For the first time in 16 years, the Raiders made it to the playoffs under Aaron Rodgers. Carr threw for 3,600 yards and 28 touchdowns this season which helped them make their way back into contention. At one point they had a 2-game winning streak over playoff teams heading into week 15 but lost that game against Houston. Nonetheless, Derek Carr has been able to defy expectations and push his team as far as he could have expected before getting injured last week

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How Aaron Rodgers Helped Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders Make the Playoffs

Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders advanced to the playoffs thanks to a historic game. Sure, it was closer than the Raiders would have wanted, and it should never have gone to overtime, but the only thing that mattered was that they won. On a last-second field goal in overtime, the Raiders defeated the Los Angeles Chargers 35-32. It was one of the most tense games you’ll ever see.

Carr, understandably, took a moment after the victory to praise Aaron Rodgers.

Didn’t we all see it coming?

After the Las Vegas Raiders’ thrilling victory, Derek Carr praised Aaron Rodgers.

This game has generated a lot of excitement as one of the finest regular-season matchups ever, but it shouldn’t have been been close.

About halfway through the fourth quarter, the Raiders enjoyed a 15-point advantage. They had physically dominated the Chargers up to that point in the second half and seemed to be putting the finishing touches on the game with a Daniel Carlson 52-yard field goal with 8:23 remaining. Even with 15 points and more over eight minutes, it wasn’t enough. The Chargers rallied and forced overtime, which Carlson won for Vegas with a 47-yard field goal.

The Raiders needed to win, but a draw against the Chargers would have put them in the playoffs as well. That might have occurred in overtime, but Carr said in his postgame interview that he only had one mindset in this game, and that was to win.

“We knew we didn’t want a tie no matter what.” The football game was something we wanted to win. Obviously, if you tie your shoes, you’re in, and so on. But my mentality all day — I was even chatting with Aaron Rodgers this morning — was to make sure we were the only team that moved on,” Carr added.

The interviewer, Michele Tafoya, was taken aback when Rodgers was mentioned and pressed Carr to elaborate.

“He’s always been wonderful to me since I’ve been in the league,” Carr added. “I appreciate you, dude.” “Now that we’ve become friends and chat, I really appreciate his support today.”

What type of insider knowledge did Rodgers pass on to Carr?

Derek Carr and Aaron Rodgers (L-R) Derek Carr of the Las Vegas Raiders and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers | Chris Unger/Getty Images; Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Rodgers hasn’t been shy about sharing his thoughts recently, so one has to wonder what he said to Carr in the days leading up to the game’s most important matchup.

Rodgers has spent 17 seasons in the league and has seen his fair share of huge games. He’s won the MVP award three times and may be in line for another. He’s also won a Super Bowl, but it seems like it was a long time ago, which is why the Green Bay Packers are under so much pressure to win another.

Rodgers is no stranger to pressure. He is not just one of the most well-known athletes in the world, but he is also well-known outside of football. Rodgers has become virtually a political figure for his anti-vaccine attitude, both to his hosting of Jeopardy! and his views on vaccinations. We haven’t even touched on the strain of succeeding Brett Favre and carrying the weight of “Title Town, USA’s” expectations on his shoulders.

Rodgers has been the Packers’ face for more than a decade. Carr has been the Raiders’ public face for over a decade. He’s been a particularly important component of the organization this season, when the team had to fire head coach Jon Gruden due to an email controversy. So, certainly, they may have discussed the pressures of their separate jobs and how to cope with them. Clearly, they discussed winning and having the appropriate attitude while facing elimination, which is something they will both share as they lead their respective teams into the playoffs.

Whatever they spoke about, Carr and the Raiders definitely benefited from it.

Is Rodgers awarded MVP honors for assisting Vegas in reaching the playoffs?

Carr is the Raiders’ heart and soul.

Derek Carr, QB, Las Vegas Raiders

Derek Carr, QB, Las Vegas Raiders During overtime versus the Los Angeles Chargers at Allegiant Stadium, Derek Carr #4 of the Las Vegas Raiders celebrates | Chris Unger/Getty Images

The Raiders have had quite a season, and they’ve had to ride the emotional roller coaster. The Chargers’ victory in Week 18 was a high point, but there were plenty of negative points as well.

Then there was the public spectacle of the Gruden controversy and his subsequent lawsuit against the NFL. Shortly after, Vegas was forced to dismiss wide receiver Henry Ruggs III, who was involved in a fatal vehicle accident and is now facing major legal consequences as a result.

Those couldn’t have been easy days in the locker room in Las Vegas.

On the field, there were plenty of ups and downs for Vegas. The Raiders were defeated by the New York Giants and the Washington Football Team this season, both of which ended with a combined 11-23 record. The Kansas City Chiefs blew them away 48-9 at Arrowhead Stadium. They also lost 32-13 at home to their first-round playoff opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals. In the Wild Card round, they’ll have to face the Bengals on the road.

There was awful in Vegas, but there was also good.

Obviously, reaching the playoffs was the highlight, but they also won a four-game winning run after defeating the Cowboys 36-33 in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day.

Carr stated after the Chargers’ triumph, “I don’t believe any team has gone through what we’ve gone through in ten years, much alone one year.” “Pick a narrative because there’s so much emotion.” Everything we’ve done has been filled with emotion.”

Carr threw for 4,804 yards, 23 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions during the regular season. He was fifth in the league in passing yards, tenth in passing yards per game, and fifteenth in QBR.

Carr has long been regarded as a top-tier quarterback, and he once again established his value for the Raiders this season. After the Week 18 triumph, though, only one thing appeared to important to the Vegas quarterback: bringing his team into the big dance.

“It’s probably the coolest achievement football-wise that I’ve ever had,” he remarked.

ESPN and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics. 

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