Rainbow Six Siege is a competitive team-based first person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.
A new gameplay mode that was introduced in the year 2016: Extraction. In this game mode players are tasked with defending an extraction point from attacking enemies until their teammates can flank the enemy to secure another location on the map where they will extract. With all of this said let’s explain what exactly “Healing” means within Rainbow six siege
The healing process in Siege consists of three stages:
1) The Operator recovers at a random health value between 100% and 90%. A white light flashes above their head as soon as they start to heal up.; 2) A dark red line appears when operators begin to take damage again; 3) Once he or she reaches 0%, no more healing occurs

Rainbow Six Extraction is a game mode in the sixth installment of the Rainbow Six series. It is an objective-based game mode that focuses on team-based combat with 3 teams of 5 players each. The goal of this game mode is to extract and defend your team’s hostage while preventing the enemy team from doing the same. In order to heal operators, you will need to complete a certain number of objectives within a given time limit.

Rainbow Six Extraction Healing Explained: How to Heal Operators

As you engage with hostile Archæans in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, it is inevitable that your Operator is going to take some damage, and you’ll need to know how to heal lest your Operator go MIA. Unlike other shooters, where ducking behind cover and catching your breath somehow mends all your wounds, R6E makes health a precious and limited resource.

Recovering your HP as an Operator requires some specific action on your part. This Rainbow Six Extraction guide tells you everything you need to know about how to heal, what the different colors on your health bar mean, and more. 

In Rainbow Six Extraction, how do you heal?

Basic Health Is Described


Health in R6E comes in two varieties. All Operators start with 100 points of their base health, represented as the white portion of the health bar. This number reflects their “real” vitality. If it drops to zero, then your operator will go down and need to be revived, or recovered in a future excursion

This health cannot be recovered during a mission. Damage to your base value persists to future missions, and any Operators below 25% health are taken out of action and are unavailable until their health recovers.

Base health is recovered by completing incursions. Once you extract from a mission, you will be awarded HP based on your performance. This value is then added to each Operator, raising them back up to the maximum of 100 points. The points are not divided; everyone gets the same amount. So if you earn 30 health points, every character will receive up to 30 HP. 

Explanation of the Health Boost


Health boost is a different story. By default, Operators start incursions with 50 points of bonus health, represented by the blue portion of the health bar. Any damage received comes out of bonus health before base health. This is important, because bonus health can be recovered during an incursion via pickups and abilities. Boosts slowly diminished over time, and does not persist from one incursion to another.

Scattered around most levels are Medkits. They can be found randomly in each sub zone, and are commonly located in the airlocks between sections. Picking up a health pack grants an immediate 70 point health boost. This is great, and multiple Medkits can stack. Keep in mind that you cannot exceed 200 total (combined based and boost) health points.

Certain Operators have abilities that can apply health boost. Doc has Health Shots, which apply an increase to nearby Operators or himself. Finka has Adrenal Surge. It’s an instant increase to the entire team, but only for a limited duration. 


Finally, there is the Anabolic Accelerant. This is a Tier 4 tech item unlocked once you reach progression Level 18. Equip it into your loadout, and anytime your health drops low, it will slowly regenerate health boost until you are back at a combined 50 health points.

One of your most critical responsibilities in R6E is to keep your Operators healthy. You don’t want your favorite characters to go missing, requiring you to embark on a rescue mission.

Now you know how to heal Operators in Rainbow Six: Extraction. These tips will help you keep you in the fight against the chimera threat. For more on how to be the best squad you can be, checkout all of our Rainbow Six Extraction content.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How to heal Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction?

How to get Operators back in Extraction?

A: I do not know.

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