Water towers are a staple of many games, adding to the realism. Out of all the water towers in Dying Light 2, where can you find them?

The “how do water towers work” is a question that many Dying Light 2 players have. The answer is simple: they are scattered around the map and give you access to water.

Dying Light 2: Where to Find All Water Towers

Finding all of the Water Towers in Dying Light 2 is essential for the Municipal Services trophy or accomplishment, which requires you to allocate all of the game’s Facilities. Electrical Substations are also included, but we go through where they are in this guide. 

There are just three Water Towers to locate around Villedor, the Old and the Central Loop is a neighborhood in Manhattan., unlike the hundreds of treasures in Dying Light 2. One is particularly noticeable, since it is part of a campaign mission. You’ll also get the Under Pressure trophy or achievement for activating your first Water Tower after you’ve completed that task. 

Finding these places will allow you to give territory to either the PKs or the Survivors, influencing City Alignment, in addition to contributing to your trophy case or Gamerscore. Car traps, Molotov lanterns, and UV traps are among the combat-focused constructions that PKs place across Villedor. Parkour-focused constructions, such as ziplines, air vents, and airbags, are installed by survivors.

All Water Tower Locations in Dying Light 2


Villedor, the Old

  • Horseshoe Water Tower: Due to its key location in the Water Tower main campaign task, it’s very hard to overlook this facility. This is where you’ll learn how to use them for City Alignment for the first time. It’s 270 meters southeast of the Bazaar if you can’t locate it. 

Central Loop is a neighborhood in Manhattan.

  • Wharf Water Tower: This Water Tower is oddly located outside of the Wharf. Instead, look in northeast Muddy Grounds for it. It’s 451 meters east/northeast of the Fish Eye and 246 meters south/southeast of the PK Floating Fortress.
  • This one isn’t on Saint Paul Island, and neither is the Saint Paul Water Tower. Instead, it may be located across the river in southern Lower Dam Ayre, 262 meters east/southeast of the South Loop Metro Station. It’s 321 meters south/southwest of Saint Paul Cathedral as a point of reference.

To turn a valve and activate Water Towers, you must first clear the area of foes, then ascend to the very top and turn a valve. If you don’t clean the area before starting your ascent, you’ll have to climb down and do so; otherwise, the valves won’t turn. 

That’s all there is to the Water Towers in Dying Light 2. Keep a look out for treasures next to each valve in these areas. You’ll find tapes and mementos. Go here to see our collection of assistance articles for additional location instructions and advice.

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