The Carolina Panthers quarterback made a comment about the New England Patriots’ QB, which was met with criticism. But Young took to twitter to show his support for Heinicke and prove that he has his back.

Chase Young made an outrageous comment about QB Taylor Heinicke, but it turns out he has his back.

Chase Young and the Washington Football Team are hoping to avenge their home defeat to the Los Angeles Chargers last week. Not only did the WFT lose its season opener, but it also lost Ryan Fitzpatrick, its starting quarterback. With Fitzpatrick out for around two months, the club looks to Taylor Heinicke to take over the reins. Young made an eye-opening (and very dubious) remark about Heinicke, but it demonstrated that he has a lot of confidence in his quarterback.

Chase Young and the WFT defense are hoping to avenge their Week 1 defeat.


Taylor-Heinicke-1-1024x682 On September 12, 2021, in Landover, Maryland, Taylor Heinicke of the Washington Football Team looks on before playing against the Los Angeles Chargers at FedEx Field. | Getty Images/Patrick Smith

Even though the Washington defense only gave up 20 points to the Chargers in Week 1, something wasn’t quite right. Defensively, not everyone was on the same page, and Young and head coach Ron Rivera want that to change quickly. Rivera isn’t wasting any time in preparation for the Giants’ game on Thursday.

According to NBC Sports, Rivera said, “I anticipate that to be repaired immediately.”

Young addressed his team’s mental errors on defense, which resulted in a 0-1 start to the season.

“There was something wrong with every play,” Young added. “A linebacker may not have gotten in that hole if it hadn’t been for the D-line. It might have been a new bunch every play.”

Washington is expecting to win the turnover battle and is salivating at the prospect of facing the Giants. Young and the defense are ready to pounce on New York quarterback Daniel Jones’ proclivity for turning the ball over.

He said, “We’ve been talking about it for the last several days.” “Obviously, he’s had trouble holding the ball in the past, and that’s a major emphasis,” says the coach. That’s certainly something we’ll be thinking about as we go into Thursday.”

“He could start on any other club in the league,” DE Chase Young says of QB Taylor Heinicke.

September 14, 2021 — Sam Fortier (@Sam4TR)

In his NFL career, Heinicke has only made one regular-season start, which occurred in 2018 with the Carolina Panthers. Last year, when starter Alex Smith was a late scratch, Heinicke, who went undrafted out of Old Dominion in 2015, began Washington’s playoff game. In a 31-23 defeat against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he displayed his composure under the spotlight by throwing and running for touchdowns.

Young does not anticipate a drop-off in offensive production with Heinicke at quarterback. In fact, his admiration for the quarterback may have gone too far.

According to Sam Fortier of The Washington Post, Young stated, “He could start on any other club in the league.”

Mr. Young, please slow down a little.

Heinicke is set to make his first regular-season start after six years of traveling around the league on five different clubs. During the XFL’s truncated 2020 season, he couldn’t even see the field. Why do you believe Young thinks Heinicke could start for another team?

Heinicke has showed potential, but Young is on the verge of breaking through.

The greatest part of Young’s remark was that he trusts Heinicke. Maybe he said it that way on purpose, but he doesn’t think Heinicke can start for any NFL club.

Last weekend, Heinicke looked excellent in relief of Fitzpatrick. He threw for 122 yards and a score on 11 of 15 passing attempts. In Week 2, he looked well enough to earn a starting spot for the Washington Football Team. Heinicke showed no signs of being able to pass Brady in Tampa or Russell Wilson in Seattle.

Heinicke has a shot now. It’s his job to lose for the next six to eight weeks. If he’s the man who can take over the Washington offense, we may get a better read.

Mr. Young, one step at a time. Let’s take it one step at a time.

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