The Utah Jazz are in a 0-1 hole versus the Memphis Grizzlies after an embarrassing performance on their home court in Game 1. If they are going to make a series of this, they’re going to need the kind of help that only Dwyane Wade or LeBron James can provide.

The Utah Jazz have been long-time favorites of the NBA betting community thanks to their talented roster, but they will be underdogs coming into Game 2 against the Grizzlies on Sunday night. Not only did they lose the series opener, but they appeared to be taken out of their rhythm on both offense and defense by the Grizzlies, who are known for their physical style of play. With this being the case, do the Jazz need to add star power to their lineup in order to win the series?

The Utah Jazz were a trendy pick to pull off an upset in the NBA Playoffs, but their hot start came to a screeching halt in an upset 108-95 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 1 of their first round series. The Jazz were the hottest team in the NBA in the second half of the season, but they were cold on Sunday, shooting just 34.1% from the field and 18.4% from three. This is a Grizzlies team that is historically not great in the postseason. Just last year, Utah knocked the Grizz off, but this isn’t last year’s team, and the Jazz could be in trouble.

The Utah Jazz finished first in the Western Conference for the first time this millennium. But before the first game of the first round against the Memphis Grizzlies had even started, things went wrong. The Jazz lost home-field advantage Sunday in a 112-109 defeat in Salt Lake City. As a bonus, they alienated Donovan Mitchell, their best player, in the process. Now the salvation of the series and the season for the Jazz could hinge on an unlikely source. And Dwyane Wade. Wade never played for the Jazz in his 16-year NBA career, but last month the future Hall of Fame member acquired a stake in the franchise. After retiring in 2019, Wade befriended tech mogul Ryan Smith. Mr. Smith completed the purchase of Jazz last fall and convinced Mr. Wade to join the company as a minority partner. Wade is perhaps the only person associated with the franchise who can rectify the situation the team finds itself in.

Donovan Mitchell’s relationship with Dwyane Wade could be crucial

. Prior to Sunday’s series, Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell said he was ready to return to the field after missing the final 16 games of the regular season with an ankle injury. In a meeting with the media after Sunday’s practice, Mitchell said he was ready, according to ESPN’s Tim McMahon. I feel good. It will always hurt. I feel good. I’m ready to go tonight. No pain. I can’t wait to get started. Donovan Mitchell Jazz decided to take it easy and left Mitchell inactive. According to ESPN’s report, to say the player was angry is an understatement of the situation. Mitchell tempered his public reaction with a tweet. Utah did not place Mitchell on the injury report Saturday or early Sunday, and Mitchell trained for three days before the first game. However, the coaching staff has advised Mitchell to stay on the sidelines, and his opinion is the final word on the matter. Now Wade could be the one to rectify the situation between a disgruntled Mitchell and the team officials.

Wade is in Utah and has a good history with Mitchell

word-image-10271 word-image-10272 Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz and Dwayne Wade, the third-round pick of the Miami Heat, traded on the second. December 2018 their jerseys. | Michael Reeves/Getty Images The Utah Jazz were supposed to practice Monday for a nearly mandatory Game 2 win, which was scheduled for Wednesday night. Dwayne Wade is with the team in Salt Lake City and has a long history of injuries as a player, especially in the playoffs. Wade played in three NBA championships with the Miami Heat and has struggled with knee problems for most of his career. The ankle injury suffered by Donovan Mitchell in the win against the Indiana Pacers at 16. April, was the first major health issue of his NBA career. Mitchell missed just 11 games in his first three seasons and was out just three times this season for his ankle injury. On Sunday, Mitchell missed the postseason for the first time in his career. Utah coach Quin Snyder admitted Mitchell was upset and praised his competitiveness.

How important is Game 2 to the Utah Jazz?

. If the Grizzlies beat the Utah Jazz again in Game 2, it might take more than Dwyane Wade’s commitment as a co-owner to bring the Jazz back from the brink. This may be too much for the best fool on the field. Since the NBA playoffs went to 16 teams in 1984, five #8 teams have beaten #1 teams and none since the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Chicago Bulls in 2012 without Derrick Rose. The Grizzlies are one of the teams that did it, beating the San Antonio Spurs in 2011. The Golden State Warriors beat the Dallas Mavericks in 2007, the New York Knicks lost to the Heat in 1999 and the Denver Nuggets beat the Seattle Supersonics in 1994. If the Jazz lose Game 2, they will face another tough battle. Only five teams in the history of the NBA playoffs have managed to win a series after losing the first two games at home. The last was the Boston Celtics, who won 2-0 over the Bulls in the first round in 2017. Among them:

  • Dallas beats Houston (first round 2005)
  • Houston vs. Phoenix (1994 Western Conference Semifinals)
  • Phoenix v Los Angeles Lakers (first round 1993)*.
  • Los Angeles Lakers Beat Golden State (1969 Western Championship Semifinals)

In a perfect world for the Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell will be back in a big role in Game 2. Dwyane Wade may or may not fill in. But Wednesday night is very important for the Jazz. If they lose them, they enter dangerous territory on many levels. Statistics and historical data provided by Basketball Reference. COMPARED TO: LeBron James and Dwayne Wade are best friends, but their first meeting was very awkward.

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