Joe Burrow, the Ohio State quarterback who will be trying to lead his team into the College Football Playoff during Saturday’s game with Michigan in Indianapolis, was hit and knocked unconscious by a vicious blindside block. He suffered head trauma that night against Indiana and has had three concussion-inducing incidents since then but says he’s still “really happy” because of how much it motivated him.

Joe Burrow “Vividly” Remembers the Vicious Hit That Made Him Want to Be Like Tom Brady. Joe Burrow, a football player for Ohio State, was knocked unconscious and left with a concussion after being hit by an opponent during a game in 2016. Read more in detail here: tom brady retired.

Joe Burrow 'Vividly' Remembers the Vicious Hit That Made Him Want to Be Like Tom Brady

Joe Burrow, a second-year quarterback, believes he was in middle school at the time. The quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals recalled on a brutal hit on former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady that changed his life. Burrow, who was 22 at the time and preparing for his first Super Bowl participation, knew he wanted to be exactly like the seven-time Super Bowl champion from that day forward.

Could Joe Burrow, now that Tom Brady has retired, be the next great quarterback?


Joe-Burrow-Bengals-1024x630 At halftime of the AFC Championship Game versus the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on January 30, 2022, in Kansas City, Missouri, Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals steps out of the players’ tunnel. | Getty Images/David Eulitt .

Joe Cool is his nickname, and it’s a high praise for a guy in his second season in the NFL and coming off serious knee surgery. Burrow helped his team come back from an 18-point deficit in the AFC final game against the Kansas City Chiefs to win in overtime. Before this season, the Bengals had not won a postseason game in 31 years. They are now heading to the Super Bowl.

Burrow won two games with the Bengals last season before hurting his knee against the Washington Football Team in Week 11. Cincinnati concluded the season with a 4-11-1 record, and the team’s expectations for the 2021 season were low. After all, the Bengals hadn’t had a winning season in years, and Burrow’s knee was a major concern.

Burrow, on the other hand, was reunited with his college teammate Ja’Marr Chase, who was taken fifth overall in the 2021 NFL Draft by the Bengals. He was also able to participate in the Bengals’ 27-24 victory against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1. In his first two games back, Burrow passed for 261 yards and two touchdowns.

He brought his composure and confidence from LSU, where he won a national championship. He led the Bengals to a 10-win season and their first postseason victory in three decades. Now, at the age of 22, he has them in the Super Bowl with a plethora of talent around him.

After playing in the previous two Super Bowls, Patrick Mahomes seemed to be the natural candidate to succeed Brady as the NFL’s next best quarterback. Burrow has beaten Mahomes and the Chiefs twice this season, and he might be Brady’s successor.

Joe Burrow remembers a day when he wished he could be like Tom Brady.

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Burrow was a recent guest on Jim Gray and Brady’s Let’s Go podcast. Burrow’s poise and tenacity after recovering from his ACL injury were praised by Brady.

Joe Cool then came in and spoke about seeing Brady take a big blow from a defender in an NFL game when he was a child. That’s when he decided he wanted to be like Brady. It’s also possible that this is when Burrow developed his toughness.

Burrow added, “To sort of take it back on that toughness that Tom was talking about.” “My first recollection of a quarterback doing anything like that is, Tom, I believe you were playing the Bills or the Titans. You were rushing to the right when you slipped and your skull was knocked off.

“The helmet flies away.”

Brady interjected, “Nate Clements.”

Burrow continued, “Yeah.” “I watched how quickly you got up and thought to myself, ‘I want to be like you.’” That’s something I’d want to do.’ I’m not sure how old I was. I was probably in middle school at the time, but I remember thinking about it and attempting to emulate it.”

Brady remembered a few of the quarterbacks he admired growing up.

Last night, I watched a lot of Burrow tape. Now that Brady is retired, I believe he has the finest pocket awareness and mobility of any quarterback in the NFL.

Unbelievable what he’s done despite being under constant siege

— Ted Nguyen (@FB_FilmAnalysis) February 6, 2022

Brady retorted to Burrow by claiming he did the same to the older quarterbacks he admired as a kid.

“You watch older guys, Joe, and you observe what they do, and you want to replicate certain things because you enjoy how they do it,” Brady said.

“I was watching Joe Montana, Steve Young, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, and John Elway in precisely that manner.” Playing quarterback in the NFL has a variety of problems. You must lead by example and serve as a role model for the team. You must demonstrate a great deal of tenacity.

“Success has its own set of obstacles. It’ll be fascinating to watch you develop as a player and deal with the success of being in the NFL, not just getting there.”

Burrow is well aware that he has a long way to go to get to Brady’s level, but he is off to a great start.

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