers isn’t just a physical force in the paint, he’s talented. This reality has allowed him to succeed financially, despite a long string of injuries. The big man already has a net worth of $35 million, and that number is only expected to rise in the coming years. Despite this financial reality, you probably won’t see Embiid spending large sums of money on impulse buys. In fact, after signing a $147 million contract in 2017, the center said it needed nothing more than video games and television.

Joel Embiid has overcome his injury problems to become an NBA star with an impressive net worth of.

. As seasoned sports fans can attest, injuries are the great equalizer. No matter how talented a player is, it’s hard to be effective if you’re not 100% healthy. Fortunately for Philadelphians, Embiid seems to have put (at least some of) those problems behind them. Embiid’s unfortunate behavior began during his only season at the University of Kansas. Although the big man proved to be incredibly talented, he too missed the end of the season with back problems. He went to the 2014 NBA Draft and made the 76ers team with the third overall pick. But his injury problems had only just begun. A few days before the game, Embiid broke a bone in his foot. Although he should have recovered in about six months, he ended up missing his entire first year with the team. Due to failures in the rebuilding process, he was also absent the following season. The center was finally on the field in the 2016-17 season, but only appeared in 31 games due to knee problems. Although he has suffered many bumps and bruises since then, Embiid has still managed to make a name for himself on the pitch. Through the end of the 2020-21 season, he was averaging 24.8 points and 11.3 rebounds per game in 260 regular season games. Even though the modern NBA is moving away from traditional big men, the Sixers’ star is more than capable of changing every game. This reality, in turn, has allowed the center to build a good fortune. With a fat rookie contract and subsequent extension, Embiid has earned just over $100 million in his first seven pro seasons. When his current contract expires, he will be paid about $65 million more, and his total net worth is estimated at $35 million.

Buying nothing for himself after a $147 million contract

word-image-8631 word-image-8632 Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid during the 2021 Eastern Conference semifinals. | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Given his enormous wealth, Embiid can probably buy anything he wants. Although he doesn’t hesitate to spend money, he spends most of it on other people. In October 2017, the Sixers extended his contract for $147 million. But even with these new riches, Embiid has not been without new pleasures. Asked what he bought after signing, Embiid said: Nothing, ESPN reporter Jackie McMullan said at the time. Just before the expansion, he bought a new house for his parents in Cameroon, because the old house was filled with painful memories of his brother Arthur, who was hit by a car three years ago. Embiid was not tempted to treat herself to jewelry, a house or a new car. Although the young star has other hobbies besides basketball, he noted that he already has everything he needs at home. I’m not driving, Embiid said. All I need are my video games and a big screen TV.

Joel Embiid isn’t the only NBA star staying true to his simple

. Judging by the jewelry, cars, and other expensive pleasures we see on social media, one tends to consider Embiid the exception rather than the norm. But there are other NBA stars who follow a similar pattern. LeBron James, with all his fame and fortune, still has a few bad habits. He said he prefers wifi to data and uses the free, ad-free version of Pandora. Kawhi Leonard also sponsored Wingstop and received several coupons for free chicken while in San Antonio. When he lost those receipts, he clearly panicked. Fortunately for the attacker, he was able to get her replaced. He is also known to have driven a restored 1997 Chevy Tahoe, the Gas Guzzler, but it is unknown if he still owns that vehicle. James, Leonard and Embiid have a huge net worth together. However, having a large fortune doesn’t mean you have to spend it in one place. Information about thecontract is provided by Spotrac. Statistics provided by Basketball-Reference. COMPARED TO: Joel Embiid first learned to play basketball by finding White shooting three-pointers on YouTube

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