If you take a look at the game’s skill trees, you can see that there are a variety of options for players to choose from. This is why it’s important to decide which skills trees make up your best cards before taking on any missions or challenges in Horizon Forbidden West.

The “horizon forbidden west best skills reddit” is a game that was released in the summer of 2016. It has been on the top free games list for quite some time now. The game has four different skill trees and each one has its own set of skills that you should choose first.

Horizon Forbidden West: Best Skills for Each Skill Tree You Should Choose First

Aloy has a lot of talents, but putting your points into the greatest Horizon Forbidden West skills as soon as possible may make a big impact in some of the game’s toughest battles. The six branches provide a variety of options: warrior, trapper, hunter, survival, infiltrator, and machine master.

However, when you level up during the campaign, you’ll have plenty of skill points to employ, and even more if you complete Forbidden West’s side tasks. However, these are the abilities you should focus on initially.

Each Tree’s Best Horizon Forbidden West Skills

In the Forbidden West, the best warrior skills are


The Warrior ability tree is exactly what it says on the tin: a collection of abilities meant to increase Aloy’s damage output while also making battles simpler.

Nora Warrior is a skill.

Nora Warrior is a simple melee combination, but it comes in handy when stealth isn’t enough. Small machines are rapidly depleted, whereas staggering big machines allows you to either finish them or flee to recover. Other skills may become useful depending on what you chose later.

Melee Damage is a skill.

Melee Damage is a passive enhancement that boosts the amount of damage Aloy can deliver with her Champion’s Spear.

Melee Detonator is a skill.

Melee Detonator is an entertaining talent that combines ranged and melee strikes. When Aloy attacks a target with a melee attack, she releases explosive arrows that stick to it and detonate when she touches it. You may increase the damage impact by using numerous arrows.

Halfmoon Slash is a skill.

Halfmoon Slash is a charged regular move that aids in the chaining of combos. It’s simple, yet it works.

Scythe spinning is a skill.

Ideally, you will not be surrounded by adversaries, but if you are, Spinning Scythe is a deadly spin move that allows you to flee while delivering severe damage to foes.

Melee Might is a skill (Valor Surge)

Melee Might Valor Surges are more useful than Critical Boost in the short term. Even at Melee Might Level 1, you obtain a significant 100 percent increase in melee damage for a brief period of time, and at Level 3, you can even knock down enemies with powerful assaults.

In the Forbidden West, the best trapper skills are


The Trapper tree’s skills and perks vary from increasing the resources you recover while dismantling traps to raising the harm your explosives and tripwires do. You can reserve most of your skill points for another tree if you don’t utilize traps too frequently. Otherwise, start with these:

Quick Trapper is a skill.

Even if you don’t use traps frequently, Quick Trapper is a must-have. It reduces the time it takes Aloy to lay a trap, as the name implies. This is a considerable benefit, given that some of them require a long time to install.

Trap Limit is a skill.

Prolific trappers should invest as soon as possible, since it increases the number of active traps Aloy may have at any one time.

Trap Specialist is a skill (Valor Surge)

The Valor Surge branch of the Trap Specialist is basic yet effective. It boosts the damage, elemental power, and knockdown effects of your traps and wires – not dramatically at initially, but significantly by Level 3. 

In the Forbidden West, the best hunter skills are 


Although Aloy’s bow assaults are theoretically the center of Hunter abilities, the tree is more diverse than you may assume. This is the tree to choose if you want to use weapon skills regularly.

Concentration is a skill.

This is a passive boost that enhances Aloy’s concentration for a longer period of time, which is important if your battle strategy includes destroying components and targeting weak places.

Deep Concentration is a skill.

Deep Concentration is a logical compliment to Concentration, since it extends Aloy’s ability to stay focused even longer. 

Valor Surge Master is a skill.

This talent helps Aloy’s Valor Surge meter fill up faster, which is important if you spend skill points in Valor Surges from other skill trees.

Expertise: Triple-Double-Double-Double-Do

Triple Notch is great for focusing on weak spots. Aloy packs three identical arrows and shoots them all at the same time.

Ultra Shot is a skill.

If you utilize a Boltblaster, Ultra Shot is a must-have. It fires a barrage of bursting bolts with a greater range than normal.

