Oakland Raiders wide receiver Josh Jacobs is expected to return from injury in the near future, which could have a huge impact on Derek Carr’s MVP campaign. The Raiders’ offense has been struggling as of late and with Jacobs back, he would provide a much-needed boost for the team.

Josh Jacobs and His Looming Return to the Raiders’ Offense Could Actually Crush Derek Carr’s MVP Dream. Read more in detail here: nfl news.

The Las Vegas Raiders, led by Josh Jacobs and Derek Carr, are gearing up for a pivotal season in 2021. The Raiders have been under a lot of scrutiny in recent seasons as a result of Jon Gruden’s hiring and the big relocation to Las Vegas. However, the outcomes have been disappointing so far.

The Raiders won four games in 2018, seven games in 2019, and then an 8-8 record in 2020.

With all of that stated, the Raiders in 2021 seem to be a totally different squad. They’ve jumped out to a 2-0 lead, and Carr is looking like an MVP contender.

Derek Carr is performing like he’s an MVP candidate.

We’re just two games into the season, after all. That doesn’t change the fact that Carr has been a huge part of the Raiders’ offense so far.

Carr passed for 435 yards and two touchdowns in the Raiders’ Week 1 win over the Baltimore Ravens, then went on to throw for 382 yards and two scores against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2. Carr made both the Ravens and the Steelers’ stout defenses look like swiss cheese.

In comparison to the rest of the NFL, Carr has always been an underappreciated passer. He seldom receives the kind of national exposure he deserves. However, it seems that he made significant progress over the offseason.

There’s a big difference between being “underrated” and really being a contender for MVP.

Derek Carr’s exceptional productivity may come to an end if Josh Jacobs gets healthy.

Derek Carr handing the ball off to Josh Jacobs.

Derek Carr handing the ball off to Josh Jacobs. Chris Unger/Getty Images | Derek Carr and Josh Jacobs

While Carr has been lighting up NFL defenses on the field, Josh Jacobs, one of the Raiders’ best offensive players, has been on the bench.

With ankle and toe ailments, the former first-round pick has just recently returned to practice. Jacobs played in a limited capacity in the Raiders’ Week 1 victory against Baltimore before missing the team’s Week 2 game.

Jacobs’ eventual return to the Las Vegas roster is certainly welcome news (Week 4 seems like a realistic target date). Carr’s bid for the league MVP, on the other hand, may be jeopardized.

Through two weeks, Carr’s arm has been the focal point of the Raiders’ attack. With Jacobs back, Gruden may begin to rely more heavily on the run game, depriving Carr of additional yards, completions, and throwing touchdowns inadvertently.

To be competitive, the Raiders need Josh Jacobs to remain healthy.

– Vikings RB Dalvin Cook – Raiders RB Josh Jacobs – Steelers WR Diontae Johnson – Bengals WR Tee Higgins are among the prominent skill players who have missed both days of practice so far this week.

23 September 2021 — Field Yates (@FieldYates)

In the end, the Raiders need Jacobs back in their active lineup as quickly as possible. They compete in a very difficult category and could need all the assistance they can get.

After a difficult defeat to the Ravens, the Kansas City Chiefs are expected to bounce back. Under Justin Herbert’s leadership, the Los Angeles Chargers have continued to progress. With Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback, the Denver Broncos are looking more secure.

Even if it costs Carr some valuable yards in the MVP race, the Raiders should try to use Jacobs early and frequently until he’s fully recovered. If they hope to reach the playoffs for the first time since 2016, they’ll need their franchise running back to have a fantastic season.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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Josh Jacobs and His Looming Return to the Raiders’ Offense Could Actually Crush Derek Carr’s MVP Dream. Reference: josh jacobs.

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