Yes, that’s really the title for the latest video from the “Three Amigos”, the trio of Amaro, Cruz and Melancon. In the video, the burly – and very bald – Melancon is shown in a video from his days with the Reds, where he taunts Braves pitcher Freddy Garcia.

If you read the play-by-play of this recent Patriots game, you probably missed this amazing moment. In the second quarter of the Patriots game against the Bills, LeSean McCoy gained two yards before being tackled by Kyle Van Noy. On his way down, he reached out and grabbed Tom Brady by his facemask and shoved it into his face. The images of it are unprintable here.

New England Patriots wide receiver N’Keel Harry stunned many in the NFL earlier this week when he asked to be transferred. The 6-foot-4, 225-pound Arizona State receiver spent two unproductive seasons with the Patriots and now wants out. A former Patriots star said Harry’s request offended head coach Bill Belichick because the culture in New England is clearly changing.

N’Kil Harry says he wants to leave New England

New England Patriots’ N’Keel Harry walks on the court during training camp at Gillette Stadium on the 24th. August 2020 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo: Steven Senne-Pool/Getty Images)

Harry missed nine games in his rookie season due to various injuries. He caught 12 passes for 105 yards. His second season was marred by a pandemic and a change of quarterback. Harry, like all Patriots receivers, had to go from Tom Brady to Cam Newton. The Patriots had major problems with the passing game and ended the season with their first loss since 2000. Harry played in 14 games and caught 33 balls for 309 yards and two touchdowns.

Apparently Harry has had enough. His agent, Jamal Tucson, issued a statement saying his client no longer wants to play for the New England Patriots. He said the lack of opportunity was a result of Harry’s unimpressive performance.

N’Keel understands that the key ingredient in production is opportunity, Tucson said in a statement. He will continue to work hard to develop and improve his craft after missing much of his first year due to injury. His expectations for his NFL career did not change on selection day. We are convinced that success is within his grasp, and we will do everything in our power to achieve it.

Tucson also said Harry’s relocation plan has been in the works for months.

Former Patriots middle linebacker Ted Johnson said N’Keel insulted Gary Bill Belichick with hisclaim.

When have you seen a player [like Harry] speak so openly against Belichick? It’s a whole different ecosystem now that Brady is gone@Teddyjradio talks about how New England players feel more comfortable challenging Bill Belichick

– NBC Sports Boston (@NBCSBoston) July 7, 2021

Ted Johnson, a former center fielder who played 10 seasons for the Patriots, doesn’t think the team is what it used to be. He was stunned that Belichick recalled an unproductive player for two years.

When have you seen a player who has accomplished nothing in this league come out so openly against Bill Belichick as N’Keel Hurry? asked Johnson in an interview with NBC Sports Boston on Wednesday. You can’t insult Bill Belichick any more than N’Keel did Harry. He walked up to him and spit in his face in front of everyone.

Johnson believes the culture in New England is changing.

I think the Patriots, frankly, have lost what makes them the Patriots, Johnson said. You see things from players you’ve never seen before.

Johnson thinks the change at the Patriots is a result of Tom Brady’s departure


Johnson thinks Tom Brady was the glue that held the Patriots together. He not only took care of business on the field and led the team to six Super Bowls, but he was also a respected leader in the locker room. Johnson believes his departure has brought about a marked change in New England’s culture.

If you take Tom Brady out of New England, the whole ecosystem is disrupted, Johnson said.

You see things from players you’ve never seen before. You see Bill Belichick doing something you’ve never seen before, Johnson continued. Why? Why now all of a sudden? With Tom gone, it’s a whole different ecosystem. And you see things and behavior from Bill Belichick and the players that you’ve never seen before.

When Brady left New England, we knew it would be different on the field. We didn’t know the whole culture would change.

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