Though the Elden Ring is a popular question, very few people are able to provide satisfactory answers. This guide will help you find all of Siofra’s river flame pillars and locations in The Elder Scrolls Online. Let’s get started!

The “elden ring siofra river flames” is a location in the Elden Ring that you need to find. The location is where all of the Siofra River Flame Pillars are found.

Elden Ring: Where to Find All Siofra River Flame Pillars & Locations

It might be difficult to locate and ignite all of the flame pillars in Siofra River in Elden Ring, particularly if you don’t know where they are. This is one of the more difficult spots to come across early on in the game. It’s a large subterranean setting with very precise archers, lightning-shooting balls, toxic flowers, and more. You’ll need to spark 8 flames around the land to reach the monster, Ancestor Spirit.

However, finding their locations might be difficult. It’s simple to perish here – again and over. This Elden Ring guide will teach you where to discover all 8 flame pillars in Siofra River, allowing you to perish less often.

Note: Each time you light a flame pillar successfully, a matching flame pillar will alight at Hollowhorn Grounds, the ruins in the southeast corner of the region. You’ll be able to interact with the big stag remains at the rear of Hollowhorn Grounds, which will transfer you to the Ancestor Spirit boss fight, if you’ve lit all eight. 

To gain 13,000 Runes, the Ancestral Followers Ashes, and the Ancestor Spirit bronze trophy, defeat the Ancestor Spirit.

The Flame Pillars of Siofra River may be found in all of Elden Ring’s locations.

Flame Pillar 1 of the Siofra River


Just east/northeast of the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace lies the first flame pillar in the river. It’s floating in the sea, with two giant trees rising behind it and the Hollowhorn Ruins off to the right. 

River Flame Pillar 2 Siofra


Turn left and proceed west from the previous site. Take the lighted brazier up the rocks and past the Giant Crab (but don’t let it notice you). Continue beyond the colossal pillars. Just beyond there are other gravestones with candles at the bottoms that slope up a grassy incline between the huge cliffs on both sides. The flame pillar is located at the rear of this area, up the hill.

River Flame Pillar 3 Siofra Siofra Siofra Siofra Siofra


Between River Bank Site of Grace and Worshippers’ Woods Site of Grace, proceed northeast to a tiny island. This is the bigger of the two islands in the region (not the one with the teleporter), and it contains an archway ruin in the center with two burning braziers. On the northern side, there is a flame pillar. 

Flame Pillar 4 Siofra River


From there, go north to the massive stone column with scaffolding atop it; there’s also a little wooden structure underneath the column. Continue beyond the column to the north, keeping an eye out for the Giant Crab. The next flame pillar against the rock wall may be seen if you look northwest along the cliff face. It’s located opposite/west of the Worshippers’ Woods Site of Grace as a point of reference.

Flame Pillar 5 Siofra River


Now rest at the Worshippers’ Wood Site of Grace to build a spawn point. From there, travel south just a little. A flame pillar (the rear of it) is surrounded by two lightning balls. Then ignite the flame after navigating them. Note that the image above shows the flame from the south. 

Flame Pillar 6 Siofra River


From there, return to Hallowhorn Ground by walking south. Keep to the eastern side of the road (on your left headed this way). On this left/eastern side, the cliffs extend out to a precipice, with two columns and two braziers. The sixth pillar of flame has arrived. Note that the photo was shot from the River Bank Site of Grace, which is located on the western bank of the Siofra River.

River Flame Pillar 7 Siofra


Return to the teleporter-equipped little island immediately northeast of the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. To go to the northeastern part of the map, use the teleporter. Turn right as you enter the new area and gaze up the route behind the damaged arches. On the right side, you can see the flame pillar in the distance. Be wary of the rats and ghosts in this area. 

River Flame Pillar 8 Siofra


Turn west from this pillar. Ascend the cliff. Face south from the summit, and you’ll notice the final flame position on the cliff’s edge, guarded by two Ancestral Spirits and several rats. A big waterfall may be found beyond. However, be wary of the Ancestral Spirits lurking in the northern section of the region behind you; they may easily shoot you, particularly if you entice the rats that way. 

Return to Hallowhorn Ground, interact with the remnants, and battle the Ancestor Spirit monster now that you’ve lighted all 8 Flame Pillars. Visit our guides center for additional information about Elden Ring.

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