Draymond Green had a career high for points in the Warriors loss to Denver, but his offensive value doesn’t tell the whole story. He also contributed on defense and rebounding.

The “draymond green” is a player that has been able to contribute in many different ways. Green’s offensive value is abundantly clear in the Warriors’ loss to the Nuggets.

Draymond Green's Offensive Value Is Abundantly Clear in Warriors' Loss to the Nuggets

Draymond Green is the engine that propels the Golden State Warriors forward. If Stephen Curry is the heart of the Warriors’ offense, Draymond Green is the engine that propels the team forward.

Green’s worth is not primarily defined by his scoring ability, unlike Curry, who is at the heart of everything the Warriors accomplish. Draymond has a lifetime scoring average of less than nine points. Instead, because of his ability to coordinate Golden State’s motion offense and inspire scoring moves, Green is one of the NBA’s most unusual offensive players.

Green was missing from the Warriors’ lineup for Tuesday night’s game against the Denver Nuggets. The competition served as a reminder of Draymond’s unrivaled worth.

As a point forward, Draymond Green is crucial to the Warriors.

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Draymond Green is more known for his defense, and rightfully so. He’s a six-time All-Defensive pick and a former Defensive Player of the Year.

Green’s offensive contributions, on the other hand, are just as vital to the Warriors.

Curry’s court vision enables the Warriors to make the most of him as an off-ball weapon, with Steph dashing around screens and setting picks of his own to create space for himself and teammates. If opposition opponents aren’t clean with their assistance or rotations, Green can find cutters with ease.

When he’s crowded, Draymond isn’t afraid to take on-ball opponents off the bounce and make the perfect basketball play. He notices bigs entering the lane for lobs and attempts to get the Dubs going in transition on a regular basis.

After being the fourth forward/center in NBA history to average at least eight assists during the 2020-21 season, Green is averaging 7.5 assists this season. As Golden State’s offensive conductor and key distributor, he continues to set the tone.

During Tuesday’s defeat to the Nuggets, the Warriors were powerless without Green.

Without Green on the court, Golden State looked clumsy.

At halftime, the Nuggets lead 60-36. Steph Curry shot 1/6 from the field for 2 points and four turnovers. Draymond Green’s skill set is lacking in 14 distinct ways for the Warriors. Bench shot 2/9 from the field. Jokic has yet to respond. There isn’t enough room for Curry.

December 29, 2021 — Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater)

With Green’s health and safety measures in place, the Dubs planned to find a replacement in Juan Toscano-Anderson. That strategy didn’t work out.

Early on, Golden State was a little sloppy with the ball. In the first quarter, the Warriors had eight turnovers. Curry had four of them, and the Nuggets didn’t hesitate to double him on high pick-and-rolls, limiting him to just two field-goal attempts.

Under normal circumstances, the Dubs’ high pick-and-roll set is a boon. If Curry’s defense crumbles around him, he can feed Green, who can make the next pass for an assist or a hockey assist. Toscano-Anderson and others, on the other hand, seemed cautious and visionless against Denver. Due of the uncertainty, Denver was able to keep its heavy defensive pressure on Steph.

In the second session, Golden State took better care of the ball, but it was unable to get open looks. The Warriors opted for contested twos often in the quarter, shooting just 35% from the field. The Dubs were behind by 24 points at the halftime break.

Despite the fact that Curry and the Warriors rallied in the second half owing to a strong defensive effort, six more mistakes in the third quarter cost them the game. Golden State’s rally fell short, with Nikola Jokic smothering Jonathan Kuminga’s game-tying shot at the rim in the dying seconds.

The Warriors’ defeat demonstrates that they are more than the sum of their parts. Opposing teams can lessen Curry’s influence when Green isn’t on the court, as great as he is.

Draymond deserves more credit for his offensive contributions.

Golden State Warriors Draymond Green looks to pass during a game against the Phoenix Suns

Golden State Warriors Draymond Green looks to pass during a game against the Phoenix Suns On December 25, 2021, Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green #23 looks to pass during the second half of a game | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Draymond Green isn’t a very good shooter. When barreling to the rim, he might appear ungainly at times. That isn’t to say he isn’t a capable attacking player.

Green is fantastic in his job. Curry’s vision and anticipation allow the Warriors to be less reliant on him to produce everything on his own. Plus, the three-time All-Star still has the ability to score when needed. This season, Green is shooting a career-high 54.7 percent from the field.

When Klay Thompson returns, as well as James Wiseman, the Warriors will have to adjust. Green is expected to play a key role in keeping everyone on the same page and getting the Dubs back on track.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

‘They F—– It Up,’ Kevin Durant and Draymond Green said of Steve Kerr and Bob Myers’ handling of the Warriors’ infamous blowout over the Clippers.

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