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‘I Feel Dirty; I Don’t Want Anything to Do With It’

Highlights of the article:

  • Riggins, John, a former Pro Bowl running back, isn’t happy with the Washington Commanders’ new moniker.
  • The team’s rebranding has left the Super Bowl 17 MVP feeling “totally disillusioned.”
  • Following the name change, Riggins says he feels “dirty” and “filthy.”

Don’t expect former Pro Bowl running back Riggins, John to sing “Hail to the Commanders” anytime soon, even if he plays a game or two at FedExField next season. 

Riggins, the Super Bowl 17 MVP, spent the most of his football career with the Washington Commanders, although decades before the team’s controversial previous moniker was altered. Although the two-time rushing touchdowns leader doesn’t hold it against his former club for changing its name, he is dissatisfied with the new nickname.

The Washington Commanders’ new name has offended Riggins, John.

Don't expect to see Riggins, John wearing any Washington Commanders gear.

Don't expect to see Riggins, John wearing any Washington Commanders gear. The Washington Commanders’ new name has offended Riggins, John | Kevin Mazur/WireImage via Getty Images

Riggins makes it clear that his issue with the Commanders’ new identity isn’t that they’ve dropped their previous moniker. In fact, as he stated on The Riggins, John Show on Feb. 10, the former running back suggested to Washington owner Dan Snyder in 2000 that the team’s name be changed.

Despite believing that the franchise’s longstanding moniker honored American Indians throughout his playing career, Riggins eventually changed his mind. He admits, though, that witnessing the group rebrand as the Washington Commanders made him unhappy and “totally alienated.”

“I can’t see why somebody who used to play for the former franchise name would want to be a part of anything related to the Washington Commanders,” Riggins said.

Riggins said that he would not pass judgment on his former colleagues, including veteran Washington quarterback Joe Theismann, who was present for the team’s rebranding event in early February. He did, however, admit the difficulties of maintaining such an attitude.

“I look at the folks that came here last week and say, ‘What’s wrong with you?’” You don’t get it, do you? Riggins said, “You were invited to your own funeral.”

After his remarks, fans and the NFL store withdrew Riggins’ jersey.

The Riggins, John Commanders jerseys that were for sale have been withdrawn by Fanatics and the NFL store.

Riggins has gone on the record saying he didn’t want his name on a Commanders jersey.#TakeCommand

— Chad Ryan (@ChadwikoTWW) February 10, 2022

Customers could purchase jerseys featuring the image of current players, such as defensive end Chase Young and wide receiver Terry McLaurin, or those who played in prior periods, when Commanders clothing went on sale in early February. In the later group, Riggins joined quarterback Doug Williams and late safety Sean Taylor.

At least, that’s what Riggins thought at first. He made it obvious right on that he didn’t want his name or picture on any Commanders apparel since he didn’t play for them.

“I feel disgusting just thinking about it.” I’m disgusted, and I don’t want to be a part of it. Maybe I’ll alter my mind. I’m not sure whether I need a bit more time. It simply doesn’t sit well with me.”

Riggins, John

Riggins jerseys were taken from online retailers after fans and the NFL heard the Super Bowl 15 MVP’s request. Theismann, Taylor, Williams, renowned offensive lineman Joe Jacoby and Rusty Grimm, and former Pro Bowl tight end Chris Cooley were among the “retired player” jerseys available via the NFL’s official shop as of publishing.

Riggins (and any other detractors) will have to embrace Washington’s new moniker.

Riggins has every right to be irritated by the team’s new moniker as a former player and a revered franchise symbol. He also left the door open for him to change his mind later, which is a respectable attitude.

As a result, Riggins — and any other doubters — must understand that Washington’s new moniker isn’t going away anytime soon. Washington Commanders, Washington Commanders, Washington Commanders, Washington Commanders, Washington Commanders, Washington Commanders, Washington Commanders They aren’t the Washington Football Team, nor are they the name that was used from 1937 and 2020.

Riggins may come around and no longer be annoyed or dissatisfied at some point in the future. Young, the 2020 Defensive Rookie of the Year, initially despised the name but later came around. According to Jonathan Allen of NBC’s Today, players were originally divided on whether or not to join the Commanders.

But, even if Washington makes it to the Super Bowl next year, don’t expect to see Riggins sporting a Commanders jersey or cap for the time being. Perhaps the team should have stayed with Washington Football Team from the beginning.

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