Dying Light 2 is a game that falls somewhere between the world of AAA and indie gaming. You’re faced with some technical issues aside from its flaws, but these are largely overshadowed by what’s an otherwise engrossing experience.
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The “dying light 2 ultimate edition” is a game that has many flaws, but it’s still one of the best games on the market. The gameplay is brilliant and the story is interesting.

Dying Light 2 Review: Brilliant But Flawed

It’s tough to write a review for Dying Light 2. The design is fantastic. It’s a blueprint on how to make an open-world game properly. It belongs in the company of the most absorbing and immersive worlds in current video games because of the synergy of location, plot, and gameplay. It flawlessly executes the genre’s most difficult and often mishandled elements.

However, for all of its strengths, it struggles with consistency and lacks vital polish. As a consequence, an exceptional, arguably transcendent game has been reduced to merely “excellent.” 

Review of Dying Light 2: Brilliant But Flawed

The majority of Dying Light 2 takes place in Villedor, a fictitious metropolis that serves as the epicenter of the Zombie Apocalypse. You’re Aiden, and you’re looking for your sister, who you were separated from when you were a youngster. It’s a simple notion that develops into a compelling plot that keeps you moving forward. 

Dying Light 2 is The Witcher 3 or Read Dead Redemption 2 at its finest. Every side mission has the potential to turn into a compelling tale. Interesting locations, emerging tales, and possible experiences may be found in every direction. 

You must collect pieces for an electric fence for a goat corral in one early, entirely optional quest. It’s brief, to-the-point, and has a humorously terrible conclusion that provides you with a new weapon blueprint, all wrapped up in tight world building. 

Another random side quest begins with a basic employment proposition. You’ll soon find yourself balancing various competing interests, backstabs, and difficult decisions. You’re being betrayed and led into a trap to be killed and robbed one second, and the next you’re doing all you can to rescue the betrayer and prevent him from throwing himself over a roof the next. In the post-apocalyptic world, life comes at you quickly.  

The primary plot puts you in the middle of a conflict between two parties whose tensions have the potential to turn into a full-fledged war. However, you must choose a side if you are to have a chance of locating your sister. All sides have valid reasons for and against their support. Although there is no “correct” answer, you will have to make a decision. 

Dying Light 2 is a master of zombie storytelling. The plot isn’t about the Infected as it is in The Walking Dead or 28 Days Later. They’re just another aspect of the environment, like the temperature or the terrain. They are an unavoidable aspect of life. People are attempting to live their lives with the same combination of optimism, charity, greed, and evil that has characterized humanity throughout history.

This is emphasized in every dialogue as well as in the level design. One of the first encounters takes place in the hills, at an abandoned home. It’s simple to just pass through, but if you take your time, you’ll be able to put together a heartbreaking tale of individuals leaving a shattered world on their own terms. Throughout Dying Light 2, this type of ambient narrative is a contender.

The Darkness’s Heart


The concept that you are one individual living in the new Infected Dark Age is hammered home as you go through the streets. You are free to travel about the city as you like, but you are always aware of the time. The Infected ebb and flow like the waves of the sea, rising and falling from night to day. When the sun comes out, most people seek shelter in gloomy, abandoned buildings. They swarm the streets at night.   

In Dying Light 2, the dark may be frightful. In the dark, the Infected are numerous, aggressive, and deadly. With just a torch to illuminate your way, your visibility is restricted. Special Infected have the capacity to raise the alert, leading in a life-or-death pursuit as you escape foes you can’t see but know are following you.  

The darkness is also hazardous to your health. Aiden is infected, as is everyone else in Villedor. The only thing that keeps the zombie infection at bay is UV light. A countdown timer starts ticking whenever you are away from the sun or UV lights. You turn when it hits zero, and the game is finished. There are consumables to extend the game, and the length is long enough that you shouldn’t run out of time, but the sense of approaching doom is relentless, oppressive, and incredibly effective.  

It’s tempting to stay home and avoid the night, but there are reasons to take chances. Any action you do at night may win you additional XP. These points build on their own, but you must survive the night to retain them. There are also GRE Anomalies, which are exceptional boss-level Infected. Defeating these enemies will reward you with collecting Inhibitors, which will increase your maximum health and stamina.

Furthermore, as the Infected go to the streets, building interiors, Dark Hollows, and other specific nighttime regions, which are typically wonderful sources of materials for crafting items and weapon modifications, are entirely vacated, leaving you leeway to slip in and grab these resources. 

