Ruby is a superb program that allows you to create stunning animations in an easy to use manner. It supports many popular operating systems and is still in active development. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Ruby and then how to get it running in MUCK: The RubyMUCK compiler is a program which creates a language called MUCK. MUCK is similar to Assembler but it is written in Ruby.

It is 2013 and the Muck Conference championships are coming up. There are two teams left in the running for a spot in the finals. One team is prepped and ready to rack up some points on the field. The other team is in need of some ramping up. With a little help from your favorite web tools, you can see the Muck Conference Championships in the year 2013.

Ruby is one of Muck’s rarest minerals. It also differs from the other ores in the game. It spawns differently than ordinary ores, and its applications aren’t as obvious.

Ruby appears in your inventory as a golden shard. It’s currently solely used to repair shipwreck engines, but that may change in the future with upgrades and fixes. This Muck gaming guide will show you where to look for Ruby and how to use it.

Note that Ruby is the only mineral piece in Muck that only spawns in caves. You won’t find any like you would Iron or Mithril on the surface. 

Make a pickaxe out of Adamantite.

To begin, gather the necessary ingredients to make an Adamantite Pickaxe:

  • 5 bars of adamantite
  • 10 logs of oak wood
  • 5 bark

Adamantite is a green mineral that may be discovered near the surface. A Mithril Pickaxe is required to mine one, and one piece yields five to fifteen Adamantite ore, enough to construct a pickaxe.

Ruby may be found in caves.

Cave in a green field with orange ruby outcroppings inside.

Enter a cave system with your Adamantite pickaxe in hand. Ruby chunks are pointed, bright orange rock spikes of varying sizes. Five to ten Ruby may be dropped by a single piece.

Ruby, unlike most other pieces, will descend as Ruby rather than ore. It isn’t necessary to process it in a furnace.

Guardians can provide you with Ruby.

It’s not just a rare mineral, but it’s also a rare Guardian drop. While killing one has a one-in-twenty chance of dropping Ruby, it is a possibility.

Ruby may be used to repair the shipwreck.

For each component of the shipwreck engine, you’ll need 11 Ruby, which is one more than the maximum amount you can obtain from a single chunk. This is a necessary step in defeating the game’s final boss and completing the game.

Even though Ruby may not seem to be as essential as some of the other minerals, it is crucial if you want to complete the game.

The Most Effective Ruby Seed

If you don’t want to look for Ruby, there are several Muck seeds that may assist. The seed “896066” will place you in front of a cave full of all the minerals you could want: gold, mithril, adamantite, obamium, and ruby.

If you’re looking for a challenge, the seed “3284124” will spawn you right next to another Ruby-filled cave, but this one is guarded by two Stone Golems!

It takes a lot more than simply collecting Rubies to defeat Muck, but perhaps this guide will help you get there. Check out our other Muck guides for more on Dani’s survival game!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ruby for Muck?

Ruby is a programming language that is used to create software, web applications, and other types of computer programs.

How do you get gems in muck?

You can earn gems in Muck by completing quests and winning games.

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