The 5th annual Payback was the best in terms of the action, making it the most exciting and entertaining show in the WWE, in my opinion. The world champ was crowned, the babyface team of Batista and Randy Orton retained their titles, and the two title matches that went all the way were both very good.

When it comes to NBA players, we most often look at the current players and the recent past players, but what about the future? While we may not know what players will be as great as Michael Jordan, Vince Carter does. Carter, who played at UNC during the 1980s has always been a firm supporter of Durant, and he thinks that Durant is more gifted than Jordan. Carter compares Durant to Jordan and then goes on to say that he thinks Durant is a better player than Jordan.

When it comes to comparing the talent (or lack thereof) of NBA players, Vince Carter is always one of the first people to say he is the NBA’s best player. The Toronto Raptors retired legend also believes that the Seattle SuperSonics star and NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant is the best player in the league today. During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Carter was asked about the greatest players in NBA history. He responded, “When I look at guys like LeBron James, Durant and me, we’re all great players. We’ve all won titles. But the one player I’ve always admired is Michael Jordan.”

Kevin Durant’s performance in the playoffs for the Brooklyn Nets has everyone wondering if Durant is comparable to Michael Jordan. Jordan’s former teammate and Durant’s former coach Steve Kerr recently said KD was more talented than MJ, and several notable stars agreed. A graduate from Jordan, North Carolina, even participated in the debate: UNC legend Vince Carter.

Steve Kerr says Kevin Durant is more talented than Michael Jordan

Durant recently made the playoffs for the Brooklyn Nets, in MJ fashion. With Kyrie Irving out and James Harden close to 100 percent, Durant scored 49 points, 17 rebounds and 10 assists in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Milwaukee Bucks. He scored 48 points, nine rebounds and six assists in Game 7, but the Nets ultimately lost the series 4-3.

But Durant’s play has drawn comparisons to Jordan.

Steve Kerr, who won three championships when he played with Jordan and two when he coached Durant, recently said KD was the more talented player.

He has simply shown that he is the most talented basketball player in the world, if not of all time, Kerr said of Durant in an interview with NBC Bay Area. Honestly. He’s just very talented.

Wait, did he say of all times?

I think he’s definitely more talented (than Jordan), Kerr said. That means something, but Kevin is a completely different breed. A six man with guard skills, unlimited 3 point range, passing, shot blocking, shot blocking at the rim he is fantastic. Watching it this year was very, very enjoyable.

Vince Carter, Michael Jordan’s teammate at UNC, agrees with Kerr

(left to right) Vince Carter and Michael Jordan. | Carmen Mandato/Getty Images; Frank Fife/AFP via Getty Images

Michael Jordan and Vince Carter never played together at UNC, but the Tar Heels mostly stick together. Although Carter admitted to being excited when he heard Kerr’s words before seeing the video, he ultimately acknowledged that Durant is indeed more talented.

He’s not saying Kevin Durant is the best player of all time, Carter said at 24. June in the episode Get Up. He says he’s more talented, and I agree. That’s why I’m saying this: I think Kevin Durant, 6-11, can go wherever he wants, and if you stand in front of him and guard him, he can still take you down. Not that Michael Jordan couldn’t, don’t get me wrong, but [Durant] has a gift. He’s athletic; he can do anything you want a fan or a basketball player to do.

What Carter said makes sense; it’s amazing what Durant can do with his size, which makes him very talented. It’s clear that Carolina’s devotion runs so deep.


Carter was not the only one to address Kerr’s comments. P.J. Carlesimo, who coached the Portland Trail Blazers and Golden State Warriors while Jordan played for the Bulls and became Durant’s first NBA head coach, agrees.

Look at those arms, [Durant] is not 6-11 (with his long arms), he’s over 7 feet, so trying to defend him is ridiculous, said Carlesimo on Get Up. He probably shoots better now than MJ ever did, and MJ has improved significantly.

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, however, disputed Kerr’s claims.

What I have against Kevin Durant, especially in relation to this comparison or Steve Kerr’s quote, is this: A) The times we play in now compared to then, Smith said at 24. June in episode First Take. And B) The only thing you can counter Kevin Durant with. We all know what Kevin Durant is capable of, but the question is whether he wants it or not.

Smith then pointed out how Durant was forced to carry the Nets due to injuries to Irving and Harden.

He had to get out of character and become a hitter; Michael Jordan had that in his DNA from the moment he stepped on the court as an NBA player, Smith said.

Smith also added that Durant’s length is a gift, but so is Jordan’s mentality.

Like Carter, Smith had some strong arguments, but there’s no easy answer in this discussion, especially since no one calls KD a major character.

But no matter which side you’re on, it’s clear that Durant and Jordan are both NBA legends.

Statistics provided by Basketball Reference

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