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The “dying light dying lunch 30 headshots” is a side quest in the game Dying Light 2. The player must choose whether to side with Julian or Marco.

Dying Light 2 Cheers Side Quest: Side With Julian or Marco?

One of the first two side tasks in Dying Light 2 is Cheers. It exposes you to the game’s open environment, and it serves as a means to pass the time while waiting for Hakon to contact you in The Only Way Out, along with Spark of Interest. However, it is also one of the first choices you will make that will have an impact on the residents of Villedor. So, are you on Julian’s or Marco’s side?

This Dying Light 2 walkthrough will show you how to complete the Cheers sidequest and who you should side with, as well as what you’ll earn in return and the results. It goes without saying that there will be spoilers ahead.

Is it better to support Julian or Marco?

Speak with Julian in the Bazaar during the main quest The Only Way Out to begin this quest. Julian is between the bartender and the Craftmaster in the nook. Choose the task and then follow the pointer to Hans.

Pick the lock and go to the left to another door when you get at the spot. After you’ve completed it, a cutscene will begin to play. Now go to Hans by following the new marker. The marking will vanish if you approach within 50 meters of it (it did this to me on two playthroughs).

Continue straight to the next row of buildings, passing across the plaza. Climb to the top of the roof and gaze to the left. There will be a tower visible. Go up there and look for Hans. 

Follow the signpost to Marco after conversing with Hans. Enter via the second storey as you approach the building with the marking. If you enter from the north side, proceed through the window and immediately to your right into the brown door. If you come in from the south, pass through the chamber with the red paint cans, turn right past the ladder, and then turn left. Open the door on the left by going beneath the three planks in the entryway. 


Ascend the shaft now. You’ll see a gap at the bottom of the wall in front of you just before the shaft’s bottom. Go through it and look on the left side of the room for Marco. Go down one level after conversing with Marco and eliminate all of the zombies. Investigate the door to see whether the corpse propped it open can be moved. 

You must pick whether to support Marco or Julian in this situation.

If you choose Marco, the Cheers sidequest is completed, and Julian is doomed to die. You’ll also get wheat and 250 Old-World coins. If you like, you may go back to the Bazaar and chat with Julian and other NPCs to see what happens, but it’s not required.

Marco will assault you if you choose to side with Julian and disclose the truth. Thus is an extremely tough boss battle this early in the game, yet killing him nets you no weapons or gear. However, you may rest easy knowing that you did the right thing by not sending Julian to his death. Return to the Bazaar to complete the task. 

That’s all there is to it when it comes to finishing the Cheers sidequest and deciding whether you support Julian or Marco in Dying Light 2. Consider visiting our DL2 tips repository for other tutorials, such as how to gain the bow and crossbow or how to get the grappling hook.

The “dying light psycho talk to jeffrey” is a side quest in Dying Light 2 that leads to two different outcomes. One outcome has you side with Julian or Marco, while the other allows you to side with neither.

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