In the early 1940s, a demonstration sport was created to bring professional basketball back to Los Angeles. After two years of play, the Basketball Association of America (BAA) was founded and the Los Angeles Dons were its first franchise. Unfortunately, the BAA folded in 1949, but the Dons continued on as an independent team.

Stephen Curry has brought basketball back into the national spotlight. With a blend of off-the-court personality and ability to play his own brand of basketball, the Warriors guard has been a phenom since he was spotted in 2009 by Nike. The now All-Star was a standout at Davidson and has achieved success on the biggest stages since he was drafted in 2009. As Curry continues to ascend to new levels of fame, he is becoming one of the most recognizable players in the world. Steph Curry is not the first NBA player to achieve his success, as his success is a product of his heritage and the legacy of an older era of basketball.

On August 5th, 1948, the All-American Football Conference was formed. The league was formed with eight teams, and they set about creating a viable league. Unfortunately, the AAFC played a second season and then folded after the 1949 season. As a result, some of the best players who played in the league are gone and never to play in a game again.

The NBA has changed a lot in the last decade with the increase in three-point shooting. No one does that with such a combination of volume and efficiency as Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. It seems appropriate to point this out as we approach the anniversary of the 3-point shot. Curry is a leading practitioner, established for decades. But the story of the origin of the 3-point shot is not the story most people tell. The old American Basketball Association used the 3-point shot during its nine-year existence from 1967 to 1976. In 1979, three years after the ABA and NBA merged, the NBA added three-point shooting. However, the 3-ball didn’t become a real weapon in the NBA until a few years after its introduction. But the history of the long bomb goes back even further than the ABA.

. The three-point shot was unique in the ABA when it made its debut in 1967, as was the often-criticized red-white-and-blue ball. This is especially true in the NBA. The prominent NBA coach of the time made no secret of what he thought of the ball, according to the ABA’s Terry Pluto Loose Balls. You have to put the ball back on the seal’s nose, where it belongs. Alex Hannum, coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, 1967 Louis Dampier spent his entire ABA career with the Kentucky Colonels and became the ABA record holder with 2,217 three-pointers and 794 made. Not surprisingly, Dampier holds the season records in those categories, 552 and 199 respectively. The long ball has changed many strategic actions of coaches and players. Hubie Brown has coached in both the NBA and ABA. Brown argued that it would be difficult to teach players not to make shots 25 feet from the basket. Players have spent their entire careers learning how to miss this shot. None of them grew up in an environment where they had to deal with shooters like Stephen Curry. Coaches also had to give the shooters room to express themselves. It was hard because the whole game was about one thing only: getting the ball in and winning the paint.

Three point true birth

word-image-4231 word-image-4232 The Washington Tapers were a founding member of the American Basketball League in 1961. The team did not survive a season before moving to New York, and the league disbanded in its second season. However, the introduction of the three-point shot has left an indelible impression on professional ABL basketball. | Wally McNamee/The Washington Post via Getty Images The ABA is often considered the birthplace of the three-pointer. But it was the American Basketball League, founded in March 1961, that introduced 3-ball to the game. But that league lasted less than two full seasons, and was disbanded on the 31st. December 1962. By comparison : Dell Curry was not born until 1964. The three-pointer appeared earlier than Stephen Curry, that’s how old he is. In his only full season, Tony Jackson of the Chicago Majors was the league’s most active distance shooter. He made 141 of 383, a respectable 36.8%. Jackson later resurfaced in the ABA. The only other player to make over 100 three-pointers was a small guard from West Virginia named Marvin Bolyard. When he played for the Pittsburgh Rens, he shot 104 of 309, or 33.7 percent. He didn’t stay to witness the return of 3-ball in the ABA.

Evolution of the three-point shot in the Stephen Curry era

. In his first season in the NBA, the three-point shot is more of a gimmick than a weapon. NBA teams average just 2.8 attempts per game, led by the San Diego Clippers. They make 6.6 three-point shots per game. On the other end of the scale were the Atlanta Hawks, who were coached by Hubie Brown. The NBA record for three-point shots in one game stands at 14, set by Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors in October 2018. The Browns Hawks have made 13 three-pointers in the 82 games. It’s not even a low point. Atlanta set a new record with 10 three-pointers in 1980-81, and the Los Angeles Lakers matched that number in 1982-83. Let’s move on to the Stephen Curry era. In 12 seasons, he has made a total of 2,832 three-point shots in his career. That’s second overall and just 141 points behind leader Ray Allen. Allen played 18 seasons and 1,300 games. Curry has played more than half of that number of games – 762. Curry also holds the record for most three-pointers in a season with 402 in 2015-16. But James Harden has grabbed the most this year. During the 2018-19 season, Beard made 1,028 attempts. In the 2020-21 season, teams averaged 34.6 three-point attempts per game. This is the 10th consecutive season that the NBA has set a new record. That streak began in the 2011-12 season, when the average rose to 18.4 deep attempts per night. It’s a long way from a 60-year-old league gimmick that failed in less than two years to a league where Stephen Curry and dozens of other players can pitch with impunity. statistics provided by Basketball Reference and Stats Crew. COMPARED TO: Warriors need to make NBA history to keep Stephen CurryIn March of 1948, an American basketball league featuring all-black teams opened up in Chicago. The league had an interesting beginning, as the players had to pay their own way and there wasn’t enough money to pay all the players. The team with the best record got the right to play in the finals. The black teams were just as competitive as the white ones, and many of the players became stars. One of the players that rose to prominence in the league was a 6-foot-10 center named Joe “Jelly” Coleman.. Read more about stephen curry 2021 stats and let us know what you think.

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