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Death’s Door is a game that’s widely regarded as the most difficult game to beat in the whole world. There are two paths you can take. One is through the secret, and another is the normal route. While the latter is easy, the secret route is considered the hardest one to beat in the whole world. Why? Well, the secret route is a daunting one, and you can’t do anything until you beat the game. (It’s quite hard to beat.) The secret route is considered the hardest one to beat in the whole world. It’s called Death’s Door. Every time you die, you have to push the door open.

Death’s Door is one of the best games on the App Store. It’s a top-down point and click adventure, in the vein of early LucasArts classics like Sam & Max Hit the Road and Day of the Tentacle. The game takes place in the dark and surreal world of the afterlife, where you play a recently deceased janitor who must find a way to redeem himself in order to avoid the inevitable judgment of Death himself.

So you defeated the final lord and assumed the game was over? The death of the great boss turns out to be simply another door. A portal to the real, super-secret conclusion. We’ll go through how to obtain the Death’s Door hidden ending in this tutorial.

How to Get Death’s Door’s Secret Ending

When they died, the Last Lord left something behind: a key.

You’ll find the Rusty Belltower Key if you return to Reaper HQ (where you ultimately beat them). This is the start of a brand-new quest to tie up a few narrative threads.


The Belltower, which is located in the Lost Cemetery (near the Summit), has finally had its gate opened. You’ll find the power to ring in the night by striking the bell inside the tower.

The mission to gather seven Ancient Tablets begins at night. The pills may be collected in any sequence, but only at night!

The following are the locations and missions for collecting all seven tablets:

Ancient Tablet 1: Guiding the Ghosts in the Lost Cemetery (Death’s Door)

The cemetery’s spirits come out at night, and seven of them are in need of help.

These pink ghosts with lock symbols must find their Lock Lord statues, so just direct them there. A door opens on the map’s southern end after they’re established. A tablet is waiting for you inside.

2nd Ancient Tablet of Death’s Door: Digging the Gravedigger’s Grave


Go to Betty’s Lair, but don’t enter. A route up the mountain to the right is obstructed by ice crystals. Smash them, climb the route, and you’ll come upon a door that only emerges at night. As a result, you’ll find yourself in front of a strange locket.

Visit the Gravedigger at the Lost Cemetery after you’ve obtained it. His unique door is now open, but in order to pass, you must fulfill his last request: that he be finally put to rest. Expect a boss battle with him since he isn’t easily defeated. He’ll leave the next tablet in his wake after he’s vanquished.

The Garden of Love and a Secret Garden in the Urn Witch Estate, Death’s Door Ancient Tablet 3

Aspects of the tablet pursuit may be accomplished as part of the main quest.

You must have explored the witch’s mansion for the antique picture that has the answer to the garden problem (the chamber where you must cautiously walk up the rafters). This leads to the Secret Garden, where you’ll run with Pothead again (only at night, as usual!).


Pothead wants you to make sure all 50 green pots scattered around the game globe have been planted in, thus storing those health seeds was a complete waste of time. Pothead will point out any pots you may have missed, and portals highlighted with a pink glow indicate that there are still pots to seed in the vicinity.

Once you’ve completed that, the entrance to the garden will open, allowing you to get the next tablet.

Ancient Tablet 4: The Overgrown Ruins (Death’s Door)

You may have spotted a flooded region in the Overgrown Ruins south of the first entryway. The region is drained at night, allowing you to finally reach the Avarice chest that had been peeping out of the water.

This Avarice battle is difficult as anticipated, but the prize is another tablet.


Ancient Tablet 5: Lighting the Way at the Old Watchtowers (Death’s Door)

On the extreme right of the map, there’s a huge door (take the first path right to reach it). To unlock the door, the player must use the flame spell to ignite six unlit braziers. After that, walk through and get a tablet.

Ancient Tablet 6: The Flooded Fortress (Death’s Door)

As shocking as it may seem to everyone, there was something fishy about Jefferson, the resident soup cook!

Return to the Stranded Sailor and speak with ol’ Jeff about his secret, then let him to get on for a squidyback ride. Returning to the Flooded Fortress, you’ll discover phantom platforms leading to a hidden location. Follow this route to a shrine and worship at the moon symbol, keeping Jefferson in tow.


Ancient Tablet 7: Owls of the Forbidden Lands (Death’s Door) (and elsewhere)

Those pesky owls, they’re constantly dropping things. As though they were ancient tablets. This tablet was shattered into three pieces due to owlish clumsiness, each carried by an owl somewhere in the globe.

The first owl is located just in front of the Ceramic Mansion. On the Old Watchtowers map, the second owl is flying over the ice. To locate them, climb the first lift along the main route, hookshot across the gap to another lift, and follow the ice trail.

The third owl may be found in the Overgrown Ruins, which are located immediately above the Northern Settlement (also the same spot where the magic flute was found early on). To get their tablet piece, speak with each of them.

The Secret Ending of Death’s Door: Concluding

Return to the Camp of the Free Crows, equipped with all seven tablets, where another huge stone door awaits… as well as your fate.

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Death’s Door is a 2017 point-and-click adventure game developed by Sitting Ducks Studio. The story begins with a young boy named Corwin who’s an uninvited visitor to the mysterious island known as Death’s Door.. Read more about death’s door walkthrough and let us know what you think.

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