Andre Drummond is a huge LeBron James fan, and in a recent interview, he told the story of how he became a King fan. He said that he simply loves LeBron’s competitive spirit, and he said that he hopes he can be like him someday, but he also explained why he chose to play for Detroit over the Cavs.

The Detroit Pistons’ Andre Drummond is a big LeBron James fan, and not so long ago, he’d have been more than happy to play alongside the former Cleveland Cavaliers star. But that was before he changed his mind about teaming up with LeBron James in Detroit.

The Detroit Pistons have a new center, and he’s not happy about it. At least, not at first. Andre Drummond is unhappy with his new team, the Detroit Pistons. “I felt like they just threw me to the wolves,” Drummond recently told The Undefeated . “I was kind of the first one called (up) to come in. I felt like they were throwing me to the wolves. I was kind of the first one called up to come in. I felt like a rookie coming in.” Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Earlier this month, the 27-year-old big man signed a four-year, $110 million contract to join the Pistons. But he says things didn’t go well. Read more about nba and let us know what you think.

Andre Drummond is a basketball player from the United States. kept expressing how excited he was to return to the Los Angeles Lakers next season. The Philadelphia 76ers then offered him a one-year veteran’s minimum deal. Is this making sense? Perhaps not as much as it seems. When the Lakers surrounded LeBron James with additional players from his generation, the writing was on the wall.

Drummond is following in the footsteps of NBA legends. After spending his first seven seasons with the Detroit Pistons, the 76ers will be his fourth club in the past three years. That’s a quick drop from franchise stalwart to well-traveled veteran. But why isn’t the four-time rebounding champion getting more attention?

Andre Drummond isn’t what you’d call a contemporary big guy.

In its current incarnation, the NBA is all about shooting. Andre Drummond is a terrible shooter, plain and simple. The Los Angeles Lakers wanted to give LeBron James more room on the court. Even while the senior citizen jokes about some of their additions never grow old, the majority of LA’s movements have included gunfire. It’s just the players who do it. Thank you, and please remember to tip the waitstaff.

Drummond was said to be working on extending his range a few years back. He made 38 3-point attempts in 2018–19 after making 30 in his previous six seasons. With the Pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers the next season, he scored 35 more points. That 13.7 percent success rate, on the other hand, should definitely put a stop to that little experiment. Drummond’s deep ball will not be required by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Drummond has broadened his horizons. 75.5 percent of his shots came in the restricted area in his first three seasons. Since then, the percentage has decreased to 59.2 percent. For Drummond, though, the region beyond 10 feet from the rim might as well be the Bermuda Triangle. His shot vanishes into thin air. He’s only taken 5.6 percent of his shots from outside of 10 feet throughout his career. This accounts for 411 of his 7,332 career tries.

James will play in the lane for the Lakers. Russell Westbrook need more driving space. The majority of Anthony Davis’s finest work is done with appropriate floor space. In a new-age league, LA didn’t have place for an old-school center.

Drummond saw what was to come and joined the Philadelphia 76ers.

Andre Drummond was quite clear when he spoke with the Philadelphia media about why he chose the 76ers.

“Times change, and they made various trades and adjustments to their squad to the point where it didn’t make sense for me to return. After that, I simply did the next best thing, which was to come to Philly. I believe it is an excellent match for me.”

Andre Drummond

The final portion of the statement caused a few people to raise their eyebrows. In 2017, Drummond and 76ers standout big man Joel Embiid had a verbal spat. Embiid had his opponent ejected from a game, then said he owned “real estate” inside Drummond’s brain.

They’ll have to share the same space on the floor now. Doc Rivers is an old-school coach in many respects, and he may want to experiment with some big lines with Embiid (7-foot) and Drummond (6-foot-10) up top. Inside, that duo might be intimidating on defense. Embiid can spread the floor offensively as Drummond sets picks and guards the low block.

With them two on the court, good luck grabbing a rebound. Last season, Embiid averaged 10.6 points per game. Drummond averaged 12.0 points each night in just 27.0 minutes of action.

Andre Drummond has had an unusual journey.

Andre Drummond won't be setting screens for LeBron James in 2021-22

Andre Drummond won't be setting screens for LeBron James in 2021-22 On May 19, 2021, during the first half of an NBA Play-In Tournament game at Staples Center, LeBron James (23) of the Los Angeles Lakers dribbles past Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors as teammate Andre Drummond (2) sets a pick. Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian

Drummond entered the 2012 NBA Draft after a single season at UConn. The Pistons selected him ninth overall as a project. He outperformed expectations as a rookie. In his second year, he was promoted to the starting center position.

Drummond, on the other hand, had a huge void in his game throughout the first five seasons of his career. During that time, he shot a dismal 38.1 percent from the line. That was the lowest percentage for any qualifying shooter (1,200 attempts) in NBA history during the 2016–17 season.

He’s improved to 59.3 percent in the past four years. He may not be Stephen Curry, but his opponents aren’t as eager to attempt the bang-the-Drummond approach. Drummond has overtaken Hall of Famer Ben Wallace (41.4 percent) and Chris Dudley (47.0 percent) with his career record of 47.0 percent (45.8 percent ). The third-worst is always preferable than the worst.

Drummond has a 13.7 per game rebounding average, which ranks him eighth all-time in the NBA. Among active players, that figure is the highest. He also holds the record for the most defensive and total rebound percentages in NBA history.

Andre Drummond has value for the proper club, which could be the Philadelphia 76ers. Drummond becomes an interesting addition for the Philadelphia 76ers when he teams up with Embiid, a big man who can extend his range and force defenders to respect his shooting.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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In an interview with the Bleacher Report, Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond reveals that the main reason he changed his mind and left LeBron James behind when he decided to sign with the Detroit Pistons in free agency last summer was because of “family.” During the interview, Drummond explains that he went back to his biological home in South Carolina after six years with the Cleveland Cavaliers and that he made the decision to sign with the Pistons in large part due to having a “good relationship” with his new teammates.. Read more about lebron james rings count and let us know what you think.

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