Last week, the drops hit, and to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I’d been waiting for this moment for ages, and now that it was finally upon us, I couldn’t help but think that I’d wasted my time. But, as the days wore on, my mood began to change, and my excitement began to grow. I’d never been so close to a serious career-ending injury and, on the morning that the drop hit, it was as if I’d finally found a way to make it all worthwhile. So, if you’re also a football fan like me, then I’ll tell ya…

I’m sure you’ve heard of Splitgate by now. The in-game phenomenon, which involves a player’s character getting stuck in a split gate and not being able to move, has been a hot topic since it first surfaced in NBA Live 15. In fact, EA Sports added the Splitgate glitch into this year’s NBA Live 16 , but it still hasn’t been fixed. Well, it seems the Splitgate glitch has been fixed in NBA Live 16, or at least it’s supposed to be fixed!

This is a proof of concept for a blog post I am writing on the “Drop In Splitgate” game being played on unranked servers.

Dropping in Splitgate isn’t as difficult as you may imagine, but it does take some time and work, and you might be asking how. Splitgate features four ways to earn drops, but one of them has a hard cap in the beta.

Fortunately, the two most efficient strategies for obtaining drops are activities you’re almost certainly already doing with the game, so you’ll quickly have more drops than you can manage. These are the only ways to get drops in Splitgate for now.

Weekly Obstacles


Weekly challenges mainly reward you with experience, though you may occasionally receive a drop in exchange. At the very least, gaining the substantial experience bonus offered by these tasks is a quick method to raise your level, which will result in additional drops.

Login on a daily basis

You can win many incentives by logging into the game once every day, and the fourth consecutive login awards you a free drop. After seven consecutive logins, you will receive Splitcoins, which you may use to purchase a drop, and the cycle will begin again.

Level Up

Every time you level up, you get one drop, which is fantastic! Except in the Splitgate beta, your level is capped at 10. This is the quickest way to obtain drops through normal gaming or grinding, but it isn’t a long-term solution.

Arena Pass is a subscription service that allows you to

You’ll get drops from the Splitgate Arena Pass as well, but only four for every four tiers you level up. The Arena Pass is limited to Tier 12, therefore you won’t be able to get too many using this approach.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to getting drops in Splitgate; however, be sure to check out our other Splitgate guides for extra information, such as how to acquire gateway kills.

Every season, NFL players and coaches face the nightmare that is the dreaded split-squad. The split-squad is essentially a hybrid of a mandatory mini-camp and a voluntary minicamp, and is used by NFL teams to prepare players for the regular season. The coaches most able to tell who will make the team, and who will end up on the non-football injury list, are the ones that can tell the difference between the players that should show up for mandatory minicamp, and those that need to stay away. They are the coaches most abreast of the players in their respective units, and of the possibilities that could arise during the season.. Read more about splitgate battle pass and let us know what you think.

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