Michael Jordan is one of the most decorated athletes in history, with six NBA Championships, three Olympic gold medals, and a career that spanned over 20 years. He has also been known to share his wisdom on occasion, including when he told Stephen Curry that golf helped him maintain his patience while playing basketball.

Michael Jordan Told Stephen Curry His New Hobby Helps to Reinforce His Patience on the Golf Course. Read more in detail here: sportscasting.

Michael Jordan’s first love is basketball, but golf is now devouring his mind and invigorating his competitive spirit. MJ, on the other hand, has struggled with the game. During a Ryder Cup interview with Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, the Chicago Bulls great revealed he’s taken up a new pastime to reinforce the qualities he needs to succeed on the course.

During a Ryder Cup interview with Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan made a comparison between basketball and golf.

During the Ryder Cup in Whistling Straits, Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry had a fascinating discussion. Golf Channel broadcast the interview.

Both MJ and Steph have a great interest in golf, and Curry was eager to hear about Jordan’s similarities between golf and basketball. Jordan said that the pursuit of excellence is something that carries over from the floor to the golf field. His Airness was aware of the many distinctions.

Jordan said that on the basketball court, he could always react and adapt to an individual defender or a team. The Bulls’ star also tweaked his own physique. Early in his career, he was an athletic wonder and explosive talent, but later in his career, he developed great footwork and a fantastic post game.

Jordan, on the other hand, pointed out that golf is a very personal sport. He characterized golf as the “hardest” sport since it requires a lot of frustration in order to achieve excellence on the course. Despite all of his problems, MJ informed Curry that golf kept him “sane.”

Jordan informed Curry that he started fishing to assist with his “patience” on the golf course.

Michael Jordan at the 2018 Ryder Cup golf tournament in France.

Michael Jordan at the 2018 Ryder Cup golf tournament in France. On September 30, 2018, in Paris, France, former basketball star Michael Jordan watches the 2018 Ryder Cup singles matches at Le Golf National. Getty Images/Mike Ehrmann

Michael Jordan used golf as a diversion and a change of pace from basketball. He also told Stephen Curry that there was usually “snow” on the ground in Chicago throughout the season, so balancing hoops and hitting the tiny white ball wasn’t too difficult.

While golf provided Jordan with a break from basketball, he told Curry that one of his new interests has helped him improve his game on the course. The six-time NBA champion said he fishes a lot because the skills required for success with a rod and line are comparable to those required for success on the golf course.

“Now I go fishing in between my golf,” MJ said, “because fishing requires patience, which is similar to golf.”

Jordan may no longer lace up his shoes and shoot as many jumpers as he once did, but his never-ending desire to grow and be great has carried over to the golf field.

Steph inquired of MJ as to which Ryder Cup players he considers to be comparable to himself.

The discussion between the Warriors star and the Hall of Fame 2-guard ultimately turned to the Ryder Cup, and Stephen Curry asked Michael Jordan whether any of the players in Whistling Straits reminded him of himself.

Jordan informed Curry that Justin Thomas has some of MJ’s ferocity and enthusiasm on the floor. Thomas has been adamant about energizing the Wisconsin fans after huge putts, and on Saturday he even chugged beers with Daniel Berger on the first tee. Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson, according to the five-time MVP, have a calm, steady confidence reminiscent of MJ’s Bulls days.

As a worldwide superstar who transcended the game of basketball, Michael Jordan inspired a generation of people. As he tries to reduce his handicap, he finds himself pulling inspiration from others and even taking up fishing.

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Michael Jordan told Stephen Curry that his new hobby helps to reinforce his patience on the golf course. Reference: stephen curry mvp.

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