A new study suggests that the human race is heading for a major population boom, with some estimates suggesting that by 2100 there could be as many as 10 billion people on Earth. With so many people, cities are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and absorb.

The humankind absorb city cost is a strategy that has been used by many people. It is the process of absorbing an entire city into your territory.

As your civilization expands and more outposts are built in Humankind, you’ll be able to add additional territories to your cities, expanding your sphere of influence and attracting more expansionist stars. However, you can only have so many settlements at a time, and you may find yourself wondering how to absorb a city. 

Absorbing a town turns it become a part of another, combining their territories into a single region. It also reduces the overall number of cities in an empire, enabling you to construct more without having to use technologies or civics like Leadership to raise the city limit. 

To get started, you’ll need the Military Architecture technology, which is accessible during the Medieval period. You’ll also get the fort, trebuchet, and one additional civilization-specific military unit with this tech.

You’ll see Absorb City action to the right of a city’s name on the map after you’ve researched Military Architecture. If you have the appropriate quantity of gold, choose the settlement you want to merge into, then locate the town you want to absorb and click the action button. As a result, it becomes the administrative center for the main city, as well as the administrative center for all of its districts. 

The Humankind map, highlighting a town with the Absorb City action available.

You may remove cities from each other at any time, as long as the region in issue is not a connected one. A connecting area connects outposts or other settlements to the main city and is only linked by the merging city. To begin, you must first separate linked regions. 

It’s essential to understand that combining towns and regions like this has a significant impact on the stability of the city you’re merging into, since you’ll be adding several districts at once. You’ll also need to make sure you have enough food and construct enough Farmers Quarter districts ahead of time to manage the surge in population. If you can, enact the Legitimacy civic; it lowers the cost of absorbing cities by 20%.

In a similar way, you may absorb the city of another civilisation. First, go to battle, then occupy a city by laying siege to it and conquering, and finally, force a city’s submission. Of course, you could just wipe them off the map, or you could pick an expansionist civ like the Assyrians, which allows you to utilize Under One Banner to forcefully annexe towns and administrative centers. 

That’s all there is to it when it comes to absorbing a city in Humankind. Check out our complete battle and war guide, as well as our resource system guide for additional information.

Humankind is a game that has been around for a while. It is an absorbing and addictive strategy game that can be played with up to 7 players. Reference: humankind city.

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