Jalen Hurts, the former Alabama quarterback who was benched in favor of Tua Tagovailoa during the national championship game, has signed a $6 million contract with the Chicago Bears. The 23-year-old donated $30,000 to his family back in Alabama after signing his deal.

Jalen Hurts is a quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. He was drafted in the second round of this year’s NFL Draft, and signed his $6 million contract on July 27th. After signing his contract, he donated $30,000 to help his family buy their first home. Read more in detail here: jalen hurts house.

Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles is developing into a fantastic dual-threat quarterback, but he’s an even better guy off the field. In 2020, after receiving his four-year, $6 million rookie deal, the young quarterback reached out to a Philadelphia charity and donated $30,000 to a deserving family. Hurts’ amazing generosity altered their lives permanently on that day.

The Eagles signed Jalen Hurts to a rookie deal for $6 million.

Jalen Hurts loves to give back to families in need.

Jalen Hurts loves to give back to families in need. Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates his team’s victory against the Atlanta Falcons | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In comparison to the other quarterbacks in the class, Hurts enters the 2020 NFL draft as a big question mark. At both Alabama and Oklahoma, he showed NFL-caliber skill and a winning history, but many pro scouts questioned his ability to develop into a competent pocket passer at the next level.

Hurts fell into the second round of the draft due to his passing limitations, and the club that chose him was even more unexpected. Hurts was selected with the 53rd overall selection by the Eagles, who had just signed Carson Wentz to a $128 million contract the year before.

Hurts signed a four-year, $6,025,171 rookie deal with the club shortly after.

Jalen Hurts donated $30,000 from his $6 million deal to a deserving family.

Hurts chose to spend on a few items and save for a few others after earning his first NFL deal and becoming a billionaire overnight. Earlier this year, the quarterback revealed in an interview with GQ Sports that he went on a $1,000 shopping trip with pals, spent $30,000 on clothing and jewelry, and saved $70,000 for his younger sister’s future school expenses.

However, he issued a $30,000 check to a family in Nottingham, Pennsylvania, as one of his first checks. Erick, the eldest of five children, had been diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare type of cancer, and his family had been trying to maintain him while living in a two-bedroom trailer.

“Christmas came around at the end of the year, and the holiday season began. Hurts told GQ Sports, “I was looking for a family that I simply wanted to bless.” “Some festive spirit, attempting to give back, demonstrate some uplift or service.” Alex’s Lemonade Stand introduced me to this family. It’s a Philadelphia-based organization that focuses on cancer research. And I got to meet the whole family, as well as Erick.”

Hurts continued, “This is what I told Erick.” “I was like, ‘Is there anything you want Santa to bring you or anything you want to ask Santa?’” she said. And he didn’t have much to begin with. “I’ll see what Santa can do,” I replied.

Hurts was so touched by the family’s courage that he gave them $30,000 to put toward a down payment on a new home. He also sent a few extra treats for Erick.

“I got him pretty much every game you can think of,” he added. “Every system,” says the speaker. “I’ve got a new television.”

A present that will change your life

According to his GoFundMe page, Erick is now cancer-free and back in school with his classmates, over a year after Hurts’ generous gesture blessed a family in need with a new home. Thanks in large part to Hurts and his loving heart, the family is back to enjoying a regular life with a promising future.

These are the tales we should be celebrating the most, as much as we enjoy applauding sportsmen for their on-field achievements.

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Jalen Hurts has been struggling to find a role on the Alabama football team. After being passed over for the starting job, he decided to transfer. However, after transferring to Oklahoma and then signing his first NFL contract, he made a surprise visit back home to see his family. Reference: jalen hurts net worth 2021.

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