Some people have a hard time being around their favorite athletes, while others are constantly trying to get their autograph or snatch a picture. But, apparently, everyone has a soft spot for one New Orleans Pelicans star: Anthony Davis. So what does Davis like to be called? Well, apparently, it’s not “Big Baby” anymore.

The NBA is in for a rude awakening the next time they bring out the All-Star Celebrity Game. Among those present at All-Star Weekend in New Orleans for the Celebrity Game were Charles Barkley, Anthony Davis, Kevin Hart, and Carmelo Anthony.

It was not a good week for Anthony Davis, to say the least. The eight-time All-Star suffered a groin-injury in Game 4 against the Phoenix Suns and was unable to play in the deciding Game 5 on Tuesday-evening. The Los Angeles Lakers continued to smile in their 30-point rout and are now one loss away from elimination. As if that wasn’t enough for Davis, he also inherited an infamous nickname from Charles Barkley that quickly went viral on social media. If he is unable to play the rest of the series and the defending NBA champions are eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, Davis will forever be known by his new alias: Street clothes.

Anthony Davis watched from the bench as the Lakers lost Game 5

Anthony Davis walks along the sideline during Game 5 of the Western Conference playoff series in the first round between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns | Christian Petersen/Getty Images word-image-1336 When Davis and LeBron James are healthy, the Lakers are a solid contender for the NBA title. But when one of them drops out injured, Los Angeles looks more like a team on the verge of the playoffs than a threat to repeat. Before Game 4 against the Suns on Sunday, the Lakers were confident they could win the first round. A win at Staples Center would give them a 3-1 victory over an inexperienced Phoenix team and they could probably advance to the next round. But with less than a minute to go in the first half, Davis fell to the ground with his groin clenched after missing a shot attempt. He couldn’t get back into the game and the Lakers lost 100-92. Davis missed Game 5 with the same groin problem, and without him, the Lakers didn’t stand a chance. Los Angeles lost a crucial game with a 30-point lead in the opening minutes. All Davis could do was watch from the sidelines in jeans and a T-shirt, which led to a hilarious reaction from Barkley at TNT Studios.

Charles Barkley gave Davis a new notorious nickname

At halftime of the Lakers-Suns game, with Los Angeles already trailing by 30 points, Inside the NBA (with Draymond Green replacing Kenny Smith) gave their take on the first round series. Barkley has repeatedly stressed that the Lakers don’t stand a chance against the Suns without Davis on the court. He even gave the star striker an impromptu nickname in the process. The Lakers can’t win this series,” Barkley said. Forget the championship. They can’t win this series without streetwear. There was a stunned silence on the TNT set. You want to explain that? Ernie Johnson posed. I call him Anthony Streetwear Davis because he’s always in streetwear, Barkley replied.

. Was streetwear some awesome nickname Barkley had spent hours coming up with for the big TV show? No, of course not. This was clearly an impromptu move by an NBA Hall of Fame member, but that’s what makes his name so easily hilarious. Almost immediately after Barkley uttered the name during Inside the NBA, the streetwear went viral on social media. The term began circulating on Twitter when Damian Lillard set the floor on fire in double overtime during a game against the Denver Nuggets. Davis has every interest in the Lakers surviving the playoffs. And besides, he better hope he’s not in plain clothes on the bench when they do, or that nickname will haunt him like a shadow for the rest of his career. COMPARED TO: LeBron James ready to take on big pressure after injury Anthony Davis

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