American football fans are probably familiar with the story of Jim McMahon and his infamous headband. It’s a story that involves a lot of sports and a lot of controversy.

On the day of the Super Bowl, former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon was fined $5,000 for wearing a headband in support of his wife’s alma mater. The headband, which bore the logo of the University of Colorado Boulder, had the NFL’s trademarked logo on the front, but with Jim McMahon’s name on the back. The NFL has a policy against using the NFL logo on anything but official NFL products.

Jim McMahon is known for two things in his NFL career. He was the captain of the Chicago Bears team that won the Super Bowl in 1985 and always wore a headband. Although the blindfold didn’t seem like a big deal, it still got him in trouble. It was his trademark – and costly, because it resulted in fines until he found a way around them.

The headband has always been Jim McMahon’s trademark

word-image-2815 word-image-2816 Jim McMahon of the Chicago Bears runs with the ball against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 20 on the 26th. January 1986 at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) McMahon was selected by BYU in the 1982 NFL Draft. The Bears selected the quarterback with the fifth pick. In his first season, he started seven games and had a 3-4 record. It was McMahon’s only losing season in seven years with the team. McMahon has always been a free-spirited man. His image grew as he led the Bears to a 15-1 record and a convincing victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 20. He always spoke his mind, and usually it was a bandage on his forehead. I’ve been wearing a headband since I was in the league, McMahon said in April on the Fat Mike Chicago Sports Show. Then Adidas came out with a headband, I think it was in 1984 or 1985, right at the beginning, and I wore it all year. I never got a letter or anything from the commissioner or the union about the bracelet.

Jim McMahon was stunned when he was fined for wearing a headband.

. In 1985, the Bears had a winning season, going 15-1 in the regular season. A loss came in a game where McMahon did not start. Although this Bears team is primarily known for its defense, McMahon is the face of the franchise. He was the most forthright. He became a little more articulate as the season progressed, at least through his armband. McMahon was fined by NFL commissioner Pete Roselle for wearing a headband with Adidas on it. So he left, with the commissioner’s last name written in large letters on the screen saver. The first elimination game I placed him in, I was fined $5,000, McMahon said. I wondered why I was getting this punishment. Later I heard that I shouldn’t have been fined because they made it all up. At the time, five thousand dollars was a lot of money to me. I played for Chicago, so I didn’t get paid much. I couldn’t afford another penalty, so the next week I wore Adidas to warm up for the game. Then you sit in the back just before the game starts, for those five minutes or so, and I wonder what I should put on my head. I wanted to put something else in front of ROZELLE, but it didn’t fit, so I decided to put his name and see what happens. When I came out and everyone saw it, I remember John Madden laughing his ass off. I didn’t get any punishment that week. I got a call from Pete thanking me for the free publicity. I said you made an issue of it, and there’s nothing in the rules that says I can’t wear it.

McMahon’s evasion made even the Chief Justice laugh.

After being fined $5,000 by NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle for wearing an adidas bracelet, Bears quarterback Jim McMahon wore a ROZELLE bracelet in a win over the Rams that day in 1985. – Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) January 12, 2018 McMahon said he then learned that Adidas wasn’t paying the NFL, but he didn’t care. He says he’s been wearing them since he was in the league and it’s not his problem. I’ve been wearing Adidas since I’ve been in the league and nobody’s had a problem with it, he recalled, and now all of a sudden we’re in the playoffs and it’s a big problem. McMahon has developed a special plan for the Super Bowl. I have decided that I will wear what is charitable, he said. I thought if they punished charities they would look like idiots. Adidas then offered me a lot of money to wear the bracelet. I said: Okay, I’ll wear it, but probably not on my head. I got my hands on the settlement and realized that these guys were cheating on me and I was going to get back at them. During the warm-up for the game at the Super Bowl, I was wearing my Adidas bracelet and the head referee kept chasing me and telling me not to let you on the field. I said: Yeah, I know. As soon as the national anthem is over, I stand next to Walter (Payton) and the head referee stands next to me. As soon as the anthem was over, I wanted to put my helmet on and he grabbed me and said I can’t leave you on the field. I said I know, but there’s nothing you can do. I put it around my neck, and in the picture of me at the Super Bowl, you can see Adidas very clearly. The judge started laughing and said: Yeah, you’re right. I can’t do it. I changed it to a new charity each episode and it worked well. COMPARED TO: Jim McMahon received 20 death threats the week before the Super Bowl, then two more from his teammates before the game

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Jim McMahon have on his headband?

It’s one thing for Jim McMahon to dress up like a giant egg and show off his best eggman impersonation. It’s quite another for him to start a ‘headband protest’ by wearing a headband on his bald head, as he did on Monday night, in an attempt to get the NFL fined for the violation of his ‘mascot headband rule’. After the 1985 Super Bowl, Vince Lombardi called Jim McMahon into his office and gave him a stern talking to. “You can’t wear that thing anymore!” Vince said. “That’s against the rules. It’s distracting to the other players.” After he was done raving, Vince found a loophole in the rules and gave his star quarterback a pass.

What did Jim McMahon say?

In a world where the phrase “no comment” has become synonymous with failure (at least by government entities) we need look no further than the Super Bowl halftime show to see what happens when a performer’s off-the-cuff remarks prove to be far more hilarious than the rest of his act. Jim McMahon was the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins and also played for the Chicago Bears and the Oakland Raiders. He won two Super Bowls (in 1982 and ’87), was an All-American in college, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He also has a trophy named after him for enduring the most pain for his team, which has no doubt helped the team win a few games. But when did McMahon start his infamous headband tradition?

What high school did Jim McMahon go to?

In 1964, Jim McMahon, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, wore an oversized, gold, “M” headband during pre-game warmups. The headband was an obvious attempt to distract the opposing team’s defense. However, a rule at the time prohibited the use of any equipment that could be used as a weapon. Despite this, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle decided to not punish the talented quarterback, and this act became known as the “Super Bowl Shuffle.” Back in 1984, Jim McMahon was the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears, leading them to the Super Bowl where they won their 3rd title. While the game was wrapping up, he was hit in the helmet by a San Francisco 49ers defender and fumbled the ball. He was hit with a 15 yard penalty, which was enforced at the end of the play. When the referee signaled the Bears were out of bounds, Jim was obviously frustrated and threw the headband to the referee. The crowd loved it and the ref was laughing.


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