Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game designed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. This mobile guide will help you learn how to win the game with weapons like SMG, Shotguns and Assault Rifles.

The “apex legends weapon tier list” is a list of the best weapons in Apex Legends. The list can be used to find the best weapon for your playstyle.

Apex Legends Mobile: Best Weapons Tier List



Season Zero of Apex Legends Mobile is currently available in the worldwide edition of the game, and it serves as a preview of the actual Season 1 that will be released later this year.

The finest weapons in Apex Legends Mobile are listed below, along with their strengths and disadvantages. You’ll also discover which weapons are best for close, medium, and long range fighting, as well as how much damage they inflict to the foes’ heads, bodies, and legs (H/B/L).

S-Tier Weapons in Apex Legends Mobile


  • Sniper Rifle is a kind of rifle.
  • 435/145/116 (H/B/L) damage
  • 4 issues of the magazine

Due to its native scope and unique ammunition, the Kraber sniper rifle does the greatest damage in the game while also being the most accurate.

Its headshot damage is increased by three times, allowing gamers to kill any adversary instantly, even if they are wearing a helmet. Furthermore, Kraber’s ammunition is so powerful that it may strike many enemies in a row, penetrating their bodies.

Kraber is a supply drop weapon, meaning it can only be found in care packages. The same may be said about its ammunition, which is unavailable elsewhere.

Carbine R-301

  • Assault Rifle (AR-15)
  • 28/14/11 (H/B/L) damage
  • 36th issue of magazine

Due to light ammunition that enable bullets to move quickly, the R-301 boasts some of the quickest rate of fire in the game. The R-301 is the finest midrange weapon in Apex Legends Mobile because of this, as well as rapid aim down sights.

The rifle is very light, making it simple to handle with little recoil. As a result, even while shooting in full auto, the weapon remains very steady and precise.

The only thing it needs is a larger magazine, which is simple to install with an extra mag connection.

Flatline VK-47

  • Assault Rifle (AR-15)
  • Damage: 38/19/14 (H/B/L)
  • 38th issue of magazine

Unlike R-301, which employs light ammunition, Flatline uses heavier bullets, resulting in more damage per round. The greatest thing is that it doesn’t lose out to R-301 in terms of firing rate, making it a great option.

The only difference is the recoil, which is somewhat stronger in Flatline, and the bullet travel time, which is also slightly slower. However, with the right sights and stock modifications, you may get some incredible outcomes from this assault rifle.

Weapons of the A-Tier


  • Shotgun is the kind of weapon.
  • 185/110/88 (H/B/L) damage
  • 7 (magazine)

Peacekeeper is one of the most powerful weapons in Apex Legends Mobile, while not having the same damage output as Kraber.

This weapon was created for close combat, and it excels at it. It also boasts a fair rate of fire for a shotgun, which may be improved even more with the bolt attachment. Also, the bullet spread isn’t too large.

Even with optical upgrades, it won’t perform well at intermediate or long range, but other than that, Peacekeeper is a true keeper.


  • Submachine Gun (SMG)
  • Damage: 24/16/13 (H/B/L)
  • 32nd issue of magazine

Volt is the best next thing if you need a weapon for close range warfare but don’t want to use shotguns.

It features a rapid rate of fire and little recoil, allowing it to operate very effectively in close quarters. It won’t do well in close combat, although assault rifles are available for that.

Volt employs energy ammunition, which provides fast bursts of damage but soon wears off. Regardless, this is one of the greatest and most user-friendly SMG guns in the game.


  • Light Machine Gun Type
  • 36/18/14 (H/B/L) damage
  • 60 issues of the magazine

Spitfire may be a wonderful lifesaver if you want something that can perform well in both close range and midrange combat.

It employs hefty rounds that provide considerable damage and are capable of taking out foes from a safe distance. The greatest feature is that the Spitfire has a relatively low recoil for an LMG, which is a weapon that is notoriously unstable, particularly in full automatic mode.

This is another another supply drop weapon available solely within care packages.


  • Sniper Rifle is a kind of rifle.
  • Damage: 140/70/63 (H/B/L)
  • 7 (magazine)

It might be difficult to get a rare sniper rifle like Kraber, but you can always acquire Sentinel, which may not have as much damage but performs just as well.

The unique Amped Up mechanism, which increases Sentinel’s damage output by 25%, is what makes it so powerful. As a result, its H/B/L figures have risen to 175/88/79, respectively.

Another interesting characteristic of this weapon is its ability to shoot door knobs, resulting in open doors, which may be used as a diversion strategy.

Weapons of the B-Tier

Auto EVA-8

  • Shotgun is the kind of weapon.
  • 99/63/63 (H/B/L) damage
  • 10 issues of a magazine

Auto EVA-8 was designed for the use in zero gravity, which explains its unusually high rate of fire for a shotgun.

It would be good to have an extra magazine attachment for this weapon since it is an automatic weapon, but there isn’t one available in the game.

You can at the very least utilize a shotgun bolt attachment, which is highly recommended. Although this will make it a fantastic weapon for close combat, the spread will be too broad at midrange for it to be effective.


  • Shotgun is the kind of weapon.
  • 127/104/104 (H/B/L) damage
  • 8 in a magazine

This semi-auto shotgun has a high damage output that remains consistent over time, making it a good weapon for close quarters and intermediate battle.

Because of the horizontal bullet spread pattern, it is strongly recommended to shoot an enemy’s body for the greatest effects. Although a complete reload of the weapon takes almost 7 seconds, rounds may be reloaded in between shots.

If you still want to improve Mastiff’s reload speed, you may utilize the Dual Shell hop-up to cut the reload time in half.


  • Submachine Gun (SMG)
  • Damage: 16/11/9 (H/B/L)
  • 35th issue of magazine

Although the R-99 SMG has the lowest damage output per bullet of any weapon in the game, it generates incredibly high damage per second owing to its fast rate of fire.

As a result, the first thing gamers need do is connect an extra magazine attachment to it. If you want to use it in close-quarters combat, you must utilize the barrel attachment else the recoil would be enormous.

It’s still better for close-quarters fighting, since the bullet’s damage strength diminishes as it travels farther.


  • Light Machine Gun Type
  • 36/18/14 (H/B/L) damage
  • N/A (no publication)

L-STAR does not need ammunition since it utilizes energy plasma. It’s enjoyable to forget about reload times and other such things, but this weapon may still overheat, so you’ll have to wait for it to cool down before using it again.

Shooting in short bursts is suggested to limit the overheat effect, and it will work extremely well. However, be wary of the first recoil, which can’t be decreased in any manner.

If you become weary of constantly reloading your guns, this is a great alternate weapon for close range.

These are Apex Legends Mobile’s greatest weapons. Please consider sharing this information if you find it helpful. Keep a watch out for GameSkinny for more Apex Legends Mobile instructions.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game that is available on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The mobile version of the game has recently been released. This article will be a tier list for Apex Legends Mobile’s best weapons. Reference: apex legends best guns reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weapon in Apex Legends?

A: This is a difficult question to answer because every player has their own preference. Some players like the G7 Scout Rifle, while others may prefer something more powerful or versatile. The best weapon in Apex Legends would be up to you and your individual style of play.

Which apex gun has the highest DPS?

A: The Apex Hydra has the highest DPS out of all apex guns. Its a three-pointed gun with one barrel, it can be unscrewed and switched to fire two barrels at once (but this doesnt increase its damage).

What weapons are meta in Apex?

A: The meta weapons in Apex are Arc and Lightning Pistol.

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