White-Faced Varro is a jester in the court of King Varrick, he has an unusual hobby: collecting bits of finger. He keeps them because they make him happy; it’s not just practice for his act or an obsession with diseased fingers (though both are likely). In this guide to getting started with Elden Ring and finding White-Faced Varro’s Bloody Finger Location

The “white-faced varre questline” is a quest that starts with the player finding the Bloody Finger Location. The player will then have to find and kill the White-Faced Varre as part of their mission to defeat Aloy’s mother.

Elden Ring: How to Start White-Faced Varre's Quest & Find the Bloody Finger Location

You’ll need the Bloody Finger or the Recusant Finger later in the game if you wish to invade other players without boundaries in Elden Ring. The Bloody Finger is the most helpful of the two. It not only allows you to invade indefinitely, but it is also one of the earliest ways to reach the Mohgwyn Palace, which is home to Mohg, the Lord of Blood.

Mohg is one of the shardbearing demigods you’re looking for, and although he’s not required, he’s still a good target. The next location where you may visit his palace is in the Mountaintops of the Giants, which is around 25-30 hours into an Elden Ring playing.

The quest for the Bloody Finger isn’t extensive or difficult like other NPC quests, but you will have to battle other players to do it.

How to Get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring is White-Faced Varre’s questline.

Step 1 of Bloody Finger: Meet White-Faced Varre

Following the confrontation with the Grafted Scion at the start of Elden Ring, you’ll face White-Faced Varre soon after leaving the instructional area. When approached, he stands smugly adjacent to the First Step Site of Grace, mocking you for being maidenless and generally useless to everyone. Use up all of his words.

Bloody Finger Step 2: After the Roundtable, return to Varre.

Finding Melina and ultimately making your way to the Roundtable Hold is the next step to the Bloody Finger. Do all you can there, then return to the First Step quickly. Varre will give you feedback on your progress and point you in the direction of Godrick and his Great Rune.

You don’t need to return to Varre at this point unless you want him to make additional snide remarks. Instead, go to Liurnia of the Lakes and force him to spawn in the Rose Church.

Step 3: Go to the Rose Church and speak with Varre.


The Rose Church, which you’ll notice by its damaged spire and blood-soaked surface, sits just west of the Raya Lucaria Academy. Varre is located on the building’s north side.

Make contact with him. Say something looks strange when he asks what you think about the Two Fingers. Varre will be happy with your efforts and award you five Festering Bloody Fingers.

Step 4: Invade the other players three times


You should anticipate to invade at least a few times to get the Bloody Finger, since it is a PvP invasion item. Invade three times at any area you choose with the Fingers Varre gave you. You don’t have to win the invasions; you just have to finish them.

Step 5: Return to Varre with Bloody Finger


Return to Varre after completing the invasions with the Festering Bloody Finger, and he’ll be pleased. If you desire to be anointed, he’ll ask you. “Anoint me,” you respond. Speak with him until you get the Lord of Blood’s Favor, which is presently unblemished.

He’ll assign you the mission of obtaining the blood of a maiden someplace in the Lands Between, but he believes any girl’s blood would suffice.

Step 6 of Bloody Finger: Collect a Maiden’s Blood


There are just a few prospects in the world for maiden’s blood. Hyetta’s is the simplest to get if she has appeared in the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. She won’t fight back other than with a non-damaging repelling spell.

You may also visit the Church of Inhibition and speak with the virgin corpse there. The prompt will allow you to soak the handkerchief in her blood, prolonging Hyetta’s mission.

Return to Varre Step 7: Bloody Finger

Return to the Rose Church and speak with Varre with the Lord of Blood’s Favor steeped in maiden’s blood. He’ll congratulate you one again before requesting to examine your finger. Varre will inflict tremendous suffering on your character while also giving you the Bloody Finger if a prompt appears, enabling him to view such finger.

Continue conversing with him, and he’ll hand you the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, an useful artifact that will transport you straight to Mohgwyn Palace, along with the Bloody Finger.

That’s how you earn White-Faced Varre’s Bloody Finger in Elden Ring. Low-level PvP is also a lot of fun, and the Uchigatana is a powerful sword at virtually any level, particularly when combined with some of the other katanas on our list of greatest weapons. More information may be found in our Elden Ring guidelines hub.

The “white faced varre armor” is a piece of equipment that can be found in the game Elden Ring. It is needed to start the “White-Faced Varre’s Quest.” The location of the finger can be found by using this armor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there quests in Elden ring?

A: Yes, there are quests in Elden Ring. The game is an open-world RPG with a variety of different missions to complete.

What happens if you kill white faced varre?

A: In Call of Duty WWII, if you kill the white faced varre, a squad mate will get angry.

Where is Mohg Elden Ring?

A: Mohg Elden Ring is not found in the game.

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