The world has become a more violent place, with many countries seeing spikes in shootings and murders. However, there are some people who still want to enjoy their favorite games without the risk of being gunned down by an angry gamer or gang member. Enter Gunfire Reborn, a cooperative game where players can fight off waves of enemies using weapons from across history until they meet their final boss.

The “gunfire reborn new boss” is a game that has been released in recent years. It is one of the games that have been released in recent years and there are many bosses to beat.

Gunfire Reborn: How to Beat Every Boss

There are a total of seven bosses in Gunfire Reborn, including four main and three alternative monsters. You can still finish the game by killing just the four major bosses, but you may like beating the other three as well, even though the prizes aren’t as excellent, and occasionally completely missing.

Our guide will show you how to defeat each of the bosses in Gunfire Reborn. You’ll discover all of their weak points, as well as which weapons to bring to battles and how to avoid being hurt.

In Gunfire Reborn, here’s how to beat every boss.

How to Survive Lu Wu

Lu Wu, who can be located within the Eternal Palace at Longling Tomb, is the first boss that players encounter.

Lu Wu is vulnerable to Lightning damage, and his head is his weakest location. However, he will enlist the help of Horned Beetles and Bombers, so be prepared for them as well.

When Lu Wu’s shields are recharged, this is the perfect time to do as much damage as possible. Take use of these chances to fire at him, then hide behind the pillars.

Lu Wu Appreciates

  • Illusion
  • Eggshell Reinforced
  • Advanced Depot is a kind of advanced depot.
  • Skin of the Phantom


How to Destroy a Golem

At the Longling Tomb, Golem is an optional boss. After beating Lu Wu five times, he may be awakened.

Golem is vulnerable to fire damage, and his chest is his weakest area. He also doesn’t move for the duration of the encounter, so utilize long-range weaponry and remain as far away as possible.

Shooting at Golem’s chest while he’s preparing to attack is the best technique to beat him since that’s when he’s most susceptible.

Rewards for Golems

How to Survive the Offspring of Ichthyosaurus

The Quicksand Pool in the Anxi Desert is where you’ll find this boss.

The damage categories Explosion and Corrosion are poor against the Ichthyosaurus Offspring. His lips and tail are his two weakest points.

He remains in the same position as Golem, so pack some long-range weaponry for this battle. He’ll also enlist the help of Desert Boars, Desert Coyotes, and Fire Lizards.

You must first degrade his armor using the Corrosion weapon, then blast his tail with a shotgun or any other high-damage ranged weapon.

Reward for Ichthyosaurus Offspring

  • Justice
  • Shot with a coin
  • Shield of the Lightless
  • Strike Without Remorse

How to Survive the Wind God

This additional boss may be summoned in a similar manner as Golem if you fight Ichthyosaurus Offspring five times.

Even though the Wind God is incredibly mobile in the air, he is nonetheless extremely susceptible to Fire damage, with his face being his weakest point. Any weapon that fires quick projectiles, such as Crimson Firescale or Demonlore, may be used.

Wind God doesn’t wear armor, so if you strike his weak place just right, this may be a very quick battle.

Yoruhime-Maru: How to Beat It

The next major boss arrives in Duo Fjord’s Dinghai Bay.

Rainbow and Dragonchaser are the two finest weapons you may use in this battle.

You must first destroy all eight guns on the ship he arrives at before dealing with the monster. The monster will summon the water shield once you’ve destroyed the first four guns, so make sure you follow these procedures carefully:

  1. Wait for the Octopus, who is carrying a cannon shell, to emerge.
  2. Assassinate the Octopus
  3. Pick up his cannon and sprint to the arena’s center.
  4. To bring down the water barrier, fire a round from the cannon.

The scene with Octopus will replay once you destroy the last four guns on his ship.

When all of the guns have been destroyed, a single massive cannon in the form of a Tengu mask will emerge. Shoot one eye at a time at the creature’s eyes. The scenario with the water shield and Octopus will replay for the third time if one of the eyes is damaged.

The struggle is done after you’ve destroyed the mask’s remaining eye.

Yoruhime-Maru (Yoruhime-Maru)

  • Gloves with lasers
  • Skateboarder
  • The Recovery Shrine
  • Shield of Strength
  • Airbag

How to Get Rid of the Abyssal Serpent

After defeating Yoruhime-Maru three times, this is the third alternative boss in Gunfire Reborn.

This monster is made up of four sea serpents that all have the same amount of HP. They do, however, have the same weak points, which are their eyes and golden scales.

Bring your most powerful fire weapons and attempt to hit them in their vulnerable points. All of their other body parts are highly protected, and once they dive underwater, they are resistant to all forms of injury.

So keep on top of them, shoot their eyeballs and scales, and they’ll vanish quickly.

Rewards from the Abyssal Serpent

How to Get Rid of the Pole Monarch

The game’s last and most powerful boss may be found at the Jade Summit in Hyperborean Jokul.

In the early portion of the battle, Pole Monarch has no shields and is mostly vulnerable to Fire damage, but you must destroy the aura container to prevent him from obtaining enhancements.

Pole Monarch will grow a shield and become indestructible once his HP dips below 5%. You will have just 10 seconds to remove the shield and beat him with Lightning weapons, or else the combat will shift to a new phase.

The monster is made extremely powerful in this last phase of the battle, with all conceivable improvements and a torrent of boulders pouring down. To avoid both rocks and Pole Monarch’s assaults, you’ll need to be exceedingly mobile and cautious.

While blasting at his head, use Demonlore with Advanced Depot scroll to get the most out of your fire weapon. This monster should be down quickly, just like the others.

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That’s all there is to know about defeating every boss in Gunfire Reborn. Don’t forget to visit our dedicated hub page for additional Gunfire Reborn tips and techniques.


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The “gunfire reborn stage 4” is a game that has many stages. You must beat every boss to complete the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bosses are there in gunfire reborn?

A: There are 5 bosses in the game.

How do I get better at Gunfire reborn?

A: Generally, the best way to improve at a game like Gunfire reborn is by playing it and getting better. However, there are some helpful tricks and tips you can use as well!

How do you beat the desert boss in gunfire reborn?

A: You have to play it for a couple of hours until you learn the pattern and get good enough at shooting that you can hit him as hes coming down.

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