Ranged Mastery is a skill (Valor Surge)

Ranged Master is one of the greatest Valor Surges available, enhancing a variety of stats and, at higher levels, even providing a healing effect. When Aloy lands a hit, it improves ranged attack and weapon stamina recovery, boosts weapon technique damage, and recovers a tiny amount of health.

In the Forbidden West, the best survivor skills are


The Blastling methods and the ones that improve Aloy’s medical pack are Survivor’s finest talents. The latter may not matter as much depending on the level you’re playing on, so feel free to spend points elsewhere. 

Potent Medicine is a skill.

Potent Medicine increases the speed and effectiveness with which berries cure Aloy, which is useful against some of the game’s most difficult adversaries.

Capacity for medicine is a skill.

Medicine Capacity allows you to carry more than 10 berries, making it take longer to run out of medicine and eliminating the need to refresh your Stash (assuming you’re healing often). 

Burst Dodge is a skill.

Burst Dodge is a Blastling tactic in which Aloy dodges backwards as many bombs are fired, making it less likely that Aloy would be caught in the explosion and, of course, allowing Aloy to escape and plot a new attack.

Sticky Bomb is a skill.

Another Blastling tactic is Sticky Bomb, which allows you to stack damage. It throws sticky bombs at adversaries that loiter before exploding, allowing you to lob many at once.

Overshield is a skill (Valor Surge)

Overshield is without a doubt one of Horizon Forbidden West’s greatest Valor Surges. It forms a barrier that absorbs damage and, at higher levels, even deflects assaults, as the name suggests.

In the Forbidden West, the best infiltrator skills are


Even if you prefer a less subtle approach to conflict resolution, infiltrator talents are ideal for sneaky players, and given how fast you may feel overwhelmed in some of Forbidden West’s confrontations, it’s a smart idea to invest in them.

Braced Shot is a skill.

Sharpshot projectiles with Braced Shot have an explosive attached to them, making it considerably simpler to take (or knock down) enemies from distance.

Silent Strike is a skill.

Silent Strikes are necessary for stealth fighting, and this set of talents boosts their damage and Tearing effects.

Quiet Spear is a skill.

If you breach cover and assault an attacker head-on, you’ll almost certainly draw additional enemies to your location. Quiet Spear dampens the sound of conflict, making it less likely.

Stealth Stalker is a skill (Valor Surge)

The Valor Surge of the Stealth Stalker makes it far more difficult for adversaries to detect you and increases the damage you deliver to enemy you sneak up on.

In the Forbidden West, the best machine master skills may be found.


Machine Master has more limitations than its name suggests. If strengthening mount attack and health isn’t crucial to you, put your points into the other branches.

Mounted Defense is a skill.

Mounted Defense keeps you safe when mounted and may lower incoming damage by 30% at the second level.

Lasting Override is a skill.

If you repeatedly lose control of equipment, it’s worth investing some points in Lasting Override. More than a minute is added to the override time.

Spike Trap is a skill.

Although the Spike Thrower is a very straightforward weapon, the Spike Trap provides a layer of subtlety. After a short time, spikes transform into traps and equip themselves, making it simpler to ambush machines and relocate to a safer location while remaining undetected.

Spike Splitting is a skill.

Splitting Spike splits your Spikes into several projectiles that deliver damage across a large area. Spikes generally only impact one adversary in a small region, thus this is a useful technique to extend their range.

Part Breaker is a skill (Valor Surge)

Part Breaker is an excellent pick if you depend on Tear damage and want to target weak regions, since it increases both forms of damage.

That’s all there is to know about the top Horizon Forbidden West talents, but for more information, see our other Forbidden West tutorials.

“Horizon Forbidden West: Best Skills for Each Skill Tree You Should Choose First” is a game that has been released on the PC. The “horizon forbidden west best weapons” are the most powerful weapons in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get every skill in Horizon forbidden West?

A: No, you cannot get every skill in Horizon forbid West. This is due to the skills being randomized and limited by time until they are unlocked

Can you unlock all skills Hzd?

A: Unfortunately, Sony does not allow users to unlock all skills on their version of Beat Saber, Beat Saber PSVR. This is due to copyright restrictions that Sony fears would be leveled against them should they allow something like this.

How many skills are there in the skill tree?

A: There are 24 skills in the skill tree.

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