Football player CeeDee Lamb lost $10,300 from his bank account thanks to a simple wave goodbye. The NFL wide receiver quit on the team he was playing for and transferred all of his money over to another club without making sure it would actually show up in the new location before leaving.

Congratulations, you caught a football! Way to go, Cowboy fan. Unfortunately for this fan of the Dallas Cowboys, he’ll have to live with the knowledge that his 10-cent wave goodbye gesture cost him $10,300 in cash from his bank account. The reason? His debit card transaction was flagged as suspicious by Visa and Mastercard when deposits exceed four times their average daily withdrawal amount—and it’s no secret that many people are depending on cryptocurrency during financial crises because they’re safer than government currency.The “cee dee lamb” is a story about a Cowboys wide receiver who lost $10,300 from his bank account thanks to a simple wave goodbye.

CeeDee Lamb, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, enjoys having a good time on the field, but he recently discovered the hard way that having a good time may come at a price.

Lamb waved farewell to cornerback Jalen Mills after scoring the game-winning touchdown in overtime against the New England Patriots on Sunday in a simple but stunning gesture of disdain. But Lamb had no idea at the moment that the seemingly innocuous hand motion would end up costing him more than $10,000.

CeeDee Lamb bids Jalen Mills and the Patriots farewell.

Week 6 of the NFL season was mostly boring, with eight teams winning by double digits. Three of the four afternoon games were dominated by one team, with the final outcomes never in question.

The thrilling game between the Cowboys and Patriots in Foxboro, though, made up for all of the misses.

Dallas and New England headed to overtime deadlocked at 29 each after a flurry of jaw-dropping touchdowns late in the fourth quarter. The Patriots had the ball first but were unable to get into field goal range, so they punted. That proved to be an expensive blunder.

With four minutes left in the quarter, the Cowboys drove down the field and into field goal range on their first drive in overtime. Dak Prescott connected with Lamb on a 35-yard touchdown throw to finish the game in walk-off fashion, so they didn’t even need their kicker.

Mills gave Lamb a late push to the ground to attempt to teach him a lesson after Lamb showboated his way into the end zone on the play. Lamb, on the other hand, bounced back to his feet, grinned as large as he could, and waved Mills farewell right in his face.

Lamb’s simple gesture drew the attention of a far more important pair of eyes, too: Roger Goodell’s, just as his showboating had.

Due to the wave, CeeDee Lamb’s bank account is missing $10,300.

After Lamb’s game-winning touchdown last week, the NFL penalized #Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb $10,300 for unsportsmanlike behavior for waving goodbye to #Patriots DB Jalen Mills.

October 23, 2021 — Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero)

Football is a high-octane sport. Lamb was obviously ecstatic after scoring the game-winning touchdown that propelled his club to a 5-1 record heading into the bye week.

But that party had just cost him a lot of money.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, Lamb was fined $10,300 by the NFL on Saturday for waving farewell to Mills after the last play last week. Lamb’s gesture was judged unsportsmanlike by the league, although he wasn’t penalised during the game since it happened after the final whistle.

For the rest of us, ten thousand would be a hefty fine, but Lamb isn’t going to get too worked up about it.

A blip on the $1.2 million radar

CeeDee Lamb learned the hard way not to mock other NFL players.

CeeDee Lamb learned the hard way not to mock other NFL players. After receiving the game-winning touchdown against the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys’ CeeDee Lamb celebrates | Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Despite the fact that Lamb is just in his second NFL season, he will make more than $1.2 million in pay this year, according to Spotrac. Lamb earned $8.4 million in his rookie season owing to a sizable signing bonus, so the loss of $10,300 this week won’t be a big deal for him.

Lamb should be worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the near future, given how outstanding he’s been on the field in only 22 games with the Cowboys.

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