PlayStation 5 and PC players can now enjoy the game without any freezing issues.

The deathloop freezing ps5 is a problem that has been present for a while. After many attempts to fix the issue, Sony finally released an update that fixes the issue on the PlayStation 5 and PC.

Don’t panic if you’ve been having freezing problems in Deathloop’s apartment, library, or underground portions. It isn’t only you who is affected.

The PC and PlayStation 5 versions of an otherwise great game have been plagued with freezing and huge frame rate dips, and although we’re sure to get an official patch from Arkane Studios soon, we’ll have to make do with some unauthorized solutions until then.

How to Fix Frame Rate Drops in Deathloops


To be clear, if you’re experiencing these problems, it’s not likely due to your rig. Even on an RTX 3080, some gamers have reported experiencing similar problems. Although these freezes and latency spikes are inherent in the game, fiddling with the settings may help decrease the likelihood of frame rate dips.

You may reduce Shadow Details to the very minimum in the graphics options, which will have a little effect on gameplay and graphical quality. This is a very resource-intensive graphic element, although reducing it will have little effect on the game’s appearance. This isn’t a drastic solution, but it should help.

Disabling Vsync in Deathloop, as well as motion blur, will provide you a frame rate increase, but you will have to put up with worse graphics.

Outside of the game’s settings, double-check that all of your graphics card drivers are up to date, and that the game is installed on an SSD or NVMe disk, if one is available. Mechanical HDDs may degrade performance, therefore you should avoid them unless they’re your only choice.

Fix for Deathloop Freezing


Despite the game’s four-month delay, it seems that they released it too soon, since progress-robbing freezes have been a persistent problem for PlayStation 5 and PC gamers.

PS5 Freezing Solution by Deathloop

If you’re using a PS5, press and hold the PS5 button for a few seconds before loading the game again. This will cause the pause screen to appear, and some players have reported success in getting the game to work again after doing so. 

PC Freezing Solution Deathloop

Check to see whether you can still hear the in-game music when frozen if you’re playing on a PC.

If you can hear it, you’re better off waiting for the freeze to end. The majority of gamers have claimed that it lasts about 90 seconds, but it may last longer. Waiting 90 seconds to wait through the freeze is definitely preferable than losing hours of work, so at the very least, give the game a chance to resume movement.

You should still give the game a few minutes to think about it if you can’t hear any music, but you may have no option but to force-quit the game and take the L if you can’t hear any music. Because of the severity of the problem, Arkane Studios can’t ignore it, therefore a fix should be on the way soon. 

Hopefully, these methods will assist you in resolving the Deathloop freezing issue; a remedy is undoubtedly on the way. Take a look at our other GameSkinny Deathloop tutorials.

The deathloop reddit is a Reddit post that has been going around for a while. It shares the steps to fix the DeathLoop Freezing Fix.

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