“I Kept Wanting Him to Tell Me to Quit” is a dispatch from the minor leagues, where professional athletes learn to become “real men.” The game is hard. The stakes are high. The money is good. The fans, of course, are rowdy. And for the most part, the teams are owned by billionaires who want to win.

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night. It was the first time Kobe Bryant had won a game in a month.

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Boxer Nico Ali Walsh is aiming for the same level of success as Ken Griffey Jr. and Stephen Curry, who both benefited from their ancestors’ genes. His career is more likely to follow in the footsteps of second-generation sportsmen Marvis Frazier and Gary Nicklaus, according to the odds.

Still, considering what his grandpa Muhammad Ali accomplished both inside and outside the ring, it’s difficult not to cheer for him when he makes his professional debut on Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Nico Ali Walsh poses during the press conference in Catoosa, Oklahoma, promoting his professional boxing debut. | Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images Nico Ali Walsh poses at a news conference in Catoosa, Oklahoma, announcing his professional boxing debut.

In his 20th professional bout, Muhammad Ali beat Sonny Liston for the world heavyweight boxing title less than four years after winning the light heavyweight gold medal in the 1960 Rome Olympics. Before retiring in 1981 with a 56-5 record, he regained the championship twice. Along the way, he defeated Joe Frazier and George Foreman in notable fights.

Nico Ali Walsh, a Chicago native who grew up in Las Vegas, enters the ring for the first time 61 years after his grandfather’s pro debut.

Ali Walsh is the son of Rasheda Ali, Muhammad Ali’s second wife’s daughter. He isn’t the first member of his family to take up boxing after his grandpa. His aunt, Laila Ali, had a 24-0 pro record from 1999 to 2007, winning super middleweight and light heavyweight titles along the way.

Uncle Mike Joyce also handles boxers and operates a boxing club in Chicago.

Ali Walsh had immediate access to boxing because of his grandfather’s name. Regardless of his professional decision, he was bound to be recognized as the grandson of “The Greatest.”

According to the New York Times, he stated, “I’ve never been able to escape my grandpa, no matter what sport I played.” “I’m beginning to accept it. It’s difficult, but you must accept the legacy, no matter what it is.”

Niko Ali Walsh, Muhammad Ali’s grandson, was not going to give up boxing.

At the time of his renowned grandfather’s passing in 2016, Ali Walsh was a teenager. He recalls the two of them bonding through training and sparring footage. The moment was precious to the kid. He got a close look at the pleasant side of the retiring boxer who had the world enthralled.

“Everyone who saw him recognized his charm, and he maintained that magnetism even in his latter years when it was more difficult for him to speak, move, and do things,” Ali Walsh told the newspaper. “You could still sense his charm and personality. That was something he never forgot. It was just enjoyable. It was a lot of fun to spend out with him.”

Ali Walsh was a young adolescent when she came to a fork in the path. He had already accepted boxing, but he wasn’t sure whether he should pursue another activity. Biaggio Walsh, Ali Walsh’s brother, is a UNLV football player.

According to TMZ.com, Ali Walsh said, “I would certainly not be boxing if I didn’t have (Muhammad’s) blessing, so to speak.” “I asked him whether I should continue boxing… at the time, I was considering retiring from the sport.

“I was around 14 at the time, and things were becoming a bit difficult. But he wouldn’t let me go. He kept telling me to keep going, keep going, keep going. And all I wanted was for him to tell me to stop so I could go. But he refused to allow me.”

The first professional bout seems to be winnable.

Ali Walsh, a 21-year-old middleweight with an unremarkable amateur record, makes his pro boxing debut against Jordan Weeks on an ESPN+ event on Saturday. Ali Walsh’s fight in the co-main event was a success despite his inexperience.

Weeks is 4-1, but his one defeat came in April by TKO to Ricardo Vasquez Becerril, who had a 1-6-1 record at the time and has lost both of his subsequent fights.

Ali Walsh is managed by Joyce, his uncle. But, of course, there’s another link to the legendary Muhammad Ali. This is due to the fact that the young boxer has signed with Bob Arum and Top Rank. In March 1966, Arum, aged 89, promoted his first boxing event. Ali was up against George Chuvalo to defend his heavyweight title.

“Promoting Ali’s grandson would have been the last thing on my mind,” Arum confessed.

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