Ghostwire Tokyo is a new multiplayer first person shooter game where players can create their own character and choose from 50+ weapons and items that are created using the blockchain. Ghostwire has all of its in-game content available on its website or through an app, allowing players to buy/sell/trade without any fees or restrictions.

The “ghostwire tokyo release date” is the upcoming release of a new game from Ghostwire. The game is called “Ghostwire: Tokyo.” It will feature a variety of different skills, and has been in development for quite some time.

Ghostwire Tokyo: Best Skills | Ghostwire: Tokyo

The strongest talents in Ghostwire Tokyo improve your fighting and exploring abilities, but they come at a price: Skill Points.

Leveling up and completing side missions will grant you Skill Points. We’ve done the legwork for you, so you don’t have to. Instead of throwing them into some of the less relevant talents and finding – too late – that they won’t help, we’ve done it for you. 

Ghostwire Tokyo’s Best Skills


Keep in mind that they are somewhat dependent on personal taste. I didn’t use Prayer Beads very much, therefore I didn’t get the Prayer Bead expansion abilities, but if you prefer Talismans and Prayer Beads to boost Akito’s stats, those talents are obviously more valuable.

Grab the Ground Core

This talent allows you to extract a core from fallen adversaries instantaneously, making it one of the first abilities you should learn. It’ll just set you back ten Skill Points. 

Increased Glide Duration

This, together with its update, makes exploring a breeze. You may soar from the rooftops instead of trudging up the steps of yet another housing building.

The first Increased Glide Duration costs 10 Skill Points, so you should be able to unlock that immediately after gaining the glide ability. The second one requires 15 Skill Points and 1 Magatama, which you can only get from completing certain quests.

Summon Tengu – Grapple

This is another great exploration talent since it summons a Tengu out of nowhere and allows you to grapple to it right away. There’s no rooftop that’s out of reach – but it’ll set you back 45 Skill Points and 1 Magatama.

Boost Your Quiver

If you use the bow, the Boost Your Quiver set of skills is essential. The increased quiver size is relatively small, but it still makes a significant difference, letting you hold up to 20 arrows at the highest tier. The first Boost Your Quiver costs 10 Skill Points, and the other two will run you 15 Skill Points each.

Sneaking faster

Stealth movement is incredibly slow to begin with, but the two Sneaking faster skills boost your movement by 30% (10 Skill Points) and 60% (15 Skill Points and 1 Magatama) respectively.

Core Grab – Boost Your Speed

Similarly, when you initially start your voyage, yanking out Visitor cores is excruciatingly slow. In this scenario, “painful” is both physical and symbolic, since extracting cores often entails being smacked a few times by other opponents.

The Core Grab Speed Boost makes this a more smoother operation, with less chance for whacking the Visitors you haven’t yet defeated.


The first Speed Boost costs ten Skill Points, while the second costs fifteen Skill Points plus one Magatama.

Increased Capacity of Consumables

There’s no shortage of consumables in Ghostwire Tokyo, and you’ll need as many as you can get in some of the tougher battles. Increased Capacity of Consumables increases how many you can carry, up to 10 at the highest tier. Each boost costs 10 Skill Points, and the last one requires 1 Magatama as well.

The Best Ethereal Weaving Techniques

These are based on your own tastes. For example, you may like your fire weave to pass past foes, but I want massive explosions to cover a larger area.

Wind Weaving Speed Boost (15/20/40 Skill Points) is a must-have regardless of your choice, since it allows you to fire off more Wind bullets than normal. Charge Speed Boost (15/20 Skill Points) is also a useful pair of talents given how sluggish your charged strikes are.

That’s all there is to know about Ghostwire Tokyo’s top abilities, but for additional information, see our other Ghostwire Tokyo tutorials.

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