There are a few ways to get the ‘overclocked’ weapons in Deep Rock Galactic. You can either complete one of the three challenges that have them, or you can buy them with tokens through an NPC on planet 5-B. Each weapon has its own unique attributes and skillsets which alter your play style significantly.

The “deep rock galactic how to get overclocks” is a game that has been released recently. The game allows players to use weapon overclocks to increase their damage output.

Deep Rock Galactic: How to Get Weapon Overclocks and Use Them

Weapon Overclocks aren’t immediately obvious to beginner Deep Rock Galactic players, but as you continue and rank up with your favorite classes, you’ll find yourself yearning to gain Overclocks to deal with swarms more quickly and raise the Hazard level.

We’ll go over how to get Weapon Overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic and what they do in this article.

In Deep Rock Galactic, what are weapon overclocks?

Weapon Overclocks are unique enhancements that may be obtained and attached to weapons in Deep Rock Galactic to improve their capabilities. There are a total of 124 Overclocks in the game, each of which is class-specific and has its own set of features. Overclocks are divided into three categories:

  • Clean: Clean Overclocks provide minor benefits with no drawbacks.
  • Balanced: Balanced Overclocks provide a greater boost than Clean Overclocks, but at the cost of balance.
  • Unstable Overclocks are the most extreme, giving your weapon a tremendous increase at the cost of a large penalty.

Each of the four classes, Driller, Engineer, Gunner, and Scout, has five weapons — three primary and two secondary — and between five and seven Overclocks to unlock. At least one of each Overclock kind is present in each of them.

The consequences of each one are listed in the item stats, with green arrows indicating positive impacts and red arrows indicating penalties. At any one moment, only one Overclock may be attached to a single piece of equipment. They can’t be piled on top of each other.

How to Get Overclocked Weapons

Weapon Overclocks may be obtained via completing Deep Dives, as well as by completing Weekly Core Hunts, Forge Mastery, and Machine Events.

The easiest method to gain an Overclock is to complete the weekly Deep Dives, since you are guaranteed one every Deep Dive and may earn a second by completing the Elite Deep Dive version.

Deep Dives can only be unlocked when your first Dwarf has been promoted. Simply finish your first normal Deep Dive to obtain the Elite variation. Whatever version you choose, you’ll be entrusted with fulfilling six major goals spread over three missions. You will get your prize if you complete all three assignments.

The Deep Dive Terminal, which is situated on the Space Rig, is where you may find Deep Dives. If you don’t succeed the first time, you may try again as many times as you like until you do, but you can only claim the award once. Every Thursday at 6 a.m. EST, new Deep Dives are released.


How to Prepare for Your Overclock

Once you’ve unlocked an Overclock, you’ll need to take it to the Forge to be crafted. It will cost you some credits and certain crafting materials, which will vary depending on the Overclock. Crafting will cost you 7000 to 9000 credits, plus a few hundred credits worth of three of the following:

  • Pearls of Enor
  • Magnite
  • Jadiz
  • Umamite
  • Croppa
  • Bismor


After you’ve built it, select the appropriate weapon in your inventory and press the available Overclock on the right side to equip it.

In Deep Rock Galactic, that’s all there is to know about Weapon Overclocks. Get to Deep Diving and attempt to find any Overclocks you like, and remember that you don’t have to pay to create any Overclocks you don’t think you’ll enjoy.

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The “deep rock galactic overclock list” is a list of weapons that are able to be overclocked. The list contains the weapon name, the amount of time it will take to complete, and the cost in materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you equip Overclocks Deep Rock Galactic?

A: The Overclock is a weapon that can be equipped with one of the two slots on your left arm. To equip it, hold down either button and move to the appropriate slot in whichever hand youre currently using. If done correctly, an icon should appear above both hands letting you know which hand you have selected for equipping your Overclocks Deep Rock Galactic.

How do you change weapon skins in Deep Rock Galactic?

A: You can change the weapon skin in Deep Rock Galactic on PC by pressing F1 and going to customize.

How many weapon Overclocks Deep Rock Galactic?

A: Deep Rock Galactic has six weapon overclocks.

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