Chiefs linebacker Anthony Hitchens said that Bills quarterback Josh Allen reminds him of Cam Newton, making the rookie’s performance in Week 15 all the more impressive. The Chiefs and Buffalo will play at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon for a berth in Super Bowl LIV.

The “bills vs chiefs” is the AFC Championship Game rematch between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs. Anthony Hitchens, a linebacker for the Chiefs, drew an intriguing comparison between Josh Allen and Cam Newton.

Bills QB Josh Allen Draws Intriguing Cam Newton Comparison From Chiefs LB Anthony Hitchens Ahead of AFC Championship Game Rematch

In the NFL Playoffs, the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs will meet again, with the winner hosting the AFC Championship Game. While things have changed since a year ago, it’s still Josh Allen vs. Patrick Mahomes in a huge showdown.

The Bills quarterback has been on fire, and Chiefs LB Anthony Hitchens made an intriguing Cam Newton analogy.

Josh Allen creates intriguing artwork. Cam Newton as a model

#Chiefs Anthony Hitchens: “I played Cam Newton a couple of times, I’ve played Josh Allen a couple of times, they’re very similar.”

— Aaron Ladd (@aaronladd0) January 21, 2022

That is an intriguing way of putting things. No, Hitchens isn’t talking about the Cam Newton we’ve seen over the previous several seasons.

On the surface, this analogy seems reasonable. Newton is 6’5′′ and 245 lbs., whereas Allen is 6’5′′ and 237 lbs. The physical characteristics are uncannily identical.

Both quarterbacks are recognized for their mobility, and Newton’s ability to run the ball was something the NFL hadn’t seen much of before to his selection as the first overall pick in 2011. He ran for 14 touchdowns in his rookie season, and Josh McDaniels masterfully used his talent in his 2020 season with the New England Patriots, resulting in 12 rushing touchdowns.

Allen is comparable in that sense, as he completed the regular season second on the team with six running touchdowns and 763 yards. Allen finished just over 100 yards behind Devin Singletary for the team’s top rusher, so the Newton-Allen comparisons may not be too far off.

Allen is swiftly gaining traction in the NFL, and if he can harness Newton’s 2015 MVP form, the Bills may be able to break the curse and make a Super Bowl run. Allen has already had an MVP season and should be a strong contender for the award.

At the age of 25, the Bills quarterback is enjoying an MVP season.

Bills QB Josh Allen plays the Chiefs in the Playoffs again.

Bills QB Josh Allen plays the Chiefs in the Playoffs again. Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen | Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Allen was omitted off the AFC Pro Bowl roster for whatever reason. Despite this, the Bills quarterback is having a strong season and has the team within striking distance of a Super Bowl appearance.

His regular season numbers in 2020 were superior in every way, but there’s no disputing his value to this club. Allen threw for 4,407 yards, 36 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions in the 2021 season, winning the AFC East and demolishing the Patriots in the Wild Card Round.

Allen had gone nuclear against the Patriots a few weeks before, compiling an eye-popping stat line as his MVP case became even stronger.

Josh Allen versus. Patriots: 30/47 for 314 yards, three touchdowns, 64 running yards, and no interceptions.

THAT’S an MVP.#BillsMafia

— Jenna Cottrell (@JennaCottrell) December 26, 2021

A win against Mahomes and the Chiefs would undoubtedly bolster Allen’s MVP candidacy and offer Buffalo a chance to play in the Super Bowl at home. Make sure the tables are set.

The Bills are looking to avenge their loss to the Chiefs in the AFC final game last season.

Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs lingered on the field last playoffs to watch the Chiefs celebrate their Super Bowl victory.

This time, the Bills will take the field at Arrowhead Stadium with that in mind. What’s the good news?

Buffalo upset the Chiefs earlier this season, but both teams have drastically changed since then. Mahomes recently threw five touchdown passes in a win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, despite Allen did the same against the Patriots last week.

Is this the year when the Bills avenge themselves? Or will the Chiefs send Buffalo back to Kansas City?

The Bills should have a solid chance of canceling the Chiefs’ trip to Los Angeles if Allen can continue to play like an MVP.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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