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Houston Texans’ Defensive End J.J. Watt is a monster of a man. He’s 6’5″ and weighs an incredible 274 lbs. This makes him one of the biggest players in the NFL according to the league’s official website. At the beginning of the game yesterday, J.J. Watt was the only player on the Texans to show up for practice. This made him very angry. He was not happy that the Texans lost the game.

In what has become a weekly tradition of sorts for Texans fans, J.J. Watt picked up another sack during last night’s game against the Cardinals. This one, however, wasn’t just a simple sack, or a single play when Watt wasn’t touched. This was a play where Watt took a snap and saw a Cardinals running back running his way. Watt, however, wasn’t ready to let him get to his goal, easily shedding Collins for a 1-yard loss.

Every rookie has that unforgettable welcome moment at some point in their first year in the NFL. It could be the brutal first hit from a 300-pound defender, yelling at the entire team for missing a simple assignment during practice, or even the news that you’ve been cut to keep a spot on the roster. Zaven Collins, the Arizona Cardinals’ new center fielder, had his moment in the sun this weekend. After Collins forgot to bring J.J. Watt breakfast on the golf course before their friendly match, the NFL veteran punished him in the most brutal (and objectively hilarious) way possible.

JJ Watt takes rookie Zaven Collins under his wing

Arizona Cardinals DE J.J. Watt and rookie LB Zaven Collins participate in an offseason workout at Dignity Health Arizona Cardinals | Christian Petersen/Getty Images word-image-3506 The Cardinals already have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL with Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins, so they decided to bolster the defense early in the 2021 NFL Draft. Arizona selected Collins, an athletic-looking midfielder who should fit perfectly in Vance Joseph’s defense. Collins was a big play machine for Tulsa last season. In just eight games, he forced two fumbles, made four sacks, threw four interceptions and scored two touchdowns. That’s the kind of playmaking ability the Cardinals need combined with Watt and Chandler Jones. Although Collins has only been with the team for just over a month, Watt has already had his eye on the talented midfielder. A future Hall of Fame member looked to take Collins under his wing, but the rookie missed the opportunity to make a strong first impression.

Collins forgot to bring Watt’s breakfast on the golf course

On the tee this morning at 6:20 with newcomer @ZavenCollins. Yesterday we went out of training, he said: I’ll pick up some breakfast on the way, what do you want? I said: I love it. Thank you. I sent my order to him. Today he came in without breakfast… What’s the punishment? – JJWatt (@JJWatt) 5 June 2021 Watt and Collins had previously met during seasonal workouts in Arizona. The former linebacker knows that rookies need guidance in their first year in the NFL. So he decided to accompany Collins. Over the weekend, they held an early golf date to get to know each other better off the course. Collins made a friendly gesture and offered to pack up the breakfast and deliver it to Watt on the golf course, but did not follow through on his promise. Watt described an unfortunate rookie blunder in Twitter. This morning at 6:20, we begin with newcomer Zaven Collins. Yesterday we left training and he said: I’ll pick up some breakfast on the way, what do you want? I said: I love it. Thank you. I sent my order to him. Today he came in without breakfast… What’s the punishment? After receiving multiple offers from his supporters, Watt decided that the rookie would get a decent penalty, and they didn’t even have to leave the golf course for it.

Watt beats Collins on the golf course

Watt had to endure the penalty ideas during his round of golf on Saturday. On the 18th. He finally chose one. As they walked down the final fairway, Watt knocked Collins to the ground and rolled him onto the wet grass, probably 100 yards. Watt documented the brilliant hazing attempt, which he admitted was Murray’s idea, in a video on his Twitter. Welcome to the NFL, rookie. COMPARED TO: You wouldn’t believe how long J.J. Watt’s injury history isThe Texans and Cardinals matchup in week 14 is a critical matchup in the AFC South. The Texans are 2-9 and in desperate need of a win to stay afloat in the division to make the playoffs, while the Cardinals are 5-6 and playing to stay in the wild card hunt. Both teams are looking for momentum going into the playoffs. Enter Zaven Collins. A rookie drafted to the Cardinals in the 6th round, Collins was a consensus top-5 talent coming out of college. His strength and athleticism were too much for the Texans to handle, though, as the rookie got his first career sack, and took over the game. Since then, he has helped the Cardinals defense get a huge win in week 14 over the Texans, and. Read more about jj watt 40 time and let us know what you think.

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