The Houston Texans were reportedly looking to pay Deshaun Watson $30 million a year. However, the quarterback has just signed a contract worth an astounding $100 million over three years with the New York Jets. This could have been due to Mayfield’s demands for a trade from the Cleveland Browns last season that led to his selection as NFL Draft number one overall pick by the Buffalo Bills

The “deshaun watson contract” is a massive deal that the Houston Texans gave to Deshaun Watson. The contract was worth $87 million over four years with an NFL-record $49 million guaranteed. This contract proves Baker Mayfield was right to demand a trade from the Cleveland Browns.

Massive Deshaun Watson Contract Proves Baker Mayfield Was Right to Demand a Trade

The Cleveland Browns were victorious in the multi-billion dollar bidding battle for quarterback Deshaun Watson. The Browns front management persuaded Watson to come to Cleveland with record-setting guaranteed money and a slew of draft selections, putting the team in a position to compete with the Chiefs, Bills, Bengals, and others.

Baker Mayfield, the Browns’ previous starter, will be on the move now that Watson has been named the team’s new franchise quarterback.

Baker Mayfield has already asked the Browns for a trade.

Browns QB Baker Mayfield.

Browns QB Baker Mayfield. Baker Mayfield | Getty Images/Stacy Revere

Mayfield was the first to read the tea leaves, ahead of the rest of us. He sent a statement praising the Cleveland fan base as soon as he learned of the Browns’ interest in Watson, followed by a formal trade request to the Browns front office.

It was uncertain if Cleveland would land Watson at this point. Mayfield was chastised by fans and commentators for abandoning the Browns before being dismissed. Many others saw it as a sign of immaturity.

Mayfield, on the other hand, clearly saw the fractures emerging in his relationship with the Browns. He could see the squad wanted to go in a different way. Mayfield was correct in requesting a trade when he did because of the big salary they pledged to a contentious character in Watson.

The Browns were open about their disdain for their former quarterback.

Baker Mayfield has said that he is not anyone’s Plan B. That’s fantastic.

— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) March 17, 2022

With his public farewell message, Mayfield may have jumped the gun. Looking back on how the issue played out, it’s clear that the Browns were no longer admirers of Mayfield.

The Cleveland Browns not only traded six draft selections to the Houston Texans in exchange for Watson, but they also gave him the most guaranteed money in NFL history. It’s an enormous commitment for a guy who hasn’t played in the NFL in more than a year.

To make things worse, whether Watson will be suspended or not is still up in the air. Watson is not facing criminal charges as a result of a Grand Jury decision. He is, however, still the subject of legal lawsuits. Players have been banned in the NFL for significantly less.

It’s tough not to feel mistreated in this position if you’re Mayfield. The Browns not only ignored your trade request, but they also paid a record-breaking price for a guy with major off-the-field issues.

Baker Mayfield is due for a new start.

Just to refresh your memory, Baker Mayfield led the Browns to their first playoff victory in 26 years just 14 months ago… That seems like an eternity now.

— Jake Trotter (@Jake_Trotter) March 16, 2022

Mayfield isn’t a flawless quarterback by any means. However, it’s difficult to hold him responsible for anything that has happened in Cleveland in recent years.

He’s fought through injuries and adversity to bring the Browns to where they are now in the NFL, only to be replaced by a guy accused of sexual assault. Mayfield is deserving of a new team and a new start.

Mayfield’s trade request should have been fulfilled by Browns GM Andrew Berry from the start. If Mayfield had, he may have ended up as a Colt (his chosen destination). After treating Mayfield so badly, the best thing Cleveland can do for him is make sure he finds a new home as soon as possible.

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