With the recent slew of injuries, Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price said he would be more careful in his choice of words. The MLB is moving quickly to lower its injury risk by regulating on-field activities like pitching and batting. It’s unclear what impact this will have on the game but it could lead to changes that may not be for everyone – both positive and negative ones.

“Between the lines: vikings” is a blog that discusses sports from a perspective of those who are not in the spotlight. The author writes about how she feels as if there is “a lot less fun in the game.”

The NFL’s new taunting rule, which went into effect this season, isn’t working as planned. Almost every Sunday, a referee will flag a player for anything as trivial as celebrating a successful catch. Fans, players, and media have all expressed their displeasure with the new regulation, with Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen being the most recent to do so.

Thielen, like the rest of us, feels that penalizing players for taunting is actually destroying football.

Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen criticizes the NFL’s new taunting rule.

It detracts from the game’s enjoyment, and these calls have an impact on games even when they have nothing to do with the game! I believe it is past time for these officials to be full-time workers who must study and know the game as well as the players and coaches and be held accountable. https://t.co/2LuOK7Q9Jq

November 9, 2021 — Adam Thielen (@athielen19)

This season, taunting penalties have been a major problem. The finest example of it substantially affecting the result was the Week 9 Monday Night Football matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Multiple flags were thrown, causing the game’s momentum to shift. The quantity of taunting penalties imposed on the Bears might be said to have had a significant influence in their loss.

Thielen didn’t hold back his comments after the game, venting his frustrations on Twitter.

“It detracts from the game’s enjoyment, and these calls have an impact on games that have nothing to do with the game!” “I believe it is past time for these referees to be full-time workers who must study and know the game as well as the players/coaches and be held accountable,” Thielen tweeted.

Adam Thielen is correct in his criticism of the officials.

For as long as football has been, poor officiating has been a concern in the NFL. For what it’s worth, terrible referees aren’t exclusive to the NFL. Due to how unpredictable strike zones may become, MLB fans discuss introducing robot umpires on a daily basis throughout the regular season.

However, the NFL’s implementation of a taunting rule — which is completely subjective to each referee — is producing major issues. Even though the borders were blurred at times, there was still an awareness of what was permitted and what wasn’t allowed in the past (pass interference and roughing the passer, for example). Referees now have complete authority and capacity to declare anything excessive in terms of taunting and celebration.

Officials with this level of authority may directly affect the result of games. Not only is this a problem for players and coaches, but sports gamblers are becoming more dubious about the nature of their wagers. It’s one thing to lose a bet because of a terrible beat, but it’s quite another to lose a bet because of a bad beat. It’s one thing to lose a game because of a referee’s arbitrary taunting flags.

Will the NFL change its policy?

Vikings WR Adam Thielen.

Vikings WR Adam Thielen. Getty Images/Scott Taetsch/Adam Thielen

While the NFL is known for its obstinacy, they have shown a willingness to bend on occasion. After a controversial no-call during the 2019 NFC Championship Game between the New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams, they implemented reviewable pass interference calls in 2020. They quickly got rid of it once it became a nuisance.

Given how this season’s taunting experiment has gone, it wouldn’t be unexpected if the league reversed their decision. Thielen isn’t the first player to criticize the NFL for it, and it’s reasonable to assume he won’t be the last.

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Following the Cowboys’ humiliating Week 9 loss, Jerry Jones subtly criticized Mike McCarthy’s coaching: ‘That’s the flattest team I’ve ever seen.’

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