In an unsurprising event, the iconic jersey worn when LeBron James led St. Vincent-St. Mary High School to a state basketball championship sold on eBay today for a record-setting $512,000.

LeBron James is the most famous basketball player in the world. He may consider himself the GOAT [greatest of all time], but he can’t deny that his high school basketball days brought him to where he is today.

LeBron James pulled off a rare feat last week when he sold his high school basketball jersey for $512,000. That’s an absolutely absurd price, and the only question now is what James is going to do with the money. Is he going to use the proceeds to buy a sports car? No, because he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Is he going to give it to his family? No, because he has plenty of money. Will he give it to his foundation? No, because his foundation doesn’t need it. So, what will LeBron do with his money? He already said he’s going to do something nice with it. The people of Akron, Ohio, where James grew up, are going to. Read more about where is lebron james from and let us know what you think.

LeBron James has been in the national limelight since he was a teenager, and a successful sale of his high school jersey revived interest in his prep days at a Los Angeles-area auction.

Over the weekend in Los Angeles, Juliens Auctions sold numerous memorabilia items, including a St. Vincent-St. Mary High School jersey worn by “King James” himself.

In recent memory, LeBron James was one of the greatest high school recruiters.

James was a highly regarded prep product out of Akron, Ohio, long before he became one of the best players in NBA history.

James exploded onto the scene at St. Vincent-St. Mary, quickly establishing himself as the best high school basketball player in the nation and even landing on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a junior. James was officially dubbed “The Chosen One” because to that iconic cover. James’ basketball IQ was emphasized as much as his athletic abilities in the cover article.

James told Sports Illustrated at the time, “A lot of guys know how to play the game, but they truly don’t know how to play the game, if you know what I mean.” They may be able to put the ball in the basket, but I am able to predict events before they occur. Do you know how a man can improve his team so much? That’s one thing I’ve taken away from Jordan.”

James would go on to become one of the best high school players of all time, leading the Fighting Irish to a historic upset victory against No. 1 nationally rated Oak Hill in 2002.

The successor apparent to Michael Jordan declared for the NBA Draft in 2003, and the Cleveland Cavaliers chose him first overall. As they say, the rest is history.

President Barack Obama’s previous global record for high school jersey sales has been shattered by James.

The LeBron James high school jersey that he wore for the iconic Sports Illustrated cover is now a record.

The garment sold for $512,000 over the weekend, according to The Oregonian, establishing a new world record for the highest selling price of any high school jersey sold at an auction. Former President Barack Obama, who also wore No. 23 at Punahou School, held the previous record. According to The Oregonian, the shirt sold for $192,000 in 2020.

James has already had a fantastic month. During Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Phoenix, he attended the screening of his film Space Jam: A New Legacy and cheered for close buddy Chris Paul.

Even though he won’t be in the Finals this season, the 36-year-old is still finding ways to win.

What’s next for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers?

LeBron James laughs during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

LeBron James laughs during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Over the course of his illustrious career, LeBron James has had plenty of reasons to be grateful | Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Breaking high school jersey sales records is impressive, but James’ basketball career is far from over. In the 2021-22 season, he and the Lakers will most certainly try to regain the NBA title.

Los Angeles has a difficult offseason ahead of them. Unrestricted free agents include Dennis Schroder and Andre Drummond, among others. It’s unclear how the club views Kyle Kuzma’s position in the future. The Lakers could use additional impact players, but their financial commitments to LeBron James and Anthony Davis limit their options.

This summer, general manager Rob Pelinka will have some challenges. What about James? So, he plans to return to what he’s always done: play high-level basketball, like he did at St. Vincent-St. Mary.

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