The type of stressful, intense decision-making Dying Light 2 relies on is continual timer monitoring and risk vs reward gaming. I found myself constantly coming to a halt and mentally sketching out imagined parkour routes. Will I be able to make it? Is it necessary for me to wait? Is the risk worth it? The fear of the dark is effectively conveyed, immersing you in the mind of any other post-apocalyptic survivor.

Fighting and fleeing


Dying Light 2’s parkour-based mobility is masterfully implemented. You routinely jump from one rooftop to the next. There’s enough mobility and control that good free-running abilities may make a big difference, but there’s also enough magnetism that you won’t miss your target platforms.  

Given the distances you traverse in Dying Light 2, even the strongest mobility skill might grow stale. With a steady stream of environment alterations and traversal tools, Techland manages to stay ahead of the game. You access a huge downtown commercial zone with tall skyscrapers, as well as a hang glider that dramatically transforms the pace, distance, and verticality of what’s come before, just as you hone your abilities in the lower one- to five-story buildings in one section.

Combat is common in this post-apocalyptic world. Fighting in Dying Light 2 begins with awkward swinging swings from rudimentary melee weapons. Your initial defensive options are simple blocks and dodges, but as you go, you get a larger arsenal of techniques. Fights become a choreographed ballet of lethal assaults, parkour, throws, and dropkicks. As things develop into a zombie-slaying power fantasy, you feel strong, and earning levels is satisfying. 

Dying Light 2 is also jam-packed with material. There are many different plot lines to choose from. You may distribute rapid transit zones to various factions by unlocking them via Metros and resource centers. Crafting, weapon customization, and parkour challenges are all available. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

That may sound daunting, particularly considering Techland’s boast that seeing and doing everything would take 500 total play hours. However, the most of it is absolutely voluntary. You are not required to unlock Windmills, clear Bandit Bases, or participate in the majority of side stuff. You can make good progress without changing weapons or maxing out the stats on the clothing that drops.

If you do interact with them, though, you will be compensated for your time. Leveling up requires a lot of experience points. New ziplines from one group may arrive to assist you in moving faster, while traps for the Infected from another side may come in handy.

In Dying Light 2, there’s a lot to like. The audio is excellent, especially the string accompaniment that fades in during extended parkour passages. The sound design is fantastic, and the voice acting is fantastic as well. The views and panoramas provide very beautiful scenery. The whole presentation looks and sounds fantastic, and it really enhances the overall experience.

The Negative Aspects of the World’s End


When it works, Dying Light 2 is incredible. Unfortunately, that disclaimer gives away the whole experience. Dying Light 2’s concepts and design are fantastic, but there’s a lot of optimization and refinement that needs to be done right now, and it shows up much too frequently.  

Parkour is enjoyable, however a jump towards a climbable handle often ends in clipping into geometry. The graphics are excellent, however I had to restart the game many times because faulty textures created odd forms around players or into the sky. 

Quest speech is often out of rhythm or completely absent. On one instance, a character that begins a quest became trapped in an animation loop, stopping me from starting the assignment. I completed tasks just to have them reappear as incomplete on the map.  

It’s a pity. Dying Light 2 is regularly awe-inspiring, as if it were created by an exceptional team at the pinnacle of their powers. However, flaws and rough edges result in a hurried game that was released a year early.

The Bottom Line in Dying Light 2 Review



  • Every quest and location seems meticulously created, on par with the best open-world games.
  • Parkour is a fast-paced, addicting sport that rewards skilled performance.
  • A doomed universe that you may immerse yourself in.
  • Presentation with strong audio and video


  • Bugs, which may range from unpleasant to game-breaking.
  • The presentation, which is generally great, suffers from a lack of finesse.
  • Encounters with enemies might grow tedious. 

Dying Light 2 accomplishes a great deal. When you walk out into Villedor, you never know what you’re going to receive. Every handmade mission and area conveys a tale, something many other games aim to but few succeed in. The action is exciting, the musical soundtrack is fantastic, and there is plenty of wonderful yet optional information.  

It’s simply not done yet. There are far too many flaws in the visuals. Audio glitches are an all-too-common occurrence. Geometry and clipping issues are much too common. Dying Light 2 comes dangerously close to offering a sublime experience, but falls short at a crucial point. As a consequence, we get a fantastic but imperfect game that is oh-so-close to becoming incredible.  

[Note: The copy of Dying Light 2 used for this review was given by Techland.]

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