When Carson Wentz tore his ACL in December of 2017, the Philadelphia Eagles’ season was already lost. With Wentz out, backup QB Nick Foles took over the starting gig, and the team went to the playoffs. In the Wildcard round against the Atlanta Falcons, however, he didn’t play particularly well. In the first two quarters, Foles completed just six of 11 passes for just 80 yards and an interception. In the second half, he completed just two of seven passes for just seven yards and a pick. Foles is a capable backup and will be again in 2018, but he’s not a guy that should be the face of the franchise.

The Philadelphia Eagles have a bye week coming up in Week 6, so the team is about to get an extended break from football. But Eagles fans shouldn’t fret: it’s not like the Eagles have a terrible backup quarterback.

As the Philadelphia Eagles’ backup quarterback, Chase Daniel didn’t see any regular season action last year, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t involved in the team’s preparations for the 2017 season. The veteran backup quarterback, who signed with the Eagles last year after not being offered a deal by the Kansas City Chiefs, spent plenty of time with the team’s starters this past spring and summer, and he believes that the Eagles’ backup quarterback situation is still quite good. In fact, Daniel thinks that one of the Eagles’ backups, Nate Sudfeld, is playing “really good football” in Daniel’s absence.. Read more about why did andrew luck retire and let us know what you think.

The Indianapolis Colts have a quarterback problem, which has been something of a recurring phenomenon. Carson Wentz was traded to Indianapolis this summer, but he just suffered an injury that may keep him out for the next five to twelve weeks.

Fear not, Colts fans: Wentz, who has seen a second-stringer succeed before, may watch another backup, former Georgia and Washington quarterback Jacob Eason, perform well in his absence.

After Carson Wentz went down with an injury, the Colts turned to Jacob Eason as their quarterback.

The Colts acquired former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz in March after Philip Rivers announced his retirement.

However, a fractured bone in the QB’s left foot just came free, which may be the consequence of an old injury from his high school days. Wentz had surgery and is expected to be sidelined for five to twelve weeks.

According to ESPN, Colts head coach Frank Reich stated, “Knowing Carson, I’m hopeful.” “Knowing that you don’t have to be pain-free to play in this kind of injury. You must first achieve an appropriate degree of pain tolerance before you can begin playing. That may happen sooner rather than later.”

Because players heal at various rates, Wentz’s rehab timeline is so broad, Indy won’t know when he can return for another couple of weeks.

Until then, the Colts’ starting quarterback is Jacob Eason. 

“Right now, Jacob has the job… And he’ll have to work for it. Reich told The Athletic’s Zak Keefer, “But he’s in the driver’s seat.”

Aside from Eason, Indianapolis has Brett Hundley, Sam Ehlinger, and Jalen Morton on the roster.

So, who exactly is Eason?

Eason was a five-star quarterback out of high school and had a great first season at Georgia in 2016. As a rookie, he passed for 2,430 yards, 16 touchdowns, and eight interceptions. He did, however, sustain a knee injury in Georgia’s 2017 season opener. The Bulldogs were then guided to the national championship game by Jake Fromm.

Eason went on to play for Washington in 2019 and passed for 3,132 yards, 23 touchdowns, and eight interceptions, earning him a fourth-round pick by the Indianapolis Colts in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Jacob Eason, according to Dan Orlovsky, can be a good quarterback for the Colts.

Eason is fortunate in that he is not a rookie. In 2020, he was the team’s backup quarterback behind Philip Rivers and Jacoby Brissett. As a result, he already has a firm grasp of the team’s attack.

He does, however, have a fantastic staff behind him. So, former NFL quarterback and current ESPN commentator Dan Orlovsky believes he can fill in for Carson Wentz while he heals from his injury, particularly considering Indianapolis boasts one of the greatest offensive lines and defenses in the league.

On the Aug. 2 edition of NFL Live, Orlovsky stated, “I believe everyone needs to relax.” “… As a young quarterback, what do you need to play excellent to great football? You must have a strong defense so that you are not under pressure to score a lot of points. That’s something Indy possesses. You need a strong offensive line so you don’t have to run for your life. That’s something Indy possesses. You can [rely on] a very strong running game. That belongs to Indy.”

Orlovsky then tasked Reich with coming up with the best plays for Eason, who is renowned for his powerful arm.

“If you can design plays to get the first person open a lot, that guy is going to play well because he’s skilled enough to simply drop back five or seven feet and let it rip to the guy you predicted was going to get open,” he added. “As a result, Frank Reich is under pressure to do well in that respect. Because Jacob Eason is gifted enough to make a lot of passes to the No. 1 receiver in the wide field.”

Carson Wentz has already seen a quarterback perform well in his absence.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz, who is currently dealing with an injury.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz, who is currently dealing with an injury. On July 28, 2021, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz throws a pass during training camp. | Getty Images/Justin Casterline

Nobody believes Eason is going to go out there and steal Wentz’s job. He has trouble throwing the ball in the same direction on all of his passes, since he throws it hard on both 50-yard fly routes and five-yard slants. He’s still skilled enough to be successful, as Wentz has shown in the past.

In 2017, Wentz had a Pro Bowl season with the Eagles before suffering an injury in Week 14 and missing the playoffs. Nick Foles guided the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory in his absence. The next season, Foles’ performance sparked a quarterback debate, but Wentz maintained his position.

Is it possible that something similar will happen to Eason?

It’s difficult to see the second-year player causing a stir, but you never know with Eason’s supporting cast. The Colts have one of the finest rosters in the NFL; all they need now is a quarterback. 

Maybe Eason can show he’s that quarterback, or at the very least, play well enough for them to win without Wentz. Wentz, on the other hand, had best hope this isn’t a repeat performance.

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Carson Wentz’s offseason move may help him have a ‘Helluva Year’ with the Colts: RELATED ‘He’s put forth a lot of effort.’

The Eagles have already dealt with injuries to their starting quarterback Carson Wentz and backup Nick Foles. The latter suffered a broken wrist in Week 14, while the former has a torn ACL. So, who’s taking over? The Eagles have a few options. There’s Nate Sudfeld, who was signed to the 53-man roster for the first time in his career on December 27. Then there’s Mike Sudfeld, Carson’s brother who is also on the Eagles’ practice squad. Or, there’s third-string quarterback Joe Callahan, a former second-round pick of the New England Patriots in 2014. Things are looking bleak for the Eagles right now, but there’s a glimmer of hope.. Read more about andrew luck retirement and let us know what you think.

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