A brand new game that is set within the dark and dangerous world of Elden Ring, Road’s End Catacombs walkthrough guides players through a dungeon crawling experience.

The “elden ring road’s end catacombs boss” is the final boss of Elden Ring. This fight takes place in a large room with a lot of pillars and other obstacles.

Elden Ring: Road's End Catacombs Walkthrough

Elden Ring’s early dungeons are typically quite straightforward: go to the finish, pull a lever, and fight a monster. Dungeon design becomes substantially more challenging as you reach Liurnia of the Lakes. Traps lurk in dark corners, new dynamics begin to emerge, and what was once a straight route starts to veer, challenging you to use spatial reasoning.

The End of the Road Catacombs in Liurnia of the Lakes’ far west accomplish all of this, plus add illusion and deception to the mix.

The Road’s End Catacombs are really rather brief if all you want to do is pull a lever and defeat a monster. There’s a bit more flesh on these bones if you want both sets of Spirit Ashes. This tutorial will walk you through the full dungeon, including how to defeat the boss.

The End of the Road Elden Ring Catacombs Walkthrough


You’ll enter the first enormous room shortly after beginning at the Site of Grace in the Road’s End Catacombs. On the platform to your left, the boss door lever will be glowing, but the door itself will be missing.


Turn around as soon as you can after dropping or taking the steps below. The wall closest to the stairwell, as well as the center wall across from the stairwell, are both illusory. The rear wall conceals a Rune Arc, but the center wall leads to another illusory wall, behind which lies a downhill corridor.


You’ll see a gleaming object moving down the corridor before coming to a halt. Behind the shine, there is another illusory wall that leads to the boss door, so keep hitting walls until the boss door appears.


You’ll end up in a chamber that’s similar to the first if you don’t walk down the path to the boss entrance. The same concept applies to false walls: drop down and instantly turn around.


The Watchdog’s Staff is beyond this fictitious barrier.

Continue on into the dungeon until you reach a corridor that leads to a brilliant blue chamber. Don’t rush straight forward since there’s a pressure plate on the floor that, if pushed, will set off an arrow trap.

Continue around the middle column after passing through the pressure plate and into the room. You’ll come to a nook that seems to be a dead end. To break the illusion and reveal a chamber containing a treasure chest, hit the rear wall. Once you claim the Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes, three imps in the chamber will assault you.

Return to the first area and fight the boss at this point.

Spiritcaller Snail: How to Defeat It


When you enter the boss’ area, a spear-wielding Crucible Knight will appear, but he’ll be different from any you’ve seen before: he’ll be completely off-white. Killing him will merely result in the emergence of another at full health.

Head to the back-right corner of the area, where an off-white light emerges, to defeat Spiritcaller Snail.


When you get near enough, the Spiritcaller Snail will emerge. Before it vanishes, attack it as many times as you can. Wherever the Snail’s off-white light occurs across the area, you’ll be able to locate it again.


Avoiding the Crucible Knight ghost is the most difficult part of the Road’s End boss battle. Kite the Knight to the other end of the arena from the Snail, then rush over to the Snail to cause enough damage that it teleports back.

The enemy doesn’t have a lot of health, so defeating it shouldn’t be difficult. However, the Crucible Knight spirit will remain active for a second or two after the Snail dies, so keep your guard up until the Knight is completely gone.

For finishing Road’s End Catacombs, you’ll get Glintstone Sorcerer Ashes and a few thousand runes. Head to the Black Knife Catacombs on the opposite side of Liurnia if you haven’t previously. Return to the Roundtable Hold with your new Ashes to enhance them, and visit our Elden Ring guidelines center for more information.

The “roads end catacombs door” is an inaccessible area in Elden Ring. It is not possible to enter without the use of a key.

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