This is a list of the best guns in video games. These are all from my personal opinion, and I will update this list with more items as time goes on. If you feel that any gun should be replaced, please leave it in the comment section below.
1: Colt M1911A1- First Gun In Video Games
2: Glock 18C- The Top Shooter Of All Time
3: Desert Eagle Mark XIX – Best Shotgun Ever Made

The “gunfire reborn weapon tier list 2021” is a best guns tier list that has been released by the developer of Gunfire Reborn. The list includes many different weapons and their respective stats.

Gunfire Reborn: Best Guns Tier List



In Gunfire Reborn, the finest weapons are judged by their sheer strength, the character who wields them, and occult scroll enhancements. That’s why, in the hands of the wrong character or without specific modifications, even strong weaponry might seem inferior.

Our guide will offer you with a list of all the greatest firearms in Gunfire Reborn that are universally excellent, as well as a list of the best characters for each weapon and the best scrolls to use. You’ll also discover how to get each of the weapons mentioned below.

S-Tier Guns: Gunfire Reborn


  • Submachine Gun (SMG)
  • 30 points of damage (Fire)
  • Characters to Watch: Lei Luo, Ao Bai, and Qing Yan

The ability to stack damage with increasing or unlimited magazine is Demonlore’s greatest advantage over all other weapons in the game.

It also boasts a high level of precision and steadiness, which is crucial for hitting foes and bosses in the most vulnerable locations.

Advanced Depot is the greatest occult scroll for this weapon since it utilizes advanced ammunition instead of the magazine, which causes the Demonlore to take a lot of damage.

In Duo Fjord, you can get this weapon by slaying Arrogant Lobster 40 times with fire damage.


  • Shotgun is the type of weapon.
  • 40 points of damage
  • Qing Yan is the best character.

Because of the comparatively big magazine (24), this shotgun may achieve very high accuracy while firing at a faster pace. This has an impact on its critical hit and elemental damage performance.

You’ll need a scroll to save your magazine since you’ll need to shoot longer to improve its firing rate. The Deft Hands scroll would be an excellent addition to this weapon because of this.

This weapon may be unlocked by slaying Lu Wu once at the Longling Tomb.

A-Tier Weapons


  • Shotgun is the kind of weapon.
  • 68 damage (Lightning)
  • Crown Prince and Qing Yan are the best characters.

If charged regularly, Pupil has the best chance of scoring a critical hit. You will, however, lose some precision in the process. Pupil will be much more accurate, as well as steady, if you don’t charge it too regularly.

If you wish to boost the lightning damage even more, use the Lightning Shard scroll on Pupil to boost the damage effectiveness by 25%.

In Duo Fjord, you may get this weapon by killing Catfish Gunner 20 times with lightning damage.

Firescale, Crimson

  • Rifle type
  • 85 % damage (Fire)
  • Ao Bai and Lei Luo are the best characters.

The only other weapon that can provide solid fire damage in addition to Demonlore is Crimson Firescale. Even though it has a lesser rate of fire and accuracy, this weapon may still do a lot of damage, particularly when it hits vulnerable locations.

The ideal scroll to use if you want this weapon to charge twice as quickly is Fish or Bear Paw, which makes each shot strike the same target twice.

If you kill Elite Lizard three times in Anxi Desert, you’ll obtain this weapon.


  • Sniper is a kind of sniper.
  • 120 points of damage
  • Crown Prince is the best character.

This sniper rifle has an extraordinarily high rate of fire (10) and accuracy, allowing you to maneuver quickly while hitting targets with pinpoint precision. This is a unique feature that no other sniper rifle in the game offers.

Hawkeye Sight is the finest occult scroll for Woodpecker, since it not only improves accuracy but also doubles the probability of a critical hit.

To unlock this weapon, you must slay Longbowman 20 times in Longling Tomb.

B-Tier Weapons

Rounds of Fire

  • Pistol is a kind of firearm.
  • 140$ in damages (Fire)
  • Lei Luo is the best character.

The overall damage dealt by this gun is incredible. You’ll also have a 25% chance of triggering elemental damage, which is a good bonus. But the greatest part is that you don’t have to do anything to receive it since it comes with the game by default.

If you use the Blazing Hoop scroll, which adds 200 fire damage to your elemental triggers, you may make this weapon into a true monster.

Dragon of Bones

  • Launcher is the kind of application.
  • 680 damage
  • Ao Bai, Ao Bai, Ao Bai, Ao Bai, Ao Bai, A

Launchers may be quite useful in certain scenarios, and Bone Dragon happens to have the greatest rate of fire of any launcher in the game.

Explosive Bullets is the greatest scroll for Bone Dragon, since it offers all non-elemental weapons an additional 100 percent explosive damage, thus doubling the launcher’s basic damage.

To utilize Bone Dragon, you must locate and kill Bomber 20 times in Longling Tomb.

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The “Gunfire Reborn: Best Guns Tier List” is a tier list for the game of Gunfire Reborn. The list has been compiled by Reddit users and it is updated every time a new patch comes out. Reference: gunfire reborn weapon tier list reddit.

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