Detroit Lions head coach, Dan Campbell’s job looked a lot more bleak before the season began. After going 0-16 in 2017, his team was expected to be bad again this year. However, after their 4-4 start and rising from last place in the NFC North Division, many analysts have been proclaiming that maybe he is not as terrible of a choice for football games as originally thought.?

Dan Campbell has definitively proven he’s the right coach for the Detroit Lions despite never winning a single game. He was hired in 2016 and is now 3-3 in his first season. Read more in detail here: dan campbell wife.

The Detroit Lions haven’t entered the playoffs since 2016, and they’ve never won a Super Bowl. They have also failed to win a game in the NFL season of 2021. Is there, however, a cause to be excited about the future? Yes, to put it simply. In his first season as head coach, Dan Campbell has already made strides.

Despite their bad luck, the Detroit Lions are not the same team.

The Detroit Lions are maybe the most competitive 0-7 club in NFL history.

The Detroit Lions have a 0-7 record entering into Week 8 versus the Philadelphia Eagles. However, their discography does not always convey the whole tale.

These Lions have no qualms about getting their hands dirty. Three of the team’s seven defeats have come in games decided by a single possession. Up to this point, the Detroit Lions have faced the Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Los Angeles Rams, among others.

The Lions, speaking of the Rams, held their own against one of the NFC’s most threatening teams. Dan Campbell steered the team to victory. Against Sean McVay, he pulled out all the stops, including an onside kick and two completed fake punts.

In the end, skill won out for the Rams, but Detroit possessed a lion’s heart. This has been a recurring topic for this group in 2021. In most circumstances, the Lions will not be the most gifted squad on the football field. They do not, however, back down from anybody.

Dan Campbell looked to be in over his head at first, attempting to right the ship in Detroit. However, as time passes, he seems to be the best candidate for the position.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell on the field before a game

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell on the field before a game Before the game against the Minnesota Vikings, Lions head coach Dan Campbell looks on | Elsa/Getty Images

Dan Campbell was signed to a six-year deal by the Detroit Lions before of the 2021 season. Campbell came to Detroit after spending the previous five seasons as an assistant head coach and tight ends coordinator with the New Orleans Saints.

Campbell also spent 10 seasons in the NFL, three of them with the Lions. Although he is a first-year head coach, everyone needs to start somewhere. The 45-year-old, too, had a strong start.

To say the least, Campbell’s first news conference as the Lions’ head coach was noteworthy.

“This squad is going to take on the city’s identity,” Campbell remarked. “This city has been knocked down, but it has found a way to rise… We’re going to kick you in the mouth, and when you hit back, we’ll grin back. And even if you knock us down, we’ll get back up. We’re going to bite a kneecap on the way up.”

Campbell went on with his rage, but those words drew me in. It was tough to look forward to the 2021 season without thinking about how the Lions will do after hearing his remarks.

You’d assume Detroit was the worst club in the NFL just by glancing at their roster. That might be the case. However, it seems that this club has more heart than other teams that are stronger on paper than the Lions. That’s how Dan Campbell works his magic.

Campbell can right the ship, albeit it will take some time.

I’m not trying to sound theatrical, but I’d run through a brick wall right now for Dan Campbell.

October 24, 2021 — Mina Kimes (@minakimes)

Don’t hold Dan Campbell responsible for the team’s 0-7 start in 2021. It was impossible to convert the Detroit Lions into a success story in a single season.

In compared to the rest of the league, the Lions are severely lacking in skill. You wouldn’t know it based on how hard they battled the LA Rams throughout the most of the game.

Campbell has figured out how to get the best from his guys. He exudes an unrivaled level of vigor and enthusiasm. Players are eager to run through a brick wall for him, despite his unusual leadership approach.

Nobody predicted that Detroit would be excellent in 2021. They, too, were not supposed to be competitive, but they are. Penei Sewell, a rookie offensive lineman, stood up to Rams Pro Bowl defensive tackle Aaron Donald and didn’t back down.

The Lions’ front staff has a lot of work to do if they want to reclaim their relevance. Sewell, D’Andre Swift, T.J. Hockenson, and Julian Okwara form a promising young core.

It’s impossible to picture Detroit being winless in 2021, given how fiercely this squad competes. Even if the victories may be few and far between, Dan Campbell is already putting his stamp on a rebuilding organization.

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