I’m a big sports fan, and have been since I was five years old. My favorite team is the Chicago Bulls (I’m a Bulls fan even though I’m from New Jersey), and I’m a big fan of basketball in general. For me, basketball is the ultimate team sport. I can’t help but root for the team that is the underdogs, even if it means they lose a lot.

I don’t follow basketball, but I know it’s a team sport, and I watch it on TV. I watch the NBA, maybe because I’m a fan of Michael Jordan, and with the NBA All Star game just a few days away, I decided to check out the All Star game and the other events going on.

I’m a hardcore Bulls fan, a fanatic that thinks NBA players should NOT wear their jerseys unless they are playing. I am also a Jordan fanatic. I have a whole closet dedicated to him. Basketball is my life, but I also love watching some football.. Read more about michael jordan legacy and let us know what you think.

Who is the best NBA scorer of all time? It seems to be a straightforward question. However, the reality is that that is far from the case. A quick look through the Association’s history book yields not just one, but many answers. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has the highest point total of any player. Wilt Chamberlain, on the other hand, had the most points and the highest scoring average in a single season. There’s also Michael Jordan.

Jordan has the highest average in league history, just ahead of Chamberlain. They have to get down to hundredths of a point to figure it out since it’s that close. During their careers, both players averaged 30.1 points per game. However, Jordan’s 30.12 is only a smidgeon greater than Chamberlain’s 30.07. Given that no one else is within 3.5 points of them, choosing one of them to answer the original question seems to be the best option.

However, with his latest response to that question, former NBA All-Star Arenas, Gilbert, a great scorer in his own right once upon a time, has further muddled the matter. He admires the guy who now leads the active scoring average.

This summer, Kevin Durant has received a lot of attention.

Kevin Durant made sure we all knew he is still an exceptional scorer with his dazzling performance in a losing effort for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA Playoffs. Durant surpassed Carmelo Anthony as the all-time top scorer in US Olympic history during the Tokyo Olympics. Durant did in 22 games what Anthony did in 31 games.

Durant is the NBA’s top active scorer, just ahead of LeBron James. Durant’s 27.02 average is higher than James’ 27.00. Durant put on a master lesson in scoring efficiency throughout the playoffs. In a five-game win against the Boston Celtics, he averaged 32.6 points per game. Durant almost led the damaged Nets past the eventual champion Milwaukee Bucks — with a one-legged James Harden and sans Kyrie Irving — for an encore.

Durant averaged 35.4 points per game over the course of the seven-game series. That’s an average of 34.3 points per game in 12 games, and he did it at a roughly 50/40/90 pace. He only made 87.1 percent of his free throws. Slacker.

That followed a regular season in which he averaged 26.9 points each night. That was after recovering from an Achilles tear. At the age of 32. Durant did miss 37 games due to ankle and thigh injuries, but it’s difficult to call his return anything other than a triumph. Is he, though, the best scorer of all time?

Arenas prefers Kevin Durant over Michael Jordan.

Arenas presented a case for Kevin Durant as the greatest scorer of all time during an appearance on the fubo Sports podcast on Aug. 10, 2021. It’s not that he’s the best player; he’s just the best scorer.

Durant’s run against Milwaukee was cited by Arenas. KD had 49 points in a Game 5 victory and 48 points in a Game 7 overtime defeat while playing all 53 minutes. A toe on the 3-point line ruined the fantasy of a 49-point game and a series win.

“As a basketball fan who knows the game, Kevin Durant’s scoring style is really easy to comprehend. Because of his height and shooting, he can’t be stopped, controlled, or challenged. As a result, he is most likely the NBA’s easiest bucket-getter. So, in my view, it’s Kevin Durant, and I’m a Jordan fan.”

Gilbert Arenas

Arenas averaged 27.7 points per game with the Washington Wizards from 2004 to 2007, but he didn’t accomplish it with the same efficiency as Durant. Nonetheless, he understands what it takes to score in the NBA with volume.

Comparing Michael Jordan to Kevin Durant

Michael Jordan or Kevin Durant. Who do you have as the greatest scorer the NBA has ever seen?

Michael Jordan or Kevin Durant. Who do you have as the greatest scorer the NBA has ever seen? Michael Jordan (L) won ten scoring championships to Kevin Durant’s four (R). Former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas, on the other hand, believes Durant is the best scorer in NBA history. | Getty Images/Mitchell Layton | Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel

We can only make a case for Michael Jordan or Kevin Durant based on their individual statistics since their careers never overlapped. The title of best NBA scorer is a huge one, but here are two deserving contenders.

However, at first sight, the fight seems to be a knockout victory for Jordan.

Jordan was a 10-time scoring champion, including three consecutive titles from the ages of 32 to 34. From 2009 to 2014, Durant was the league’s leading scorer four times in five years, but hasn’t done so since. Durant has the advantage as a shooter, with a slash line of 49.4 percent/38.4 percent/88.3 percent. Jordan has a 49.7% /32.7 percent /83.5 percent ratio.

The natural assumption is that Jordan had more playing time than Durant. NBA rosters and rotations are both lengthier today. Jordan may have a little advantage, but it’s just 38.3 minutes per game against 36.7 for Durant. MJ averaged 28.3 points per 36 minutes when normalized. KD’s current weight is 26.5 pounds.

Kevin Durant, with all due respect to Agent Zero, has a long way to go to catch Michael Jordan as a scorer.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

Michael Jordan’s mockery of Luc Longley in his documentary didn’t bother the Center in the least: ‘Luc was totally OK with it; he loved it.’

If you’re like me, you probably have a lot of questions about Michael Jordan. Why did he retire? Was he actually a great player, or just a lucky one? What did he do after his basketball career? Why did he abandon Nike? Why is he so disliked by so many of his former teammates? What was his life like during his retirement?. Read more about michael jordan life and let us know what you think.

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