Michael Jordan was one of the first to donate blood following the September 11 attacks. His actions helped a grieving family heal and find peace during their difficult time.

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous athletes in history. He has won 3 NBA Championships, 6 MVP awards, and holds many other records. In 2001, he helped a grieving family heal following the September 11 attacks by speaking at their funeral. Read more in detail here: michael jordan net worth.

Following the events of September 11, 2001, many of Americans lost a loved one. Powell, Shaun, a veteran NBA reporter, is one of them. Scott Powell, Powell’s brother, worked as a computer contractor at the Pentagon on that tragic morning.

Powell told the tale of how Michael Jordan helped bring a little pleasure — and healing — to his devastated family on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Powell inquired about meeting Michael Jordan with his family.

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Thousands of individuals contacted Powell after his brother died, expressing their condolences. Brian McIntyre, an NBA senior vice president, was one of them, and he urged Powell to let him know if the league could help.

Powell contacted out later to make a request, despite the fact that there was nothing at the time (h/t NBA.com).

Days passed into weeks and months, and after our family had restored to some kind of normality — clearly, nothing would ever be the same — I inquired about McIntyre’s offer.

“Sure. “What do you require?”

“Just one thing,” says the narrator.

“What is that?” says the narrator.

“Do you believe his kids will get the opportunity to meet Michael Jordan?”

Shaun Powell

Scott, who lived in Washington, D.C., was an avid NBA fan. Jordan, who returned to the Wizards after a three-year hiatus soon after 9/11, was never introduced to him.

Powell stated, “He’d [Scott] inquire about specific guys, which wasn’t uncommon.” “As a sportswriter, you both ask and receive questions. He’d inquire about Jordan, which was a very frequent question for me at the time: “What’s he like?”

Powell had followed Jordan for years, both before and after the 1990s dynasty. He was well aware of the impact MJ had on anyone who came into contact with him; a larger-than-life character who, even if only for a little while, brought the world to a halt. He was the kind of athlete who could assist his family in overcoming adversity.

Jordan spent some time with a bereaved family.

We have the option of remembering what we have to remember from 20 years ago or remembering what we want to recall. Thank you to Michael Jordan and everyone else that helped my family. https://t.co/FND0dN1RUu

September 10, 2021 — Shaun Powell (@Powell2daPeople)

Powell’s request for a meeting with Jordan was granted by the NBA. Following a Wizards practice, Michael ran into Scott’s son and daughter, as well as his mother and Shaun’s daughter.

Powell recalled, “Then [Jordan] rounded the corner and went right to the kids.” “’How are you doing, little man?’ and, ‘Hey, little girl,’ to calm them down. Jordan was still able to work a room. ‘Hello mum, happy to see you,’ I say with a hug. Then, with a lighthearted dig, asked me: ‘Why did they bring you?’

According to Powell, the conversation lasted seven to ten minutes. Jordan greeted the children with many handshakes and high-fives, as well as expressing his heartfelt sympathies to the family. Finally, MJ and the whole gang posed for a picture.

It was a lengthy enough — and meaningful — encounter that Powell met Jordan for the first time since that day years later. As the evening came to a close and people began to leave, Michael stopped Powell and said, “Everyone good?”

Jordan devoted the whole season to assisting families who had been impacted by the September 11th attacks.

Michael Jordan bows his head during a moment of silence in New York as the Knicks host the Washington Wizards.

Michael Jordan bows his head during a moment of silence in New York as the Knicks host the Washington Wizards. Michael Jordan of the Washington Wizards lowers his head during a moment of respect for the victims of the terrorist attacks during pre-game rituals before his first game since returning to the NBA for the second time, against the New York Knicks. | AFP/MATT CAMPBELL/Getty Images

Powell and his family were able to recover from their tragedy thanks to a short encounter with Jordan. MJ, on the other hand, devoted his whole first season in D.C. to assisting 9/11 victims.

Jordan chose to give the whole of his $1 million Wizards salary to the 9/11 recovery effort and the victims. Jordan stated at the time, “It’s my way of giving back and maybe assisting people in need during a horrible time.” Furthermore, since Jordan did not announce his return until after 9/11, the six-time NBA champion decided not to give any interviews about his return “out of respect for the victims.”

Jordan made a lot of gestures, both large and little. Powell understood how Michael handled individuals whose lives were affected by meeting the basketball star since he covered him for years.

“How you treat the people who don’t important to you is the ultimate measure of character, and Jordan by all accounts aced that exam,” Powell added. “There were too many stories, most of them unverified, of Jordan utilizing his fame for good when no TV cameras were present and he had nothing to gain from the deed. He’d already gotten all of the good press he’d ever need. Jordan made a strong request for some of these acts: “Don’t tell anyone.”

Powell, on the other hand, told the world about Jordan meeting his family. And, if the writer is correct, there are a slew of other families with similar tales to tell.

Michael Jordan despised the fact that Scottie Pippen was underpaid throughout his time with the Bulls: ‘I Wish There Was Some Way Legally For Me To Give Him Some Of The Money That He Totally Deserves As A Player, He’s Totally Underpaid.’

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